Cape Chamomile Hydrating Facial Spritz
Cape Chamomile Hydrating Facial Spritz
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Description 99.5% Pure & Natural. Get moister, plumper looking skin with a spritz of hydrating, genuine Cape Chamomile Water.

Size: 4 oz.
Cape Chamomile Hydrating Facial Spritz 99.5% Pure & Natural. Get moister, plumper looking skin with a spritz of hydrating, genuine Cape Chamomile Water.

Size: 4 oz.
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Cape Chamomile Calming Bath Bar Cape Chamomile Calming Bath Bar
     Enliven skin and look fresher and younger than ever with every naturally fragrant spritz of pure Cape chamomile water. Calm overheated skin with a single spritz.
     Cape Chamomile Pure Distillate Water is distilled from the whimsical blooms of South Africa's rare Cape chamomile. Cape chamomile is not related to what we know as chamomile. It is a rare species of flower originating in the Fynbos of South Africa. Once distilled this gentle white flower produces an amazingly deep blue oil with the aroma of apples and heather. The blue color is due to the high chamulazene content of this flower which gives it its calming powers.
     Cape Chamomile Pure Distillate Water is made from the distillation of the oil and contains the healing properties of the oil. Use the water in your favorite powder mask to make a calming face mask. Spritz the water on your face for herbal hydration, or use soak a cotton ball with it to wipe away soap debris.
Contains only: Pure Cape Chamomile Distillate Water, sodium benzoate (mild, food grade preservative)
Spritz face throughout day for cell plumping hydration. Keep a bottle in bag on the go for instant flower relief.
  • 99.5% Natural
  • alcohol free
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • gentle
  • natural toner
  • natural hydrater
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Smells awful
  I purchased this thinking it would be great, or at the very least usable. I love chamomile and am very familiar with both oil, tea and flowers. This smells nothing like chamomile. The smell was atrocious. So bad that I dumped it out at the second try. I found it really nauseating. I then decided to look up 'cape chamomile' to see if what I smelled was accurate or if the bottle was bad. It was probably accurate. It turns out 'cape chamomile' is not chamomile at all. It's a different flower completely. I wish I'd known this, as my purchase of this item was a complete waste of money.
  Reviewed by:  ashley wilcox from Smoky Mtns, USA. on 6/6/2016
Can't be without it!
  I love this facial spritz -works great to calm my easily irritated skin from allergies! Cools fast and soothes! Not my favorite smell but it leaves my skin glowing and refreshed! Always have on hand. i keep mine in the refrigerator and spray a bit on after a day out in the sun or a long workout!
  Reviewed by:  Pamela Mabry from Houston, Texas. on 6/12/2015
Great, but not what you might expect
  I love this product. This is my 4th bottle. I thought it would smell differently, but it is more earthly, and actually really like the smell. Very lovely.
  Reviewed by:  Kimberly King from Arlington, VA. on 2/27/2015
Allergic reaction
  First of all this stuff smelled like poop! I also got a severe allergic reaction from this product, I had to see a Doctor and I'm still waiting for an explanation and an APOLOGY! Horrible! I'd give it zero stars if I could!
  Reviewed by:  Erica Rezende from FL . on 5/19/2014
  I love this chamomile spray. I like it as a toner after washing my face and also after applying my mineral makeup, as a setting spray. It is great as a mid day pick me up too. I even use it as a soothing application to a tender vein on my foot lately. It calms it and cools the burning feeling. Plus I love the smell of chamomile, just inhaling it is uplifting!
  Reviewed by:  Eva Roxby from Arizona. on 4/26/2014