Moroccan Mud-Poo Hair Wash (MENTHE VANILLA)
Moroccan Mud-Poo Hair Wash (MENTHE VANILLA)
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Would you prefer to wash your hair with ingredients straight from Earth or from chemicals made in a lab toting signs like WARNING! CAUTION! and TOXIC!? Well, guess what. Here's your big chance. Made with the AMAZING one and only Moroccan Mud, our Mud-Poo will wipe out dirt while keeping your brain cells intact. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 8 oz.
Moroccan Mud-Poo Hair Wash (CLEMENTINE) Moroccan Mud-Poo Hair Wash (CLEMENTINE)
Argan & Ghassool Shampoo + Spa Body Bar Argan & Ghassool Shampoo + Spa Body Bar
     Why sham-poo when you can Mud-Poo (and why is it called sham anyhow?)? Introducing the AMAZING wonder mud created inside the Atlas mountains millions of years ago. Imagine- volcanic eruptions. Dinosaurs run for cover. A few million years later cave men, looking for a home rather than a bath, discover the soft deposits surrounding the shiny gypsum inside their freshly carved out homes. Mixed with a little water, the airs to a new spa dynasty discover that upon washing out the clay leaves their hair and skin silky clean and soft, too. They declare it "Miracle Mud" and begin trading it with other cave families that weren't so fortunate with their own mud endeavors.
     Today Moroccan Mud-Poo is made with 100% pure aloe vera juice and Kalahari mineral salts to soften, cleanse and improve hair texture. With the exception of a little natural fragrance, there are absolutely NO other ingredients in this wash. And the Mud-Poo is so effective at cleaning hair that you can skip a day or two of Mud-Pooing (you can still wash with water if the thought grosses you out). Mud-Poo is completely non-toxic. It is safe for the whole family and when it goes down your drain it gets recycled without poisoning the water supply. It's super easy to use. Click on How to Use to find out more.
Contains only: Certified organic aloe vera juice, Moroccan mud, Kalahari mineral salts, natural vanilla, peppermint essential oil
Simple: Apply enough mud to cover entire wet hair. Massage the mud in for a minute or two. Rinse out thoroughly. See? Wasn't that easy? Towel dry. If desired, massage a few drops into the scalp and ends of hair.
  • 100% chemical free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Really works
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No SLS
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Great Product, A Little Too Pricey
  I bought this product two months ago, and I have been very pleased with the results compared to other mud washes I've used. It has an amazing smell, a convenient dispensing pump, and it spreads well for a mud wash. However, this best part is that it washes out clean with no remaining residue! However, I have thick, long afro-textured hair, and unfortunately, I will only be able to get 5 washes total, and that's because I've stretched it by using it sparingly. I would love if this product were 12 oz. It's a phenomenal product, but is just a bit too pricey to use as a regular wash product. I would use this as a special treat for my myself ever so often.
  Reviewed by:  Amber B. from Atlanta, GA. on 6/3/2015
Phenomenal Feeling but Financial Flub
  The mint is a phenomenally tingling and cooling feeling on my scalp -- just what I need when washing my hair in my always-hot apartment. Where this mudpoo goes wrong is in the size to price to hair thickness ratio. My afro hair is too thick and too much for this bottle to cover for more than two wash sessions. The first week I found myself needing to use a good 75% of the bottle for only one wash (I rinsed but didn't repeat). Second week, I was almost SOL, but I was smart enough to buy two bottles. So, now, my second bottle is already at 50%. For big and thick hair, eight ounces of this stuff is just not smart or practical. Considering this, I can't keep dishing out $14.00 every week to wash my hair with this stuff. I'll have to find more affordable options and just add peppermint oil in that mix.
  Reviewed by:  F. Alexis from Brooklyn, NY. on 5/31/2015
  I actually love the way this shampoo feels and I have had mudpoo treatments at a spa, but sadly, the result is lack of body and flyaway hair. My hair feels very clean and like silk while it's still wet, but once it dries it's lifeless. Even the leave-in products I generally use to give it more body don't seem to work. This is probably a good shampoo for someone with very thick hair, but because a lot of mudpoo is necessary to cover a good head of hair, it's a very expensive product in the end.
  Reviewed by:  beverly keitz from New York City. on 4/17/2015
Mud Poo forever!
  This is heaven in a bottle! I ordered this product last week and tried it on my hair this past weekend and I can honestly say that I don't plan to use anything else to cleanse and condition my hair. This was definitely a God-send and my hair felt nourished after one wash. Mudpoo forever!! Thank you so much for this product.
  Reviewed by:  Sabrina Smith from Brooklyn, New York. on 3/30/2015
This is renewing my Natural Hair Color!
  The Moroccan Mud has been changing my hair color back from grey-white to dark. My mom finally had to admit it the other day. I was buying the Ghassoul (Moroccan Mud) chips and diluting them - then mixing with my shampoo - in short the HARD way! I still use my shampoo, but put this with it instead. It is a slow change, but it IS changing! THANKS Tammi!
  Reviewed by:  Cynthia Bentley from Washington. on 2/27/2015
Fades hair color
  I tried this for the firs time and found I had to use 1/3 of the bottle to cover my shoulder length hair. In addition it made a mess all over my tiles in the shower. My hair did not feel conditioned after using this so I added some Argon Oil in addition to my usual styling products prior to blow drying my hair. My color had definitely faded a bit from using this. I have medium brown color treated hair. I feel the product is a little drying which is why you can go several days in between washes.
  Reviewed by:  Bonnie Strelis from New York. on 1/5/2015
Best Mud Wash EVER!
  I am absolutely in love with this product and I am surprised that I am. My hair does not respond positively to aloe vera and to find that this product contains mostly aloe vera juice and my hair loves it was extremely surprising. What I love most about this mud wash is that it cleans my scalp, but leaves my hair strands feeling so soft and moisturized unlike other mud washes that leave my hair completely stripped. This product works so well that I really could skip a conditioner but I don't because I know the nature of my dry hair. After cleansing my hair with this product, my hair was postured to receive all the goodness of the conditioner and I used the Mongongo & Banana Deep Conditioner. Using these products made me feel like my hair was having a spa day and it was. My only concern is that the menthol can be over powering with this mud wash.
  Reviewed by:  KAREN LONG from Reston, VA. on 11/18/2014
Cool and Tingling
  The sensation on my scalp is like biting a cool peppermint patty. I love it!
  Reviewed by:  Cynthia Jackson from Suwannee County. on 10/31/2014
Great for hair and face
  So far I love this both for my hair and face! I'll reorder when I run out!
  Reviewed by:  Janquin Barton from USA. on 7/15/2014
Great product!
  I like this stuff! I have fine long hair in generally good condition, although a little bit dry. This mud poo cleans it very well without leaving any residue. It wasn't difficult to distribute it on my scalp or to rinse it out. After using this product my hair is nice and bouncy and full of volume. Ok, my ends were a little bit frizzy, but one drop of any oil (i used Hair repair herbal butter) should solve the 'problem'. The package says the mud poo is not tested on color treated hair but I didn't see any negative effects on my henna colored hair. I uderstand that some people might need a little bit more adjustment to this type of shampoo and not everybody achieves such good results immediately. I haven't been using any chemicals on my hair for a couple of years now so I didn't experience any detox period. I think this product is worth trying, if anything for the fact that none of the ingredients is man-made, which is great.
  Reviewed by:  Ana Majcen from Croatia. on 6/30/2014
Great Face Mask
  I used this product multiple times as a shampoo without success. It is not easy to spread and my short hair flung the mud all over the shower. Instead of giving up on it, I tried it as a face mask. I love it! My roommate tried it as a face mask and she loved it, too.
  Reviewed by:  Matthew Gray from California. on 2/28/2014
Great mud wash
  I actually bought the Dark Amber which doesn't appear to be available any longer, but I've tried other similar clay cleansers and this is my favorite. It leaves your hair soft and clean, a little dull, but as directions state, traditionally the mud is followed by Argan oil. So I oil rinse after washing and it brings back the luster and shine leaving my hair feeling conditioned, I was pleasantly surprised.
  Reviewed by:  Maya Wilson from Michigan. on 2/22/2014