Lesotho Rose Hips Oil (certified organic)
Lesotho Rose Hips Oil (certified organic)
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100% Pure & Natural. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. From the brand you trust. This is 100% pure, cold-pressed high quality rubiginosa Rose Hips Oil. Our 100% pure Rose Hips Oil is produced from the wild rose found naturally growing in the pristine mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Our Lesotho Rose Hips Oil is the highest quality rose hips oil which can be purchased. Pure Rose Hips Oil has been used for centuries for its ability to transform aging and problematic skin. Our unrefined Rose Hips Oil is high in lycopene and trans-retinoic acid. It is also high in essential fatty acids, omegas and anti-oxidants. Our rare and organic Rose Hips Oil helps skin to repair itself, calm rosacea, treat acne, and slow the effects of aging. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.
Rose Hips & Pink Clay Facial Cleansing Bar Rose Hips & Pink Clay Facial Cleansing Bar
     If you want the best results settle on only the best Rose Hips Oil. Many rose hips oils are refined of their valuable nutrients or mixed with inferior oils. For years Shea Terra Organics has been providing only the highest quality, 100% pure and certified organic Rose Hips Oil from the rubiginosa variety of wild roses. Rosa mosqueta rose hips oil is actually a combination of rosa canina and rose rubiginosa, but our 100% pure Rose Hips Oil is pressed only from the rubiginosa variety of roses grown wild in the pristine mountains of Lesotho. Our Lesotho Rose Hips Oil is of exceptional quality. It is never refined nor subjected to high heat or chemicals.
     100% Pure Lesotho Rose Hips Oil can be used twice daily to reverse skin damage, treat acne, and to help skin to regenerate. Our 100% Pure Lesotho Rose Hips Oil helps skin reverse photo-aging, improves skin moisture and decreases fine wrinkles.
Contains only: 100% pure certified organic Lesotho Rose Hips Oil
Apply oil directly to freshly cleansed face. Massage in well. Can be used under moisturizing cream. Use up to two times daily.
  • 100% pure and natural
  • No refining
  • Cold pressed- no chemical extraction
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Natural remedy for rosacea
  • Naturally light and non-greasy
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The smell is unbearable
  I bought this oil after someone raved about it only to find out that I cant ever wear it because the smell is absolutely horrendous! My husband is disgusted by the smell they he wont even get close to me at night when I put this on. Its really a shame because I would like to use it everyday to see if it does what everyone says it does.
  Reviewed by:  Marie Annoual from FL. on 6/11/2015
Excellent product for rosacea
  I have very sensitive skin with mild rosacea and this oil has really helped my skin to calm down. My skin looks much better since using the rose hip oil. I really recommended for people with rosacea and sensitivities.
  Reviewed by:  Cesar Luevano from Pasadena, CA. on 5/8/2015
I glow you cant creat with Makeup
  Thank you so much for making such an incredible product. I am only a week in, but that says a lot. I suffer from hormonal acne..in my 30's, and I not only feel like my skin is more hydrated but I have a glow I always tried to achieve with makeup. I started with this product and quickly ordered the black soap, (thank you for the sample)and the orange toner. Love all of them!!!
  Reviewed by:  Jody graham from Minnesota. on 4/4/2015
  By far my favorite new add. My face is now glowy and it has been helping with my acne and left over hyper pigmentation from past breakouts
  Reviewed by:  Inga Fors from Memphis, TN. on 3/13/2015
miracle oil
  I just started using this oil and i was pleasantly surprised by it. I have combination skin and my skin glows when i use this. I use this after the rose water and ester c spray. Im thinking about trying the rose facial cream next.
  Reviewed by:  andrea ross from pa. on 8/25/2014
lovely oil
  i am 52, still have oily combination skin that tends to break out. i have been using this a few days. my dry spots have gotten better, and my skin feels softer. does not seem to be causing any breakout, which i am prone to. the fine lines around my eyes and lips seem to be diminishing.
  Reviewed by:  phyllis evans from ar. on 1/4/2014