Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2 n 1 Body Scrub (DARK CHOCOLATE)
Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2 n 1 Body Scrub (DARK CHOCOLATE)
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99.7% Natural. Indulgently rich, fudge brownie like chocolate scrub. Made with pure cacao mass and intoxicating vanilla. Scrubs away dull looking skin while softening it.
Size 8 oz.
Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2 n 1 Body Scrub (DARK CHOCOLATE)
99.7% Natural. Indulgently rich, fudge brownie like chocolate scrub. Made with pure cacao mass and intoxicating vanilla. Scrubs away dull looking skin while softening it.
Size 8 oz.
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Shea Butter 30% Extreme Cre'me (WHITE CHOCOLATE) Shea Butter 30% Extreme Cre'me (WHITE CHOCOLATE)
     Indulge in a calorie-free, anti-aging treat with the cacao super-fruit. Pure, premium dark chocolate softens and protects skin as its delivers its powerful, age-defying anti-oxidants to the epidermis where damage occurs most. So rich and chocolatey, you'll think your scrubbing with a brownie.
     Glycolic acid, contained in natural sugar crystals, uses enzymatic action to break down the bond that holds together dead skin. As active sugar compounds melt into the skin, volcanic stone works away dead skin and discoloration with the power of microdermabrasion.
Contains only: certified organic aloe vera juice, organic chocolate liquor, organic shea butter, natural emulsifying wax, organic sugar, pumice, all natural vanilla extract, naturally based preservative (glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate)
Use daily on hands, feet and body. Apply to wet skin. Massage cream into skin in circular motions as you work away dead skin. Don't rush. Rinse off.
  • made with pure cacao mass (chocolate liquor), not cocoa absolute or cocoa powder- cacao mass is chocolate in its original form before it is seperated into cocoa and cocoa butter
  • made with organic sugar- not chemically treated sugar used by most brands
  • no artificial fragrances used to scent most chocolate products
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Love my chocolate scrub
  My favorite scrub. Nothing like it. It detox my wholebody.
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa Charles from Lake worth. on 8/20/2016
  I absolutely love this sugar body scrub !! I have tried so many others in the past I can't count . This is the BEST ! This is not greasy or oily and does not leave your shower slippery or dangerous . You don't need to scrub your shower out every time you use it . It is a very rough exfoliater that doesn't crumble off the body ... It stays put till you rinse off . No stinging skin from the sugar ! I really love the Chocolate smell !!! I wish they made more products with chocolate scent !!
  Reviewed by:  Cindy Ambrose from Columbus Ohio . on 3/14/2016
Buy this NOW
  This is the most intense chocolate experience you can imagine. I will have to buy 100 of these if they're ever discontinued (please don't!). Not only does this leave your skin baby soft after a scrub, it fills your shower with the aroma of brownie batter. The chocolate smell is so heavenly it can literally cure a craving to eat chocolate. I also felt as if I've indulged in a high calorie treat every time i use this in the shower!
  Reviewed by:  C.R. from Canada . on 2/13/2015
  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Shea Terra's sugar body scrubs! I have a bumpy skin condition (keratosis pilaris) and after 40 years finally found this product to really exfoliate my skin to a buttery softness. I've used salt scrubs in the past, but ultimately found them too drying. I love the dark chocolate, marula, and pineapple scents especially. They all work great, the chocolate is a little stiffer to work with but good.Hoping maybe they will make it a bit creamier perhaps.
  Reviewed by:  angelika schmieding from naples, florida. on 9/23/2014
Dark Chocolate Scrub WOW!
  This scrub smelled so AMAZING when I first opened the jar that I actually wanted to have a taste of it! It left my skin incredibly smooth. I wish they had a dark chocolate body butter so I could enjoy the aroma all day long! I will definitely repurchase.
  Reviewed by:  Olesya Yarovaya from California. on 9/10/2014
Sweet Stuff
  This Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2 n 1 body scrub smells, straight out the jar, like divine dark chocolate mousse. Scooping it out, the sugar grains are a great size (not too big and sharp) and the volcanic rocks add a nice constant grit that keep working to buff your skin after the sugar has melted. This stuff is amazing. My skin has never been so soft and smooth for so long after washing off the scrub (which leaves a brown puddle below your feet which is a little weird at first if you aren't used to darker pigmented scrubs). I give it five stars for how amazingly nourished it leaves my skin; and the smell is great. I really can't smell it after I've washed it off but it's noticeable to others. No one has complained yet, so if you do like a sweeter aroma to your scrubs, it's a good buy. All in all I do enjoy it. I would say, even though it's 8 oz, it mightn't last too long if you use it every day. Regardless, worth it. I'm a happy costumer.
  Reviewed by:  Saskia Corke from US Virgin Islands. on 6/30/2014
Great find
  I happen to stumble onto this site & I am glad I did. I love this scrub and the softness it adds to my skin. I love the smell as well. The only cons are the messiness and the size.
  Reviewed by:  Monica Ceasar from Blakely, GA. on 6/23/2014