Qasil ECO-Leaf Soap-Free Face Cleanser
Qasil ECO-Leaf Soap-Free Face Cleanser
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Want to go really RAW & WILD? Discover the amazing soap-free cleansing powder of the Somaliland women. Straight from the tree to you- this cleansing powder gently cleanses and conditions gentle facial skin. "Leaves" skin looking and feeling moist. Use once a day to avoid over use of soap or replace soap and just wash with a super cool leaf.
Size: 5 oz.
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     Skin can often become overly dry and brittle from over usage of soap. Your face can be brilliantly clean and pleasantly hydrated at the same time by using this age-old secret of this nomadic tribe. Traveling through dusty drought lands beside cattle with children in tow, the women of Somaliland and Ethiopia find purifying relief from the leaves of the wild gob tree. Pesticide free leaves are dried and crushed into a fine powder which they mix with water to form a mask. High in saponins, this natural powder beautifully cleanses the skin while it lightly exfoliates. Not only will Qasil Soap-Free Cleansing Herb make your skin beautiful, you will feel good knowing that this sustainable product provides a source of income for women living below the poverty line.

Contains only: 100% pure Qasil leaf powder

Place 1/2 tsp. in bowl. Add hot water, enough to make a semi-liquid mask. Apply warm mask to face and set 5-15 minutes. Apply water to face and gently work the scrub into face, and then rinse off.

  • 100% natural
  • Non-drying alternative to soap
  • 100% plant
  • No alcohol, synthetic fragrance or chemicals
  • Helps women in Somaliland who collect the leaves in the wild
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 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Didn't match me!
  I was looking for something like that for a long time,I wanted to use natural products only to remove my make-up,but unfortunately this product didn't match me at all and caused allergic reaction,I tried to apply for my husband and he got the same reaction too.I think it is not for sensitive skin.My skin has tendency to dryness and oily in T-zone.
  Reviewed by:  Ilona Bolkvadze from Uae. on 8/17/2014
Cleans just fine
  I would HIGHLY suggest using this mask in the shower while allowing your conditioner to set in. I've tried countless times in the sink and I either end up with leaves in my hair, or somewhere I didn't notice. Overall, the leaf reacts with water creating a "soap like" effect, and washed all of my make up off. I've had mine for almost a month now, and haven't even reached the top part of my label, so you're definitely getting a lot for your money.
  Reviewed by:  LAUREN SHIMOTSU from Texas. on 7/28/2014
Refreshed skin
  I received a sample of the Qasil in an order. Tried it and was sold. Almost feels like a daily gentle exfoliant. In the tropics we have breezes and often times the Sahara Dust comes with the tropical breezes and it is nice to feel that I am removing the debris of the day and leaving my skin fresh and ready for the Argan & Date Oil or one of the other many creams and oils that I so much love from Shea Terra. I've even introduced the products to a friend and she's enjoying them also!
  Reviewed by:  Myla Dale from ST. CROIX, USVI. on 6/12/2014
Effective but messy
  I really like this product. It does a great job of cleaning and exfoliating. It is soothing and non-drying. However, it is tricky to get just the right amount of powder. Too much and you have big clumps and it's all over the sink. Too little, and it's too thin. So there is a learning curve. The bottle will last a long, long time. It smells like the zoo while you're using it, but that goes away right after it's rinsed.
  Reviewed by:  Ann Rude from Illinois. on 5/6/2014
Very unusual!
  This is an unexpected surprise. I tried with water to make a paste consistency. It is a bit hard to apply unless you get it liquid enough. It then dries a bit and I brushed it off with a tissue into the waste paper basket, fearing a clogged drain with leaf bits. I then rinsed the rest off with warm water to find the most soft , delicious skin! I only wish I didn't have to rinse for so long to get all the bits off since I lost some of the soft finish feel with the water going down the drain. But I love this! Strange seeming product, but wonderful results.
  Reviewed by:  Eva Roxby from Arizona. on 4/30/2014
Wash With A Leaf? You Bet I Do!
  This is certainly in the top 4 "surprise" products I have purchased from S.T. I've tried bar soap cleansers, liquid soap, and oils, but a leaf!?! Honestly bought this thinking I would most likely have to call it a lost, but HOLY COW IT WORKS GREAT! I have used this on both a make-up free face in the mornings, an a fairly made up face at night before coming to my opinion. This works well both ways, but I wear waterproof mascara so the eye area took a bit more effort to cleanse. You also need to be sure to RINSE THE EYE AREA VERY THOROUGHLY because the finely ground leaves take a bit to free themselves from the lash line. Face is left fairly clean, and very soft. No returns on my part here!
  Reviewed by:  Celeste Smith from Urbana. on 1/10/2014