Rose Hips Replenish Face Cre'me
Rose Hips Replenish Face Cre'me
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Description 99.7% Natural. A Shea Terra Classic, this medium weight cre'me de la cre'me produces picture perfect skin with regenerating, replenishing and repairative virgin, organic rose hips oil. Rose Hips Replenish Face Cre'me also helps those recovering from scarring to the skin. We say nay to ordinary tap water. Our natural cre'me is made with pure Moroccan rose water imparting a feeling of silky rose petals. Pair with Shea Terra Organics' Rose Hips Oil or Argan & Rose Complex Serum. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 2 oz.
Rose Hips Replenish Face Cre'me 99.7% Natural. A Shea Terra Classic, this medium weight cre'me de la cre'me produces picture perfect skin with regenerating, replenishing and repairative virgin, organic rose hips oil. Rose Hips Replenish Face Cre'me also helps those recovering from scarring to the skin. We say nay to ordinary tap water. Our natural cre'me is made with pure Moroccan rose water imparting a feeling of silky rose petals. Pair with Shea Terra Organics' Rose Hips Oil or Argan & Rose Complex Serum. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 2 oz.
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Rose Water & Witch Hazel Hydrating Facial Toner Rose Water & Witch Hazel Hydrating Facial Toner
A healthy diet is a must for young, glowing skin, but it is not enough to ward off environmental damage which cause depigmentation, loss of collagen, sagging skin and more. Cells greatly benefit from a boost of replenishing rose hips to help combat the damage and loss of youthfulness caused by damage and aging. We pack this emollient cre'me with virgin rose hips oil so that your skin gets maximum skin care benefit. Unlike other creams that have 15 plus ingredients (a way to make you feel you are getting more, but actually getting less), our Rose Hips Replenish Cre'me is made with as few ingredients as possible so that you can benefit from a higher concentration of what your skin needs- the rose hips oil. Our luxurious cre'me is made with pure Damask rose water as opposed to recycled tap water. This ensures that we don't add nasty chemicals to our natural cre'me. The Damask rose water provides skin with a silky texture as well as imparts its own anti-aging benefits into the skin.

This light to medium weight cre'me is perfect for younger women or for maturing women who benefit from layering. Use alone as a daily moisturizer to keep skin soft and dewy or pair with one of our nourishing oils/ serums. Pure Lesotho Rose Hips Oil or Argan & Rose Complex are perfect to wear under Rose Hips Replenish Cre'me.

Virgin, Organic Rose Hips Oil: Trans-retinoic acid and essential fatty acids, abundant in rose hip oil, work at cellular level to repair cells and replace vital lipids necessary to replenish dry and aging skin. 

Damask, Moroccan Rose Water: Damask roses from Moroccan desert valleys are distilled into a fragrant water that tone and hydrate skin. Our cre'me is made solely with rose water for the liquid as opposed to recycled tap water which is full of chemicals used to purify water.
Contains only: Damask Moroccan rose water, BCO certified organic rose hips oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, shea nilotica, seabuckthorn oil, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sodium benzoate THAT'S IT!
Massage small amount into freshly cleansed skin. Use daily.
  • 99.7% Natural
  • made with pure rose water (no recycled water)
  • no synthetic fragrance
  • no alcohol
  • no clogging oils
  • no mineral oil
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Good cream; very fragrant though
  Very hydrating, a little goes a long way. I usually take a bit out and warm it in my palms and gently pat on. The only thing is this cream is very smelly. It has a bit of that rose stink and seems to linger for a long time.
  Reviewed by:  J.W. from Asia. on 9/14/2016
Amazing product
  I am in love with this facial creme. I started using the Api Therapy soap for my face last year when my dermatologist told me to buy it. When I ran out I bought another one through the website and I received a sample of this rosehips creme. I immediately fell in love with it and I just ordered me my very first one. I am extremely satisfied with all of the products from Shea Terra. I always recommend them to my friends and now I got two friends hooked on this wonderful creme. It works wonders on my skin and I feel that ever since I started using it I look younger!!!
  Reviewed by:  Karen Zambrano from Miami. on 6/3/2016
Great product
  Originally started shopping Sheaterra for their Argan oil....but because they are so generous with samples I discovered this gem. I was a little nervous initially, didn't want to end up smelling like someone's grandma....but the scent in this moisturizer is gorgeous and not at all overpowering. I love that this is nearly all natural and comes in a dark glass jar to keep the integrity of the product. I have dry, highly sensitive skin, this has caused no issues for me Nor has the olive oil and baobab lotion. Super fast shipping too, ordered Thursday morning...it was here Saturday. Which is great because my samples had run out. Jar seems small, but a little of this goes a long way ladies. And again...got more amazing samples!!!
  Reviewed by:  Shannon Bronzo from Ma. on 3/27/2016
LOVE this moisturizer
  "This stuff is amazing. I have been struggling with oily skin for a couple of years now. This was new to me, I've always had dry skin. Still do. If anyone ever told you that it isn't possible for your skin to be dry and oily in the same place at the same time, THEY LIED. Living proof, right here. I've tried so many different things attempting to combat the way my skin was acting but nothing really made much of a difference. I also have terribly sensitive skin so I'm pretty limited in what I can use. Anyhow, someone gave me a sample of this product because I love rose. And I tried it because I love rose. It smells amazing and isn't terribly overwhelming. It has made such an amazing difference in my skin. It isn't oily. It isn't dry (which has been a major issue in my attempts to eliminate oil). My skin definitely looks and feels so much healthier. A little goes a long way so this is definitely worth the price."
  Reviewed by:  Sydni Vandal from St. Paul, MN. on 3/22/2016
The Best💐
  Wonderful composition- just the perfect blend. Refreshing and balancing- the fragrance is delightful too! I pair this for now with the argan castille mango soap as a face wash. The nilotica shea is great too- still finding out if I'm more of an argan or nilotica girl🌸Thank-you Tammie- very inspirational!
  Reviewed by:  Kelly Pineda from Seattle, Wa.. on 1/20/2016
Repeat Customer
  This rose hips face creme is wonderful. Has a very pretty and soothing scent. Application is very smooth, like butter and feels great, not greasy on the skin.
  Reviewed by:  angela jafari from Virginia. on 12/1/2015
  One of the most hydrating skin moisturizers that I have ever used! And I love the smell- pure rose! This Rose Hips enriched face creme is very moisturizing, and is enriched with great ingredients that benefit your skin. The first time I tried the product was in the morning, after I cleansed my face with the Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash, also from Shea Terra. Then I applied this moisturizer to my skin and massaged it in. I did not have to massage it in that much, and the product absorbed into my skin quickly! It has a fairly lightweight consistency, more to the heavy side, but not almost there yet. Looking at the ingredient list, there are A LOT of beneficial ingredients infused in this face cream! Usually, the first ingredient in skincare products is water, but in this one, it is Moroccan Rose Water. This Rose Water is very hydrating, and keeps my skin plump. Along with that, there is Rose Hips Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Shea Nilotica, which explains the soft skin I had when I felt my forehead. Throughout the day, my skin felt VERY hydrated. I love the natural rose scent and the fact that this moisturizer cooperated with my oily skin rather than leaving it greasy! Thumbs us for Shea Terra Organics!
  Reviewed by:  Alisandra Alzaghtiti from Whitehall, PA . on 11/9/2015
  I have been using this for a few months now. It is a nice compliment to the Rose Hips Black Soap face wash. It helps make my skin nice and soft and my skin tone very even looking. Usually after I apply face cream I expect my face to look a little red and shiny for a while. Not with this! I don't plan on switching my face routine any time soon. I seriously look forward to using this along with the face wash everyday. After spending 5 years of trying countless face washes and creams, it is so nice to know I have finally found the right products for my skin. Thanks Tammie!!
  Reviewed by:  jessica wick from Rockford, IL. on 7/28/2015
Good moisturizer, great ingredients
  I got this face cream as a sample with my order. I was really excited to try this because I have been interested in rose water and rose hips oil and this product incorporates both. Great product! smells like more like dried roses than fresh ones but not unpleasant. I still prefer to moisturize with the oils though! I wish this cream had a natural sunscreen in it! then I would purchase this for sure. Shea Terra, please please make a face cream with suncreen. Overall great product!rich but not greasy, absorbs beautifulluy and wont make you break out.
  Reviewed by:  margarita gil from New York, New York. on 6/8/2015
A really good face moisturizer
  I tried the sample that the company sent to me. It is very rich and creamy. It leaves a really nice shine making your skin look healthy. My skin has not broken out. I am happy with the moisturizer
  Reviewed by:  tesha kurt from Virginia . on 5/22/2015
My facial skin feels fabulous
  While I do not have dry skin, the medication I am using to control my Rosacea causes my facial skin to be very dry and tight feeling in the mornings. The product I was using prior to this one would sting when I applied it on my face. This great product does not sting. I have found with continued use my face does not feel as dry and tight as it use to. In fact, most of this uncomfortable feeling caused by the medication has disappeared. There is a slight rose smell when you first apply the moisturizer that disappears quickly. It is not greasy and my facial skin feels fabulous. I have been using this product for about two years.
  Reviewed by:  Ann Browne from Florida. on 5/3/2015
  I love this moisturizer! I've always had combination skin but I've noticed in the past two years my skin has become more dry. I've struggled with finding a creme that moisturizers well without being too greasy. So far I love the Rose Hips Cre'me. It smells great and leaves my skin hydrated.
  Reviewed by:  Jillian Harrigan from MD. on 4/7/2015
Rose Hips face creme
  I've used this for about a year now and like it, but the last jar I purchased was really different than the previous product - it is thicker and more waxy, and a darker yellow color. It doesn't have a smooth spreading consistency, or a pleasant scent. I hope it is just a messed up batch and not a permanent change in the product. I wouldn't buy it again if it is like this jar.
  Reviewed by:  ami adkins from San Diego. on 4/3/2015
Great for sensitive, oily, highly reactive, inflamed and acne prone skin.
  Tammy first of all thank you for shipping to Puerto Rico and so fast. It arrived in 4 days after putting my order, outstanding! The packaging is really well done. Each product individually bubble wrapped. Plus put in a box full of little foam pieces. I am a Latino man living in the tropics with oily, acne prone, highly reactive and sensitive facial skin. I first tried this in a sample with my first Shea Terra order. It gave me great results. Then I ordered a regular jar on my second order of ST. I've been using this along with the Tamanu and Licorice Face Wash (check out my review of that). I used to sweat oil in my face. These two products got rid of my oily skin. I moisturize twice per day with this and no more oily skin. This jar lasts a long time. And I don't use a little and use it twice per day. I already went through my first bottle of the Tamanu and Licorice Face Wash that I ordered with this jar and I still have more than half of the jar left. Give it a try!!!
  Reviewed by:  Benjamin Roman from Puerto Rico. on 3/23/2015
  This is perfect. So soft and strong and so finely milled. I have never 'needed' a little vat of creamy stuff before. I so need this every day-- I almost want to be stingy with my praise-- what if everyone buys the rise cream and there is no more?!?!
  Reviewed by:  Katherine Roth from NYC. on 3/22/2015
Face Food
  This rejuvenates the skin, making it plump, vibrant, soft and bright. I really love it. I use it at night when needed. A little goes a long way.
  Reviewed by:  Cheri Skaggs from Colorado. on 3/15/2015
Rose Hips Cream
  This is a wonderful product! It moisturizers without being too oily and has a soft rose scent. I have been looking for a rose hip face product that does not have the characteristic fishy smell, which I find intolerable. The cream has an impressive ingredient list and comes in a brown glass jar to protect the product from exposure to light. I use it on my face and neck as well as around my eyes with no irritation. I will definitely be ordering more and look forward to the long term benefits.
  Reviewed by:  Tammy Scheffer from Buffalo, NY. on 3/12/2015
  Peace and Love, This is the best moisturizer I've ever tried. It doesn't clog pores at all. smells great as well.
  Reviewed by:  Obie Hamilton V from Indiana. on 2/6/2015
  Absolutely love this product! Purchased this product after I received a sample from a previous order.Love the smell and how it's super creamy without being greasy.
  Reviewed by:  Anne Samuel from Montreal. on 1/28/2015
Fell in Love
  Once again, I fell in love with a product as a result of a free sample. This cream makes my face feel so velvety soft and the scent is beautiful. I look forward to putting it on at night just so I can smell it. Very good for my delicate facial skin which is getting drier as I age. Seriously wonderful for me. I use it after I cleanse with the Rose Hips and Pink Clay Cleansing bar.
  Reviewed by:  Elizabeth Cullen from WISCONSIN (USA). on 1/18/2015