100% Pure Raw African Black Soap
100% Pure Raw African Black Soap
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Description 100% Natural. Yes, real African Black Soap is really black. It is not brown (or purplish)- it is truly black in its 100% raw form. Some soaps have been dyed black to imitate this truly natural wonder, but there is no mistaken that this ashy soap is the 100% pure thing. "Activated charcoal" soaps were created to imitate our popular African Black Soap, but nothing works better to cleanse, refine, firm, get rid of acne and wrinkles like 100% pure, authentic African Black Soap.

Size: 8 oz.

100% Pure Raw African Black Soap 100% Natural. Yes, real African Black Soap is really black. It is not brown (or purplish)- it is truly black in its 100% raw form. Some soaps have been dyed black to imitate this truly natural wonder, but there is no mistaken that this ashy soap is the 100% pure thing. "Activated charcoal" soaps were created to imitate our popular African Black Soap, but nothing works better to cleanse, refine, firm, get rid of acne and wrinkles like 100% pure, authentic African Black Soap.

Size: 8 oz.

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Authentic African Black Soap Authentic African Black Soap
Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash

     Rumors have it that real black soap is actually brown. What? Stop the record. Wouldn't brown soap be called, well, brown? Shea Terra Organics de-mystifies the myth of true African black soap, right here in this jar. Feast your eyes upon the real thing and all of your doubts will be put to rest. Yes Atlanta, African black soap really is black.

     So what makes African black soap black anyhow, and what am I going to get in this jar? Tradition has it that the first African black soap was invented by the Yoruban tribe of Nigeria. Believed to have migrated from Egypt, or perhaps Nuba, Southern Egypt, this tribe had significant knowledge of herbal medicine. Although a few of the original ingredients have probably changed a little, the age-old method of producing true black African black soap remains the same. Plantain peels, cocoa pods, camwood and palm kernels are roasted together in clay ovens. In order to make soap one must have oil and potash. The ashes of the pods and peels act as the potash, and the oil rich kernels exude their oil right in the clay oven. The ashes are then broken down, packed, flown to Dulles Airport and then packaged in this convenient jar awaiting all your African black soap fantasies.

     100% Pure African Black Soap is in its raw powder form. Nothing has been added to it. You add your own water and depending upon how much you can make the soap into a putty or a liquid. Use it all over your face and body, as well as on your scalp. This power soap clears skin from a multitude of pathogen-borne diseases. Many acne sufferers can't believe how well their skin has improved after only a few uses. 100% Pure African Black Soap dissolves sebum in the skin, which holds onto dead skin. Once washed away, you will not believe how much younger, firmer and healthier your skin will look. The soap is used by men to ward off razor bumps as it keeps the skin even and irritation-free. Working away at dead skin, it even helps decrease pigmentation.

     With all that being said you are probably wondering wouldn't it be better to just buy a bar of African Black Soap from a local retail chain. No!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes the bars might be shiny, nicely packaged and smell like perfume (why do they say natural fragrance when they are made from perfume anyhow... that's another story entirely). But, there are tons of imitation black soaps on the market. Although they claim to be true African Black Soap, they are nothing but vegetable based soaps that have been dyed black. Why are we telling you this? Because we believe it is an insult to the original makers of real African Black Soap. This is not much different from Amish dolls made in China or American Indian relics made in Singapore. Furthermore, imitation black soap won't do anything more than any other regular bar of soap made with chemicals. Without true African black soap, you never reap all its therapeutic benefits.

Contains only: cocoa pod ash, plantain peel ash, locally produced palm kernel oil, camwood bark
Add a little water to a spoonful of African Black Soap. Form soap into a paste. Apply to skin. Rinse off. African Black Soap can be made into a liquid by adding more water. Use on face and body. When diluted, may be used to shampoo hair.
  • 100% pure black soap
  • nothing added
  • no artificial dyes or fragrances
  • herbal, all natural formula
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  I have been using African Black Soap for 19 years. Since my skin was already clean I cannot honestly say if this black powder is the best. I can say the blackness is something I am not accustomed to. My first time using powder black soap was today and it was messy. The soap is good but too messy for me. for that I am giving three star rating.
  Reviewed by:  Kenneth Wright from Harrisburg, PA. on 7/11/2016
Best Face Soap
  This stuff really is amazing. It takes a little getting used to, since it's a powder, but a little goes a long way and it's worth the learning curve. It foams, goes on smooth, and has enough grit to it to act as an exfoliant too. Since it's a powder, you can make it thicker to use as a full face mask or as a spot treatment for blemishes. It could be a little drying if your prone to that, but with a decent moisturizer, this stuff amazing!
  Reviewed by:  Adrienne Freeman from USA. on 3/29/2016
  I like this soap very much. It makes your skin very clean without drying. A small amount goes a long way. I use a small soft facial cleansing brush to apply this product. Your face will perg for a few days to a week. This is the soap getting deep in your pores and releasing all the dirt in them. It can be a little alarming, but this is the product doing its job. Soon you will never break out again. It's wonderful stuff.
  Reviewed by:  Jennifer Butt from Lancaster Pa. on 9/4/2015
Wow, just Wow
  I tried this after reading all the reviews and i'm so glad I did. This balances my combination skin and finally stopped the chronic breakouts on my nose, succeeding where all other products have failed. My skin is clearer and just happier. That being said, this does take getting used to. It's messy and has a mild, but strange scent. It gets under your fingernails and looks like you rubbed iodine on your face. However, I will do almost anything for beautiful skin so I consider it worth it!! This is how I suggest using this: put a few flakes into the bottle cap, sprinkle some water in it and mix until you have a liquid consistency, then apply. I let it sit for a few seconds and rinse. clean the cap and replace on the bottle. and Viola! I suggest following with any of their fabulous oils! love it :) p.s where has this company been all my life?!
  Reviewed by:  margarita gil from New York, New York. on 6/4/2015
Now I get the "black soap" thing
  This leaves my skin so clean! I mix a little of the powder with very little water - a measuring teaspoon of powder on wet hands and face would be a good start. It lathers up beautifully to make a gentle soap. I leave it on for a few minutes when I'm done washing, then wash it off. It smells faintly of charcoal, which of course it is, just not your typical BBQ charcoal! As some have said, it's a bit messy, but it does wipe up and rinse off pretty well. We're in the middle of a DIY remodel and don't have a bath or shower, but with this I can clean up nicely over the sink. I just finished up the little sample that came with an order, and I've ordered a jar. My one quibble was that the sample wasn't pounded fine enough - there were chunks that were uncomfortably course. A fine sift would be better. If I run into that in the full jar I ordered, I'll be using a mortar & pestle on it.
  Reviewed by:  Sharon Kay from Issaquah, WA. on 5/28/2015
  I like it, i used it how it instructed me to use it, Face, Skin and Hair. Pros: -It can form a paste -Its so earthy.. the smell( no harsh smell , reminds me of a tree bark with combined soil)for people who have sensitive nose..your safe with this products -Its so compress that you get a lot of products -Multipurpose Cons: -It can be harsh on the skin if u have a sensitive skin. BE CAREFUL! PLS DILUTE IT WITH WATER! -I kinda have to scrap the powder on the bottle(but i like it, it means its compress for products inside :) -It can be messy when using it. Any loose powder form can be messy. -If you have a white sink be prepare to clean it after it does have a dark brown color which reminds me of a rich soil. But its cleanable i dont think it will stain O.o Face: To harsh to use everyday for my sensitive dry skin(used it on fall..maybe i'try again on summer) I use it as a face scrub and it works well I try to use it as a scrub paste it work somehow but i'll use it once in a bloom moon. Body: Good but scrub, I like it :)) Hair: Gives me volume,Makes it dry in a good way. Be sure to use conditioner :) the only downside it that my hair smells like a tree trunk. LOL. but i use conditioner so it helps out. :) **Reference on my skin: Sensitive, combo-dry , mild adult acne and big pores
  Reviewed by:  Chrisyl Peralta from Canada. on 5/21/2015
  I bought this product hoping to treat and hopefully deter blemishes on my face. I could not be happier! This product has cleared up my face and my pores have never been smaller. I would recommend this product to anyone-young, old, sensitive skin, ect.
  Reviewed by:  Kary Chiles from Missouri. on 5/2/2015
  Best antiseptic in all the earth! I recommend for all those who have problematic skin. With this product a little goes a long way because too much can dry out Your skin. I am glad I found your Web site! I will pass on to friend's. Thank you
  Reviewed by:  rosemary miroshnichenko from Palmer, AK. on 3/24/2015
I'm In love!!!!
  I have the most sensitive skin... anything that has chemicals that are not natural, my skin rejects. I just transitioned into my 30's... and my skin has been having some hormonal flare ups. Of course I can't use anything over the counter due to the fact of hives and rashes... This product is so amazing and it really helps if your having any breakouts. I recommend it, as a product junkie... this should forever be in your beauty arsenal. I'm so going to gift them to family and friends..... Love SheaTerra products.
  Reviewed by:  Lizeth Hester from Washington, DC. on 8/26/2014
Absolutely love it!
  So I wanted to give my skin enough time to use this before writing a review. I absolutely love using this raw black soap. It smells just like smoke or charcoal but the wonders it does for my skin are undeniable. I have dry/combo skin and I often use it when I have an acne flare up and it calms my skin down within 24 hours. I also mix up a little when I'm having eczema flare ups on my body. I just mix it with distilled water and rub it on my face. If I'm using it on my body I just sprinkle some powder on my washcloth and run the towel in water to wet it. The itchiness from my eczema goes away immediately and the rashes are often gone after a day or two. This soap is a godsend for problematic skin. I can't recommend it enough!
  Reviewed by:  Brandi Malone from Texas. on 8/6/2014
  Messy but worth it! Excellent as a mask.
  Reviewed by:  Jessica Ward from Miami Fl. on 7/23/2014
So Versital
  I love this product! It lathers right up with just a little bit of water. I am sensitive to a lot of additives including Shea Butter so this is the best way for me to get the benefits of African Black Soap. Also just added a little bit to my shampoo and my scalp felt so clean. this is my first time trying the black soap so more on the how that works out but some of the little white bumps on my skin are already smaller after just 3 uses. Just love how easy this is to use and how many ways you can use it in this form!
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca Smith from Oregon. on 6/8/2014
Love it!
  I use this almost every night before I go to bed. It really cleanses, purifies, and exfoliates my skin and prepares it to put on one of Shea Terrra's oils. It works wonders on acne, and it brightens and tightens my skin. I won't be without it.
  Reviewed by:  Angela Smith from Grand Rapids, MI. on 5/21/2014
Wow, no more dry bumps
  Amazing! I put this on all over my body and let it soak in for about 5 minutes, and I can see it soak into my pores! Application is so messy, so only do this if you expect to stay in your tub or large shower, even then this can make your shower really dirty. Therefore I took off a star for this dirtiness factor. The performance of this product is great, because I've never had any product take away those razor or dry skin bumps on my body, and this does! After rinsing, I follow by exfoliating with a mitt and then applying the shea terra ghassoul powder made by me into a paste to set for 10 minutes. After rinsing again and putting on argan oil and body butter, my skin is so silky the next day.
  Reviewed by:  Megan Sofka from Albuquerque, NM. on 5/2/2014
  I Love this product. I have suffered from sever cystic for years and since using this product my skin has cleared up dramatically and have had very few break outs since!!!
  Reviewed by:  Renata Granger from New Orleans, LA. on 4/29/2014
100% Pure Raw African Black Soap
  Being a big fan of Shea Terra black soap products, I had to try this too. I really love it's cleansing ability, but it can be a bit messy. Worth it though ! It will also last you a very long time.
  Reviewed by:  nicolle dempsey from Ohio. on 12/22/2013
Love it
  This powder works well, helps with acne and exfoliates perfectly. I mix a little raw honey then add a bit of water to make a good paste and wash off it really helps my skin.
  Reviewed by:  Christina Ossorio from New York . on 11/27/2013
  I recently had a severe rash that left my skin very dry, flakey and a little crusty feeling. A friend gave me a jar of this African Black Soap but I was little reluctant to try it so soon after my rash. I decided to bite the bullet, however, and glad I did. This was a little messy to use, but totally worth it. My skin is now soft, incredibly smooth and flake free again. I couldn't be any happier with a cleanser than I am with this product. I am making Shea Terra African Black Soap a regular part of skincare regimen. I have tried a couple of other Shea Terra Organic products that I am equally pleased with - the foot scrub is fantastic as are the Whippers!
  Reviewed by:  MaryBeth Bryant from Boston, MA. on 11/22/2013
Amazing! Awsome! Wonderful! Love it!
  I bought this product to help with acne and aging. I am 47 and yes I still get acne. However once I started using Raw African Black Soap I noticed a big difference with my skin. It felt clean and looked healthy. In fact I skipped a few days of washing my face and it started to breakout with nasty ugly pimples. I immediately washed my face with the soap and the nec t few days it cleared up and began healing. I will no longer purchase ovc soaps or washes. The best thing about this product it is safe for the environment and gives back to the workers and not the big fortune 500 companies that can care less about the environment, the people who harvest etc. Thank you Tammi for all you do!
  Reviewed by:  Kerrylynn Clark from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. on 10/9/2013