Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum
Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum
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100% Natural. Fight back against wrinkles, sagging and discoloration and win back brighter, more youthful looking eyes with the anti-aging powers of argan and green coffee bean oils.
Size: 2 oz.
Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum
100% Natural. Fight back against wrinkles, sagging and discoloration and win back brighter, more youthful looking eyes with the anti-aging powers of argan and green coffee bean oils.
Size: 2 oz.
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     The eyes tell it all. The skin around the eyes give away more about your age and health than any other part of your body. A reduced stress life-style, extra beauty sleep and a tad bit of Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum go a long way to producing smoother skin with less discoloration. Argan, the Beauty Oil of the Berbers, is rich in anti-aging squalene, vitamins and essential fatty acids not produced by the human body or in lesser amounts as the body ages (the aging process begins in our twenties). Pressed from green coffee beans, costly Green Coffee bean oil provides the skin powerful anti-oxidants and helps with blood circulation around the eyes. Gently apply a little dose of Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum, get some extra beauty sleep, and call us in the morning.
Contains only: certified organic argan oil, certified organic shea nilotica, certified organic rose hips oil, green coffee bean oil
Use daily: Gently massage a few drops of Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum around eyes, carefully avoiding contact with the eye. The key is to massage gently without pulling. Massage the area helps to stimulate the skin cells. Roughly pulling back and forth at the area can cause more wrinkling. It is best to apply oil at night before sleeping, taking time to gently massage the area.
  • 100% Natural
  • No mineral oil
  • No perfumes or preservatives
  • Highly effective
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  My eyes are sensitive to it, and get tears when I use it. I with I could return it.
  Reviewed by:  Weiwei Yu from Bridgewater, NJ. on 9/8/2015
So nice
  I'm happy that i tried this. A very light scent and all i need is 1 drop for the whole night. I wake up with nourished skin.I have tried many eye creams and gels, this one is chemical free and does the job! When travelling i only need this to moisturize all my face, eyes and neck. Marverlous! After 2 weeks i can see the eye areas are lightened. Its a safe and good way in my beauty arsenal. Thank you so much, love Shea Terra.
  Reviewed by:  PHA Hanh Vi from HCMC, Viet Nam. on 8/20/2015
Feels so good
  Like my skin is being nourished deeper than I could have imagined! Great product! I just want to use it everywhere!
  Reviewed by:  Ellen Hreha from Toms River. on 7/22/2015
green coffee and argan oil
  One of my favorites. The green coffee is a great pick me up. I use it on my face as well as my eyes. I like it best in the morning.
  Reviewed by:  Michelle Chisholm from florida. on 7/7/2015
Wonderful Eye Serum
  I am always on the prowl for the very best products for my skin. I am 68 years old with very few wrinkles. This product is so light and smooth as I pat it on the lower and outer skin around my eyes. It is amazing! It softens the creases to almost nothing....has a very light scent....and does the trick!!
  Reviewed by:  Brenda Laird from Texas. on 5/30/2015
Argan-Green Coffee Eye Serum
  An excellent eye serum! It is easily absorbed and leaves my skin soft and tight! I am so glad that thanks to Organicbrands.gr I could finally find Shea Terra products in Greece!!!
  Reviewed by:  Georgia Chantzaridou from Greece. on 3/6/2015
Arian & Green Coffee Around Eye Serum
  Although I look great for 54, I always am looking to improve NATURALLY! I love this eye serum because it's chemical free and can be worn under my makeup creating that nice glow the beauty gurus are always eluding to. I recommend highly women save themselves precious dollars and use Shea Terra Organics products because they work all without any weird chemicals. Use the monies save to invest in your makeup brand, clothes, shoes, etc!
  Reviewed by:  Shirley from N Suburbs, IL. on 10/28/2014
The best!
  I LOVE this stuff! Keeps the skin under my eyes well hydrated. You only need a tiny amount. I also had to transfer it to a dropper bottle because the pump dispenses way too much. This bottle will definitely last you a very long time!
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa Tate from TX. on 10/6/2014
A "Must Have" Product
  This oil is amazing! Coupled with the Argan Honey Cleanser and the Camel's Milk Creme . . . well, my skin has never looked better. Throughout the years, I have tried many eye creams and gels; none of which did very much except to irritate my sensitive eye area and drain my pocketbook. This is the ONLY product I will use around my eye area. I use it all over my face and neck as well. One of Shea Terra's best products ever!
  Reviewed by:  Bridget Carver from Oregon. on 6/12/2014
Terrific Eye Serum
  Excellent product. I would highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:  Mari Caplan from Philadelphia. on 4/30/2014
Nice Oil
  Nice oil and doesn't travel and burn my eyes. It has a little funny smell that disappears quickly. My skin looks a little plumper around my eyes, so it must be working.
  Reviewed by:  Jan Laine from Central Point, OR. on 4/29/2014
  I have this but transferred it to a drop bottle because it dispenses too much. All you need is one small drop for both eyes and pat in well. Works great at moisturizing and lightening the eye area. Please don't ever stop making it.
  Reviewed by:  Christina Ossorio from New York. on 1/30/2014
Great Eye Treatment
  This treatment works very well to moisturize the eye area at night. I use less than 1 drop for both eyes and it refreshes and has a nice herbal scent. It's easy to use too much so I have been using the .25 oz dropper bottle dispenser.
  Reviewed by:  ST from USA. on 12/25/2013
too oily
  I appreciate that this has a short organic ingredient list but it is too oily. It sits on the skin around my eyes and doesn't absorb into the skin. It also spreads into my eyes themselves and I get blurry vision when it happens. I tried putting less on and I still encounter these issues. As a result, I stop using this.
  Reviewed by:  Leslie Lee from Oregon. on 12/22/2013