100% Pure Madagascar Tamanu Oil (Certified Organic)
100% Pure Madagascar Tamanu Oil (Certified Organic)
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100% Pure and Natural. Wildlife Friendly Certified. Certified Organic. Discover why 100% Pure Tamanu Oil was featured on Dr. Oz show. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil from Madagascar has and nothing added and nothing taken away so you get maximum anti-acne, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial benefits. Use Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil on cuts, acne, wrinkles, dry skin, rashes, eczema and more. Accept no imitations or diluted oil. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil is flown in from a Madagascar forest saving project. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.
100% Pure Madagascar Tamanu Oil (Certified Organic)
100% Pure and Natural. Wildlife Friendly Certified. Certified Organic. Discover why 100% Pure Tamanu Oil was featured on Dr. Oz show. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil from Madagascar has and nothing added and nothing taken away so you get maximum anti-acne, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial benefits. Use Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil on cuts, acne, wrinkles, dry skin, rashes, eczema and more. Accept no imitations or diluted oil. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil is flown in from a Madagascar forest saving project. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.
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     For over a decade Shea Terra Organics has shared this wonder oil with the world. For thousands of years this oil has been treasured by inhabitants of Madagascar and surrounding islands. Tamanu oil is known as a pharmacy in a bottle. The oil continues to work more effectively against bacterial and fungal infections than many anti-biotics. It has an amazing ability to help promote the formation of new tissue. This property, cicatrization, makes the oil perfect for those suffering from acne, rashes, sunburn, insect bites and eczema, not to mention as a daily standby for razor nicks to speed healing and avoid scarring. Several studies are available to show that large, impossible to treat wounds were successfully treated with several applications of tamanu oil.
     Not only has tamanu oil been valued for its ability to heal skin and fight infections, this oil has been highly revered as an anti-aging serum. Slightly waxy, this curry fragrant oil helps skin to repair itself from external damage, fighting off free radical scavengers while improving the tone and elasticity of the skin. Skin will immediately feel softer, more hydrated, and a large decrease in wrinkling can be noticed right away.
     Shea Terra Organics works closely on the ground in Madagascar with native producers of this incredible oil. After collection the nuts are winnowed. At this time the nuts are a light brown color and no oil is visible. Slowly, within a month of drying the nut turns darker and darker and the oil starts to become visible. The nuts are then cold pressed with a simple press. lab tested for export and air shipped to Shea Terra Organics.
Contains only: 100% Pure tamanu oil
Your skin changes daily. Pollutants that it comes across, sun exposure level, your vitamin and mineral intake, the quality and amount of your water, and so on all affect and change your skin. Likewise, the skin oils that you use should change from time to time. What works for you one week might not work for you the next week. Plus, your skin benefits from the different nutrients that comes with changing up your oils. If one week your face feels a little oily, use a lighter oil and vice versa.  Daily usage: Massage few drops into each of the five facial points. Lightly massage under eye. Healing: Apply to wound several times a day until healed.
  • 100% Natural
  • natural topical anti-biotic
  • offers natural, speedy healing of skin with little to no scarring
    all natural anti-aging serum
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Healing properties
  I am very impressed by the fast delivery. This is actually my second order. This oil is amazing with its healing properties. I fell down and had a big wound on my knee cap. This oil had helped to heal and sooth the wound. My son had an infection on his eyelid for a few months, seen a doctor and put medication but did not helped. I tried putting this oil on the infected area of his eyelid and it actually cleared up the infection! This is really an amazing oil!
  Reviewed by:  Ng Trista from Singapore. on 6/7/2016
always good!
  Have ordered this before. Is wonderful.
  Reviewed by:  Helen Andreas-Porter from AK. on 4/20/2016
  This oil is amazing. Really helps with rashes and eczema better than anything else I've tried so far- I've tried coconut oil, hemp oil, even Shea Terra's chamomile oil (although I still love this oil)- and this works the best. I also use it on my face and it seems to be helping with my adult acne. As for the smell, it is not nearly as bad as I feared based on some of the reviews. It works so I can work past the smell.
  Reviewed by:  Shari Smith from Montana . on 3/10/2016
Love Tamanu
  Amazing products. I work in corrective skin care and I have tried many products most are too strong for my super sensitive skin and I end up looking worse than I started off. This has cleared my skin and kept it hydrated. I also did a pretty serious extraction on my cheek which would normally leave a welt for a full day or two. I cleansed where I lanced my skin and immediately applied this Tamanu oil and absolutely no inflammation. I was shocked. Great product. This oil is now a staple in my personal skincare routine and I've been suggesting it to all my clients.
  Reviewed by:  athena iglesias from Colorado. on 10/20/2015
My dry skin around my mouth and nose is gone!
  After just one night's use of this oil and my dry flaky skin was gone. I use it every other night in exchange with my acne products but this definitely doesn't make me break out of you are prone to acne like I am.
  Reviewed by:  Shelby Halligan from US. on 9/9/2015
Less blackhead/whitehead
  I often have whitehead and blackhead in my T zone area in the past 20 years. After use this oil, my whitehead and blackhead become disappear. Must have this oil.
  Reviewed by:  Ernest Chow from Oregon. on 9/2/2015
Must have!!!
  Shea Terra Organics Tamanu oil is such a wonderful multipurpose oil. I love being barefoot and outside which means I am sometimes a food source for insects. Tamanu oil quickly gets rid of the itching so I can sleep at night. Amazing stuff and a must have for your medicine cabinet so zits and rashes just disappear.
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca Haigh from Minnesota. on 7/18/2015
Won't leave home without it!
  This oil works miracles! I found this product about a year ago and I use it everywhere on everything- razor burn, bug bites, cuts, pimples, rosacea blemishes, rashes, cuts on my dog, and so many other things! I literally take it on every trip I go on (which is why I am very thankful is is less than 3 oz)! I have EXTREMELY sensitive that many "sensitive" moisturizers cause my skin to burn, itch, and develop rosacea blemishes from irritation. This is the only thing I have found that works. I do not mind the smell at all, I put a light coat on after bathing in the evening and apply a little extra to any trouble spots. I love waking up in the morning and seeing my beautiful skin! During the winter I will put some on after washing my face and after 5 minutes use a tissue to remove excess. If you have sensitive skin give this a try!
  Reviewed by:  Kathryn Downey from Alexandria, VA. on 7/8/2015
A must-have!
  A brilliant product! I had a cut that was in an impossible location and would not heal until i tried the Tamanu oil. Within a couple of days, it cleared up. Absolutely wonderful and worth bragging about!
  Reviewed by:  Serena Stornaiuolo from Longwood, FL. on 6/9/2015
Best oil for my combination skin!
  This is hands down my favorite oil! The fragrance is strong but it is a scent that I can tolerate due to the fantastic results I am seeing in my skin. Keeps blemishes at bay. Absorbs well and has improved my skin texture greatly! I will never be without this oil. Only wish I could get the bottle open so I could use every last drop...
  Reviewed by:  Christina Lemley from Washington,PA. on 3/21/2015
Works Well
  I bought this b/c of another review that said it worked well on their eczema. I have it bad on my hands and have to wear gloves to cook, wash dishes, & just about anything involving water. I still have a couple places that haven't healed but I think this oil has helped other spots to heal before they can get worse. It seems to take the itch out of those places for me & that's half the battle! I've also used it on my face at night. It absorbs in quickly as you massage it in. I don't mind the scent at all. It kind of reminds me of the way henna smells.
  Reviewed by:  Beth Billups from Georgia. on 3/19/2015
Really helped with eczema
  I applied it couple times to my hands and could not believe the results at first, it really helped to stop redness of my eczema patches. I wanted to confirm the results by testing it out for a few more days -I am really impressed by the results, so happy I finally found something that works. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Marta Brandt from La Verne, CA. on 3/17/2015
Great Oil!
  After using this oil for one day, I was able to ditch my face bronzer. The oil alone brightens up my complexion and is helping to even out my skin tone and reduce redness (which has been an ongoing issue for me). Plus, I love how this oil makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, but not oily. The scent reminds me a bit of maple syrup, which fades after a hour or so.
  Reviewed by:  AIMEE SPECA from Pennsylvania. on 3/16/2015
Should have done more research
  I really wanted to love this product. I have combination/oily skin with acne problems, so the description of this product and all the listed reviews had me thinking "this is exactly what I need". Unfortunately I had a serious allergic reaction after my second use of the product. Bumps on my face that turned scaly, that turned to dry peeling skin. I immediately stopped use, and two weeks later my skin is almost back to normal. More research has shown me that a small percentage of people are allergic to tamanu oil, even without having any nut allergies. For me, this did not work. Possibly because it is so astringent. On the positive side, I did really like the smell and feel of the tamanu oil. The smell reminded me of curry or exotic spices, which my boyfriend loves, so it is his oil now!
  Reviewed by:  J.C. from Virginia. on 3/5/2015
Simply the BEST!
  Had just a small bottle of this (from the 4 pack) and loved what it did for my skin. Helped clear my acne and heal my blemishes (from when I'd extract my skin) faster and better than any other of Shea Terra's oils I've tried (though I love them all). This is a must-have for acne prone skin. I'm ordering more.
  Reviewed by:  Cheri Skaggs from Fort Collins, CO. on 2/25/2015
  I actually received this accidentally when an Amazon order from another seller was filled incorrectly. What a happy mistake! It's a lovely, fairly thick oil. Absorbs quickly with no greasiness. Light, nutty scent. It seems to balance out combination skin. It isn't quite enough to totally soften the Rosacea flakey patches under my eyes, but it does help and certainly doesn't hurt. One pump is more than enough for my face, any extra is lovely for my hands.
  Reviewed by:  Justine James from Las Vegas. on 2/22/2015
  Verily good, nothing bad about this Oil. Benefits that I've seen only in weeks is the power to fix discoloration. You must treat your largest organ as greatly as eating healthy foods, by feeding it only organic nutrients.
  Reviewed by:  Obie Hamilton V from Indiana . on 2/21/2015
  Tamanu oil makes your skin smooth and soaks right in, great for dry mature skin. Also the best solution for diaper rash!
  Reviewed by:  Karen Lewis from Illinois. on 2/7/2015
Tamanu Oil
  Fantastic oil! I use it all over my face...! Great for more mature skin!
  Reviewed by:  TERRI NASH from Oceanside Ca. on 12/31/2014
Tamanu Oil
  I can't begin to say enough about this product! Tamanu is magic and heals so many things, from rash, itching, sunburn, major burns, wrinkles...it's my go-to for most problems. Also, it arrived quickly, user friendly website....great company!
  Reviewed by:  Schirley Robson from Arizona. on 12/6/2014