Foot Rituals Restoration Butter
Foot Rituals Restoration Butter
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Description 100% Natural. Got cracks? We've got SOLUTION. Powerful, rare African ingredients combine to repair and prevent cracks while softening hard skin fast. African gold tree butter heals skin while anti-bacterial ingredients get rid of odor and infection causing bacteria. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 4 oz.
Foot Rituals Restoration Butter 100% Natural. Got cracks? We've got SOLUTION. Powerful, rare African ingredients combine to repair and prevent cracks while softening hard skin fast. African gold tree butter heals skin while anti-bacterial ingredients get rid of odor and infection causing bacteria. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 4 oz.
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     True story: One day, roughly ten years ago, a very smart Shea Terra Organics' boy pointed out that the before and after feet on a box of aloe foot cream were the exact same picture. It was obvious that the before picture had been computer altered. This cream sells in the hundreds of thousands at just about every store imaginable. Moral of the story: Don't trust hype marketing. Read the labels and research the ingredients. This is something that Shea Terra Organics' owner has been doing for over a decade- researching ingredients used by native people across Africa that have been used to effectively heal skin conditions for thousands of years.
     In her many years of research for the most healing ingredients, one ingredient stood out amongst the rest for its amazing ability to heal skin. This rare, hard to get ingredient has amazing anti-inflammatory and skin regeneration properties. With years of trials, Tammie has concluded that this rare butter heals skin even better than shea butter itself. She combined this reparative butter with our premium quality, Gold Standard shea butter which works in a similar, complementary way. She then added a large dose of bacteria and fungus killing tamanu oil from the island of Madagascar to further prevent and heal foot cracking. Potent, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal golden beeswax protect feet against weather, moisture loss and day to day wear and tear.
Contains only: premium, unrefined shea butter, shea butter oil, African gold tree butter, golden, raw beeswax, tamanu oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, propolis
It is recommended to do a Foot Rituals Mud & Milk Pedicure Mask which loosens dead skin and also heals cracks twice a week. Next we recommend using the Foot Rituals Volcanic Pedicure Scrub at least twice a week to buff away dead skin.
Apply small amount of butter to feet and massage in well. Repeat daily.
  • No hype- it really works
  • Highly concentrated formula- a little goes a long way
  • Rare, active ingredients
  • 100% Natural

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Keeps my dry Crack bottom feet soft
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa Charles from Lake worth. on 8/19/2016
Foot Rituals Restoration
  Best Product Ever! Does what it says it will do.
  Reviewed by:  Angela Klesener from Illinois. on 7/24/2016
Okay, but not great
  I have heels that crack and get rough and I'm always looking to find something that might help improve the skin on my feet. I gave this a try and it did a fair job I would say. It it is a bit thicker than i would like, you have to either dig out a chunk or keep going back and forth if you just apply a small amount to your fingers and then rub it in. It does feel good when you apply it, but I didn't notice any real change or improvement in my feet. I will continue to use, but probably would not reorder. I did use it on my hands too and it did soften them and ease some dryness.
  Reviewed by:  Melanie Sikma from Wisconsin. on 6/27/2016
we call this our foot crack!
  Since Carols Daughter stopped making the sage foot butter, we have been looking for a replacement. We found it!! I received a sample of one of your products in my Essence Beauty Box and it led me to your site. This foot butter is wonderful my boyfriend and I love it. :) (He named it foot crack. LOL)
  Reviewed by:  LaToya Trotter from Baltimore. on 6/23/2016
  Product lives up to its claims!
  Reviewed by:  A. S. from Virginia. on 4/26/2016
Great Product
  I love this product. I have only just started using it, but I can tell in just a little time passing that it is making my feet softer. Thank you Shea Terra for always giving us top quality products.
  Reviewed by:  Michelle Johnson from Los Angeles . on 2/25/2016
A must have
  I love Foot Rituals Restoration Butter! My feet are so soft. The foot butter doesn't leave my feet greasy feeling as other brands of lotions and butters have in the past. I am so happy I found Shea Terra Organics. =)
  Reviewed by:  M.B. from Michigan. on 1/14/2016
  I love this foot butter. It sooths my feet with each use.
  Reviewed by:  Candace DeLaney from Saint Louis, MO. on 10/16/2015
Foot Rituals Restoration Butter
  Buttery smooth...feels so good. Putting it on is like rewarding your feet for their hard work all day.
  Reviewed by:  Lauren Gray from Texas. on 9/30/2015
  I love products by shea terra allot. But I must tell you all, I have been using restoration foot butter for 2 weeks now, and they are healing not only my very bad feet but I think it may possibly be helping my toenails (on my right foot I have had terrible issues with my toenails. This stuff is like precious gold. I am serious. If anyone has bad feet or just wishes to make them nicer, try this stuff it rocks!!!!
  Reviewed by:  LESLI SKYE from Midwest. on 9/20/2015
A sweet treat
  I never cared about foot butter/lotion/cream before because no product impressed me enough for me to finish a tube of it. Until my husband complaint about his cracked heel, I decided to give this product a try based on good experience with Shea Terra skin care products. Turn out I like it so much I enjoy massage my feet with this butter every night. The peppermint scent is heavenly, somehow it reminds me of mint chocolate.
  Reviewed by:  Trang Phan from Maryland. on 8/31/2015
thick + ultra-moisturizing
  This butter is thick and super moisturizing! I have used others in the past, but this one is the greatest -- keeps my feet moisturize all day! It is thick, but absorbs well enough that it doesn't feel greasy/heavy. Additionally, no fillers or preservatives! Smells pepperminty awesome!
  Reviewed by:  Margarete Antonio from co*usa. on 3/26/2015
  This butter is so rich and creamy and it makes my feet very soft. I put it on after my feet after a nice warm shower and then put on my socks. My feet are super soft in the morning!
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa Tate from TX. on 2/22/2015
  I thought I would give this a try because it had Tamanu and Tea Tree Oil in it. Heard about it's anti-bacterial properties. I tried it on my feet in which I have problems with dryness, hard skin but particularly foot odor. I tried about every product for foot odor but none worked. I used this product for the first and found that it works. Not only was my feet soft and dewy moist but there was no foot odor. Even the odor in my shoes and boots are fading. I can now take my shoes off and not be embarrassed. All this time Shea Terra was the answer. Please don't discontinue this.
  Reviewed by:  Henrietta Williams from NY, New York. on 1/31/2015
  This product really moisturizes and softens the skin on my feet and my husband's feet. I've tried various foot creams and nothing is as effective as this Restoration Butter.
  Reviewed by:  Glenda Colon from Virginia. on 11/9/2014
Happy Feet
  I'm loving this foot butter. I gave it four stars because I just started using it.
  Reviewed by:  Cynthia Jackson from Suwannee. on 10/31/2014
Nothing better to soften the feet.
  I have been around the natural skin care world for quite a number of years now and in that time I've been dedicated to treating myself to any and all natural products with stellar ingredients. In the realm of foot care, I have yet to find a better performing product for my feet. I put this stuff on before I put on my socks every morning and not only are my feet insanely soft after the day, but it helps the shoe from getting an unpleasant odor if I've been really active and hotboxing my foot all day. I don't know that everyone will love the smell of it because real shea has a unique scent, but if the smell is an issue, putting it on at night with some cotton socks will leave anybody who uses it a believer in the morning.
  Reviewed by:  Brooke Lynn Beatty from Knoxville, TN. on 10/27/2014
Butter for your feet
  As a first-time buyer of this product, I love it!
  Reviewed by:  Eileen Rojas from miami, fl. on 9/28/2014
Great Stuff!
  This product is the bomb! I'm on my second jar. I've used countless similar products but none deliver like this one does. I appreciate a little goes a long way too!!
  Reviewed by:  Margie Talaski from Michigan. on 8/11/2014
  This butter makes me want to dive in. It is so rich and dark and sweet...to me the scent is somehow, a combination of brown sugar and peppermint. Is that weird? I love it! I probably use more than I should...scraping it out with the back of my nail - my feet are well covered before bed and even with wearing flip flops all summer - my feet look great.
  Reviewed by:  Anne Zuber from Coarsegold. on 6/5/2014