African Wild Oil Collection
African Wild Oil Collection
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Experience the anti-aging wonders of Africa's wild collected oils. This unique kit combines a few of the rare oils found growing in the African wild. Some of these species are indigenous only to Africa. Each kit comes in a handmade paper bag made by a cooperative in Uganda. (Bags are currently out of stock so your order will arrive without a bag.)
Kit includes: .25 oz. African Baobab Oil, .25 oz. Marula Oil, .25 oz. Moroccan Argan Oil, .25 oz. Tamanu Oil
Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam Syrup Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam Syrup

At Shea Terra Organics we believe that it is important to rotate your facial oils every week or so. Each oil has its own unique properties and doing so allows your skin to benefit from a variety of beneficial vitamins, essential fatty acids, and more. Now you can experience a sampling of Africa's anti-aging wild oils with this handy kit. Use a few drops in the morning and a few drops at night and you will see fast results. Your skin will be softer, moister and more resilient.

Contains only: pure oils of baobab, argan, marula, tamanu

Massage a few drops of oil into skin in the morning and at night. Use each oil for approximately a week and rotate.

  • 100% pure and natural
  • All natural anti-aging solution
  • No alcohol
  • No synthetic perfumes
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  Have just used one of the four so far, but love the Baobob! No "reaction" to it. Skin drinks it up. On to rotating...Argan is next. Arrived in perfect condition~Thank you! _/\_
  Reviewed by:  Kathryn Hilbert from Southwest USA. on 7/1/2016
Love 3 of them...
  I really like this set to sample/try all of the oils that are available. the tamanu oil I received was congealed and so grainy/thick I couldn't use it. I contacted the company and was told that this is the normal state of this oil and to place container in hot water to liquefy but no luck- better to find out with this little sample than order a larger bottle. I love the other 3 oils in this set.
  Reviewed by:  Lisa Dehm from cicero ny. on 3/7/2016
Great way to try these oils!
  I bought this little kit so I could try all the oils but I was already using argan oil from another company and was already using a full size STO Marula oil, so I thought I would use those two for travel. I did decide to just "try" the argan oil though and wow! It is better than any argan oil I have tried and I have tried 8 other brands. Needless to say I am still using this little argan oil. I haven't tried the Tamanu or the Baobab oils yet because I am so crazy about the argan oil! Try it, you'll like it!
  Reviewed by:  Linda Careaga from MO. on 3/5/2016
  I was so in love with this set that I went ahead and bought full sizes of the Marula Oil and the African Baobab Oil. I've been an avid user of face oils with Argan Oil being one of my favorites. Without fail, when i use oils consistently I get that 'glow' from within look which we all know and love. I was so pleasantly surprised when I used Marula and Baobab Oil with the same results. The aroma of the Tamanu Oil was just too much for my liking that I couldn't justify the full size. As always, Shea Terra Organics never lets down. Quick shipping and great customer service. You really could never go wrong with them
  Reviewed by:  Sherrie Serrano from Las Vegas, NV. on 1/8/2016
  Words can not describe how much I love all four of this oil. Before I go into depth I want to shed a little light on my skin. I have a very oily skin(face) and extremely dry skin(body). I have been using this oil for approximately two weeks now and have notice nothing but positive changes to my skin. I started off using Baobab oil for my face in the morning and Marula in the evening, the argan oil for my body in the morning and Tamanu in the evening(because it has a unique smell. Smells very similar to red palm oil if you've ever come in contact with palm oil you will notice it as well). The Baobab and Marula is my favorite hands down. They do not clog my pores(which is something I have struggled with in finding a good moisturizer). Even with my oily face it doesn't make it more oilier(is that even a word?) on the contrary it leaves my skin supple, soft and mositurized. I also have been using African black soap in conjunction and strongly believe they go hand in hand in keeping my face less oily. I definitely recommend this oil to everyone. Especially the starter size to help determine which oil you like the best before committing to the full size. I think I have found my staple skin regimen and products.
  Reviewed by:  Jacqline Egbujor from Fargo ND. on 8/12/2015
Restaurant Manager
  Love the oils. Like knowing helping empower woman and supporting them
  Reviewed by:  Desiree Phifer from New Jersey. on 7/5/2015
  I'm very glad i bought these oils samples as gift to myself. I loved the bag, and i'll keep it forever. The oils are from high quality and purity, does make a huge difference to my skin and i didn't even used the whole bottles yet you'll just need a few drops!
  Reviewed by:  A.C. from Brazil. on 12/31/2014
Executive Administrative assistant
  Wonderful! Excellent! Love, love, love these oils!!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Kory Porter from Anchorage, Ak. on 12/18/2014
Oil, but not Oily
  These little bottles are just the cutest, and the gift bag is fantastic. I loved receiving the whole package! In fact, I ordered quite a bit from Shea Terra and everything was packaged beautifully/safely without a lot of extra, wasted packaging (very important to me). I have only been using these for about 2 weeks, so haven't noticed a big improvement in my skin yet, but I do notice it's softer. I rotate them every morning and night depending on what my skin needs at the time. All of these soak right into the skin without feeling greasy, even after a long night's sleep and/or throughout the day under makeup. I'm looking forward to seeing how these will work over time. Also, keep your bottles when they get empty and refill them when you buy more of the product because they are perfect for traveling.
  Reviewed by:  Cheri Skaggs from Northern CO. on 10/15/2014
  I found this way of trying your products very helpful , it helped me decide which one I liked the best unfortunately I loved them all. Your products are the purest I have ever come across and I would love to try more, but the cost of getting them to the UK is quite expensive. I have managed to find your black soap in the UK do wish you would make all of your range available in the UK
  Reviewed by:  JANET DAWSON from Kingston-Upon-Hull United Kigdom. on 6/1/2014
Missing the bag
  I just received my order today so I can only report so far that the 2 kits I ordered did not come with the "handmade paper bag made by the cooperative in Uganda" Honestly, I don't need the bags as I planned on keeping most for myself and giving a couple to my Mom but I'm a stickler for getting everything that was promised to me when making a purchase. Otherwise, they came in perfect condition and seem like a good way of trying out different oils without having to commit to the full size bottles.
  Reviewed by:  Stephanie Ho from California. on 4/15/2014