Divine Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Divine Dark Chocolate Raspberry
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Description 100% Natural. Awaken your tastebuds with 70% cacao and tart raspberries.
4 oz.
Divine Dark Chocolate Raspberry 100% Natural. Awaken your tastebuds with 70% cacao and tart raspberries.
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     In 1993, the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative was founded in Ghana. Meaning "good cocoa farmers" the cooperative was formed as a coalition of farmers to sell their cacao to the state owned cocoa company. In 1997, the farmers decided that rather than simply selling their cacao so that others could make all the profits, they wanted a chocolate bar of their own. They partnered with several investors and nonprofits, and in 1998, they launched their first bar of milk chocolate. Since then the line has continued to add new, delicious confections for every tastebud.
     Are your tastebuds ready? Explode them with with tastes of full bodied dark chocolate and real bits of tart raspberries.

Contains only: Fairtrade cocoa mass, Fairtrade sugar, Fairtrade cocoa butter, Freeze dried raspberry granules 3%, soya lecithin (non GM), Natural raspberry flavour, Fairtrade vanilla

Open wrapper. Take a bite. Enjoy.

"Fairly traded" chocolate assures that cacao growers receive more money and are treated more humanely than other growers who receive barely enough money to support themselves. Although Shea Terra Organics believes that the only fair trade is free trade, we applaud those who seek to make a difference in the lives of others.
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