Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash (Api-Therapy)
Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash (Api-Therapy)
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100% Natural. What a mouthful, but what a simple, nourishing combination of pure ingredients to gently remove grime and dead skin without stripping. Pure, raw African acacia honey is combined with skin softening Moroccan argan oil for an apitherapy treat that breaks down dead skin cells and ultra-hydrates skin at the same time. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 4 oz.
Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash (Api-Therapy)
100% Natural. What a mouthful, but what a simple, nourishing combination of pure ingredients to gently remove grime and dead skin without stripping. Pure, raw African acacia honey is combined with skin softening Moroccan argan oil for an apitherapy treat that breaks down dead skin cells and ultra-hydrates skin at the same time. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 4 oz.
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     Two ancient therapies combine into one amazing skin cleansing treat. We begin with a trip to the beautiful Argan Forest of exotic Morocco. Argan trees will not produce argan oil fruits anywhere else in the world. This nutritive oil, high in vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids, heals skin while reversing and slowing skin aging more effectively than any other oil known. Combined into a base of shea nilotica, virgin coconut cream oil and organic virgin olive oil  the base for this cleanser is a nourishing skin treat.
     Next, we travel to the wild lands of Kenya where Shea Terra Organics' honey is harvested from wild mango and acacia trees. This pure honey is harvested far from human pollutants. Apitherapy, the therapeutic benefits of ingredients of the beehive, is still highly valued today. Apitherapy benefits of raw honey on skin include detoxing, purifying, softening, hydrating, anti-bacterial and the list goes on. We add large portions of this wild honey not only to soften and hydrate skin, but also to purify it and reduce blemishes. This amazing wash is sure to become one of your favorites and is a wonderful alternative for those who find black soap to be too potent for their skin.
Contains only: water, pure, wild harvested African honey, certified organic olive oil (olea europaea), certified organic shea nilotica (vitellaria nilotica), certified organic coconut oil (cocos nucifera), argan oil, potassium hydroxide, citric acid
Usage: Avoid contact with eyes. Daily cleanser- Apply to face. Massage into skin in circular motions. Wash off with warm water.
Mask- Apply layer onto face. Set 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water in circular motions.
  • 100% Natural
  • Large amounts of honey for maximum apitherapy benefits
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Gentle
  • No alcohol
  • Hydrating
  • No artificial fragrances

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  I wanted to love this face wash, but I just can't. It has a fishy/seafood smell to it. Not a rancid fish smell, but unpleasant nonetheless. I'm giving it 2 stars instead of 1 since it does seem to clean well.
  Reviewed by:  Jessica Patterson from Richmond, VA. on 10/18/2016
Went bad so quickly
  This was a hydrating wash but would t take off makeup at all. Also it turned into liquid 1/4 way through the bottle so I had to throw it away. Would not repurchase.
  Reviewed by:  Mahtab Mesbahi from Ca. on 10/17/2016
Love this stuff
  At first I didnt know about this face wash. I have sensitive skin that dries out easy. I usually got for an oil, milk or cream face wash so I didnt know how well this would work for my skin. I absolutely love it now. It gets my face clean, it doesnt really strip the skin, it heals acne and blemishes. I really cant say enough good things about it. Keep up the awesome work!
  Reviewed by:  Lisa Schindler from LaGrange, Ohio. on 8/13/2016
  Up until now I have been a dedicated fan of shea terra. I purchased the facial wash and have tried it out a few days now. My skin is so tight and feels so incredibly dry after washing wirh this wash. The smell is horrendous! It reminds me of a hamster ' s cage!! I assume it is the honey ? Very dissapointed. I was looking forward to using this product, I will give it a few more days and see if it will continue to make my skin dry and tight.
  Reviewed by:  aleksandra saganek from ontario, canada. on 3/24/2016
Acne cure!
  I have been using this cleanser for about 3 years now! It has ultimately cured my skin of hormonal break-outs. I know it works because as soon as I run out, I will break out. It's nourishing and gentle as well. The only qualm I have is that sometimes the product drips from the pump, but it is surely a miracle product.
  Reviewed by:  Taylor Bronsky from New York. on 10/25/2015
Face wash and moisturizer in one
  This is the perfect daily wash. It cleans deep and yet leaves my face feeling moist in a way that's hard to explain. Plump but not greasy or oily. I don't feel like I have to tone and moisturize after use which is a plus on rushed days. It's just simply amazing and a must have.
  Reviewed by:  Alisha Plank from WA. on 8/26/2015
  This is the only product that helped my breakouts.... This product is amazing !
  Reviewed by:  Karsha Kinlock from Charleston ,S.C. on 8/22/2015
Love This Cleanser
  I wanted a cleanser that contained Argan Oil and, got this one. I love it my skin looks great. I follow up with Argan and Desert Date Oil cream. Just love.
  Reviewed by:  Lourdes Jimenez from South Plainfield, New Jersey. on 7/18/2015
Holy Grail !
  I am absolutely obsessed with this facial wash. After only one week my skin looks absolutely amazingggg and keeps me free from breakouts (even hormonal!). My skin is glowing and I now hate hiding it behind makeup. It took a bit to get used to the scent, but I will continue to use because the results are incredible. It would be awesome if they would sell some sort of lid to make this ideal for travel (I hate wasting product to close it up). Don't second guess buying this product!
  Reviewed by:  Alyssa Leonhard from Pittsburgh, PA. on 6/24/2015
  I was really nervous about trying this cleanser when I first opened it but I really like it.
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa Tate from TX. on 6/5/2015
Sooooo Gentle!
  You have got to try this cleanser. It is a wonderful combination and it smells terrific! I have used the Black Soap Rose Hips cleanser and it works very well, but I am oh so glad that I decided to give theArgan Oil &hand Honey facial a go. It is very gentle and does the job. Thank you Tammie, for bringing these products to the world and helping scores of people to better their lives!
  Reviewed by:  Cheryl Youngblood Sales from Shepherdstown,WV. on 5/16/2015
Great for sensitive/rosacea skin
  This is the best cleanser I have ever tried. It doesn't irritated my sensitive skin. My skin feels so soft and clean after using it. Highly recommended for sensitive/rosacea skin.
  Reviewed by:  Cesar Luevano from Pasadena, CA. on 5/8/2015
  This cleanser is everything. You would not regret buying this. Bye bye pimples .
  Reviewed by:  Midalis Sanchez from West palm beach . on 3/20/2015
The Wow factor
  Loving this product. Leaves my face shining, soft and feeling totally refreshed. It has pulled out any impurities that my previous face wash was leaving behind. I use this as directed, just the tiniest amount for my entire face, along with my Clarisonic. Serious spa cleaning at a fraction of the price! That's "WOW!" I've just reviewed my previous orders, this was my seventh order; I'm still finding new and fabulous products with each order.
  Reviewed by:  Myla Dale from USVI- STX. on 2/9/2015
dreamy stuff
  I love this stuff, as a mask it is my favorite but it is also my favorite cleanser. Mornings I just want to lounge around with this on my face. It does wonders for the skin. Gently cleansing and leaving you feeling like you have been to the spa. No stripping just gently clearing dead skin and hydrating. Oh my I am out of it at present but have to say this and the rosemary oil cleanser are a little bit of heaven. Non drying and gentle I love this stuff and my dogs run around trying to get a lick. sigh need this!!!
  Reviewed by:  Gisela Spencer from Silver City, NM. on 11/3/2014
Not a better deal for the ingredients it boasts!
  Some times when people are having a series of breakouts, heating up some honey and applying to the face will help to draw out the bacteria--this cleanser gives me a daily dose of honey for keeping my acne prone skin in check. Coupling the honey with argan oil is a perfect addition for maintaining my youthful skin as I near the end of my 20's. I put the cleanser on after wetting my face at the beginning of the shower and wash it off after I clean my hair and the rest of my body so that the cleanser has time to "do it's thing". Whatever that "thing" is leads me to LOVE this stuff!
  Reviewed by:  Brooke Lynn Beatty from Knoxville, TN. on 10/27/2014
Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash
  LOVE this face wash! I remove eye makeup with a gentle makeup remover and then wash the rest of my makeup off with this wash and it does a great job. It is gentle and does not strip my skin, but is thorough in removing makeup & dirt. Overall, my skin has been less oily since using Shea Terra products and often times does not need moisturizer (which bums me out because I love all of the facial creams I have tried to date!).
  Reviewed by:  Andria Miller from Chicago, IL. on 9/9/2014
Great product
  Very effective skin tightener, much better after I read the directions. Duh! Made all the difference. This is my 2nd purchase of this product and it's now a weekly event in my skin care regime. Thanks
  Reviewed by:  Katherine Levine from Connecticut. on 7/11/2014
Retail Sales
  I love this product. I have ordered it several times. It is mild, and gentle on my skin. It leaves my face feeling clean, but not dry or tight. This product is very concentrated, which means not a lot is necessary (only three pumps maximum) to clean my whole face thereby making the product long lasting too.
  Reviewed by:  C. L. Mackness from Canada. on 6/10/2014
Has an interesting smell
  I recently purchased this face wash and upon my first use I realized I don't like the smell of it. However, it did make my skin feel soft after using it. But then I used a toner and still got a bunch of makeup that was left on my cotton ball. I really wanted to like this product, but the smell will keep me from purchasing it again.
  Reviewed by:  Monica Moehring from Indianapolis. on 6/4/2014