100% Pure Madagascar Tamanu Oil (Certified Organic)
100% Pure Madagascar Tamanu Oil (Certified Organic)
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100% Pure and Natural. Wildlife Friendly Certified. Certified Organic. Discover why 100% Pure Tamanu Oil was featured on Dr. Oz show. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil from Madagascar has and nothing added and nothing taken away so you get maximum anti-acne, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial benefits. Use Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil on cuts, acne, wrinkles, dry skin, rashes, eczema and more. Accept no imitations or diluted oil. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil is flown in from a Madagascar forest saving project. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.
100% Pure Madagascar Tamanu Oil (Certified Organic)
100% Pure and Natural. Wildlife Friendly Certified. Certified Organic. Discover why 100% Pure Tamanu Oil was featured on Dr. Oz show. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil from Madagascar has and nothing added and nothing taken away so you get maximum anti-acne, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial benefits. Use Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil on cuts, acne, wrinkles, dry skin, rashes, eczema and more. Accept no imitations or diluted oil. Shea Terra Organics' 100% Pure Tamanu Oil is flown in from a Madagascar forest saving project. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.
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     For over a decade Shea Terra Organics has shared this wonder oil with the world. For thousands of years this oil has been treasured by inhabitants of Madagascar and surrounding islands. Tamanu oil is known as a pharmacy in a bottle. The oil continues to work more effectively against bacterial and fungal infections than many anti-biotics. It has an amazing ability to help promote the formation of new tissue. This property, cicatrization, makes the oil perfect for those suffering from acne, rashes, sunburn, insect bites and eczema, not to mention as a daily standby for razor nicks to speed healing and avoid scarring. Several studies are available to show that large, impossible to treat wounds were successfully treated with several applications of tamanu oil.
     Not only has tamanu oil been valued for its ability to heal skin and fight infections, this oil has been highly revered as an anti-aging serum. Slightly waxy, this curry fragrant oil helps skin to repair itself from external damage, fighting off free radical scavengers while improving the tone and elasticity of the skin. Skin will immediately feel softer, more hydrated, and a large decrease in wrinkling can be noticed right away.
     Shea Terra Organics works closely on the ground in Madagascar with native producers of this incredible oil. After collection the nuts are winnowed. At this time the nuts are a light brown color and no oil is visible. Slowly, within a month of drying the nut turns darker and darker and the oil starts to become visible. The nuts are then cold pressed with a simple press. lab tested for export and air shipped to Shea Terra Organics.
Contains only: 100% Pure tamanu oil
Your skin changes daily. Pollutants that it comes across, sun exposure level, your vitamin and mineral intake, the quality and amount of your water, and so on all affect and change your skin. Likewise, the skin oils that you use should change from time to time. What works for you one week might not work for you the next week. Plus, your skin benefits from the different nutrients that comes with changing up your oils. If one week your face feels a little oily, use a lighter oil and vice versa.  Daily usage: Massage few drops into each of the five facial points. Lightly massage under eye. Healing: Apply to wound several times a day until healed.
  • 100% Natural
  • natural topical anti-biotic
  • offers natural, speedy healing of skin with little to no scarring
    all natural anti-aging serum
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Tamanu Oil
  Fantastic oil! I use it all over my face...! Great for more mature skin!
  Reviewed by:  TERRI NASH from Oceanside Ca. on 12/31/2014
Tamanu Oil
  I can't begin to say enough about this product! Tamanu is magic and heals so many things, from rash, itching, sunburn, major burns, wrinkles...it's my go-to for most problems. Also, it arrived quickly, user friendly website....great company!
  Reviewed by:  Schirley Robson from Arizona. on 12/6/2014
I looooooove this oil
  So I was using another brand of tamanu oil and after some research realized that it was being sourced from Vietnam. That didn't sound like a native area of the tree so I turned to Shea Terra as I've purchased amazing stuff from them before. Let me tell you I noticed the difference IMMEDIATELY. It absorbed way better and faster into my skin, mind you I have the oiliest skin ever and the oil dried matte! Score for my makeup! After a week of use my hyperpigmentation is already reducing. Obviously I turned my buddy onto it. I had given her my other tamanu that I didn't want anymore and she liked it. But after she tried the shea terra version, she basically threw the other one out! Haha! Also she could tell the difference in her skin! I will mention that the smell is stronger but hey, tamanu naturally has a distinct smell I wasn't expecting it to smell like roses haha. I am so in love with this I can't wait for the day I can walk out confidently without an ounce of make up on my face. THAT is the goal!
  Reviewed by:  Christine Marubu from Bay Area, CA. on 11/6/2014
Tamanu Oil
  This oil is wonderful. Love the antibacterial components. I carry my own tools to the salon for a manicure/pedicure (natural nails), and I use the Tamanu oil for my cuticles at the end. It is absorbed right into the skin. Wonderful!!
  Reviewed by:  JENNIFER REY from VA. on 10/31/2014
  Reviewed by:  Debera F Pennington from Susanville,Ca. on 8/11/2014
Tamanu oil is amazing
  It has been just two days since I started using tamanu oil and I am amazed by the results. The red and purple acne marks have faded a lot (in two days) and my skin looks way much cleaner! However I had to dilute it the second day with another oil because I found that tamanu alone its a little bit drying. But this is very powerful stuff I can't wait to try more of these products!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Maria Jose Rodriguez from Mexico. on 8/3/2014
super oil
  I think it's great for oily/combination skin. It keeps my skin really matte even though its an oil, I suppose it absorbs well!! My skin also appears to be brighter after only about a week of use.
  Reviewed by:  Nami Miyazaki from Tokyo, Japan. on 7/15/2014
This oil is exactly what my skin needed
  I am not a stranger to using oils on my face. But I am a newbie to using tamanu oil. I use a few drops and it sinks right into my skin. I use it at night and in the morning my skin is just radiant. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and this oil works fabulously for me. It has cleared up my acne scars and makes my skin feel soft and smooth something I haven't had since my pre teen years..love this oil.
  Reviewed by:  Leona Rodriguez from Burke,VA. on 7/13/2014
  Can't help but fall in love with the smell, when I know it has such amazing healing properties for my skin. My husband gave me a kiss this morning before he left for work and said I smell like syrup. Lol the consistency is actually just like maple syrup, absorbing extremely well. A little goes along way. And it does not leave a greasy oily residue the entire day, like other oils. Yuck. My skin just drinks this up. Very excited to continue use. Thanku
  Reviewed by:  Destiny Dollar from Carrollton ga . on 6/27/2014
Smells bad, does wonder!!!!!
  I had a recurring acne but its seems this tamanu oil calm my skin and moisturize my delicate oily face. I love it and will difinitely purchase again !!!! Hope the wonder stays :)
  Reviewed by:  Maryl Presnell from Michigan. on 5/30/2014
Believer in it's power!
  Wow! I have been fighting my breakouts for about 2 years now. Nothing I used worked. My problem area was my chin. Even using the black bar soap wasn't enough. I was missing a really good moisturizer. After reading other reviews I decided to try the Tamanu Oil. I'm so glad I did! Yes the smell isn't that great but the clearness of my face is worth it. I have been using it for only about 2 weeks now and the smoothness of my face and the disappearing breakouts are utterly amazing! I'm so relieved and happy! I also use the Eau de Fleur D'Oranger du Maroc Hydrating Facial Mist and it improves the smell of the Tamanu Oil and hydrates and tones my face too! I use it before I use the Tamanu Oil. I'm simply satisfied with the healing powers of this Oil and unendingly happy with my clear face. Shea Terra keeps surprising me with the quality and various powers of its products. I love Shea Terra.
  Reviewed by:  Andrea Sinicropi from Beaufort, SC. on 5/16/2014
Simply awesome!
  I don't suffer from proper acne but get a lot of rashes on my sensitive skin so decided to try this oil as nothing else was working... I just love this product and find it very hydrating while keeping pimples and other skin issues at bay. I have started using it on my underamrs post-shaving as I get razor burn and a lot of ingrowns that tend to get slightly inflamed / infected - so far it's working well. And yes, it has a rather distinct smell but I happen to really like it. This is definitely one of my Wonder Products.
  Reviewed by:  Naomi Markewitz from NY. on 5/5/2014
Great Product
  I use tamanu oil on my underarms to prevent razor burn, and on any skin after a waxing. I never get ingrown hairs anymore.
  Reviewed by:  Kelly Naydenov from St. Louis, MO. on 5/5/2014
  This product is just amazing! I bought it after a severe breakout, and it solved my problem IMMEDIATELY. I love the fact that it doesn't feel oily at all. And it is well absorbed. Since I am used to all kinds of herbs, I actually quite like the smell of it, lol. Can't wait to try other tamanu products!
  Reviewed by:  HONGLING LIU from LA. on 5/4/2014
Wonderful Tamanu!
  This is one of my most favorite oils. it just feels so healthy, healing and so rich , yet doesn't stay greasy. I like it combined with the carrot oil at times. Like a health food for the face!
  Reviewed by:  Eva Roxby from Arizona. on 4/30/2014
Good for sensitive skin :)
  I use this on a daily basis for a moisturizer, and it's the only oil that doesn't break me out! It's really good to use after waxes, sunburns, or if you have sensitive skin.
  Reviewed by:  LAUREN SHIMOTSU from Harlingen. on 4/30/2014
best oil for young adults
  i'm 20years old loooking for a serum/moisturizer/hydrator that works as anti-acne . Many anti-acne moisturizers are not hydrating enough and tend to be very dry. This however, is amazing and totally hydrates your skin for hours. Plus, it has anti-aging benefits. so at age 20, i'm already aging slowler. anti-acne & anti-aging? best of both world. Smell isnt an issue if you think about the compelling benefits it does to your skin.
  Reviewed by:  rafe hong from Singapore. on 4/27/2014
Best Acne Product
  If you have acne-prone skin you need to use this product! Sure the smell isn't all that great, but I'd rather have wonderful natural ingredients than something that smells nice. I use this in the morning and at night, and it's never been too heavy for my skin. I've been breaking out less since I started using it, and whenever I do break out it doesn't last nearly as long.
  Reviewed by:  Jessica Young from Richmond, VA. on 1/21/2014
Tamanu Oil
  I have 40+ skin that tends to be oily with occasional breakouts. In the past year, I found how using the right oil on my skin is a blessing. I also use and love the Tamanu E face cream, and Tamanu & Clay soap. There are lots of products I use from Shea Terra. But for my face, I am partial to anything with the Tamanu oil, and black soap.
  Reviewed by:  nicolle dempsey from Ohio. on 12/22/2013
A huge help to troubled skin
  I have hormonal acne on my chin area that's gotten worse after I ceased taking oral contraceptives. I get these horrifying, painful cysts that hurt all the time. The tamanu does a great job of keeping the area clean and free of bacteria, and most of all, it soothes inflammation and pain, so I don't feel the cyst as much and can forget about it instead of obsessing. I use it on my entire chin area twice a day to keep my problem skin feeling its best. It does smell kinda like barbecue, but I don't mind.
  Reviewed by:  Carrie Wallis from Chicago. on 10/11/2013