African Blue Calming Bath Oil Drops
African Blue Calming Bath Oil Drops
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100% Natural. Discover the stress relieving powers of South Africa's rare Cape chamomile essential oil. High in chamulazene, this beautiful blue oil calms nerves as you take a skin softening bath.
Size: 4 oz.
4 oz.
Cape Chamomile Calming Bath Bar Cape Chamomile Calming Bath Bar
 Warning: Do not use this product if you are pregnant. 
     Caress away the stress of the day with liquid blue beads of calming Cape chamomile. This fragrant blue oil is captured from the delicate blooms of South Africa's rare Fynbos plant. Exquisitely blended with other calming oils collected throughout Africa, oils of lemon verbena, blue tansy and Cape lavender, African Blue Calming Bath Beads alleviate stress while softening skin with shea butter oil.
Contains only: Fractionated shea butter oil (butyrospermum parkii), certified organic (CERES) shea nilotica (vitellaria nilotica), cape lavender essential oil (lavandin abrialis), blue tansy essential oil (tanacetum annum linnaeus), lemon verbena essential oil (lippia citriodora), cape chamomile essential oil (eriocephalus punctulatus), Egyptian calendula (calendula officinalis), Egyptian chamomile (matricaria recutita)
Usage: Add 2-6 dropperfuls to hot bath water. Agitate water. Soak in tub approximately 20 minutes. Pat skin dry. Best used before bedtime.
Most bath softening products are made with harmful, irritating chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Not only are these chemicals not healthy for the body, they are also not good for the environment. Shea Terra Organics Calming Shea Bath Beads are naturally fragranced with oils that have been scientifically proven to producing a calming effect and decrease stress. They do not contain any chemicals. Even the beautiful blue color is produced by the oils themselves.
  • 100% natural
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • no artificial colors
  • softens skin
  • naturally relieves stress
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
You will get it or you won't
  beautiful aroma! my body loves it! i've noticed a something real - something magic with all sheaterraorganice - - you will either get it or you won't - - it is always worth the effort - - these are perhaps the very first products that i've used that make a difference - - - sometimes i just apply the oil directly to my skin - - dive in - - choose lots of stuff - - use the stuff - - realize huge appreciation - - just do it
  Reviewed by:  Bridget Moreland from kansas city. on 8/24/2015
Nice Smell
  These drops have a very nice calming serene scent. They make your skin softer in the bath, but I did not notice them to be more calming than usual lavender essential oil drops I put into my bath. This is however a pretty large bottle which will last awhile.
  Reviewed by:  Marta Gyvel from New York City. on 2/9/2015
I LOVE African Blue!
  Amazing product! The first time I used it in my bath water I fell asleep - and that had never happened before! It sure does live up to its name - CALMING! The delicate scent is lovely, but those calming powers it has: Wow!
  Reviewed by:  Nancy Powell from Eastern Tennessee. on 1/16/2015
  I bought this for husband who likes to take baths, but I ended up trying it out myself and I love it! The oil is a beautiful shade of blue and turns your bath water slightly blue. The smell is wonderful and invigorating while calming. I felt so relaxed afterwards. My husband also loves using it too.
  Reviewed by:  Sandra Yang from Anaheim, CA. on 10/20/2014
  I bought this because it has cape chamomile a great stress buster essential oil. I love it. Leaves my skin buttery soft and it smells heavenly. I highly recommend it and will definitely purchase more. I took some to my aromatherapist and shared with the 3 aromatherapists in the office. They loved the smell and couldn't wait to try a bath.
  Reviewed by:  DIANE HARVEY from North Carolina. on 6/28/2014