Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash
Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash
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100% Natural. The first step to clear and beautiful skin. Wild harvested tamanu oil from the exotic island of Madagascar keeps skin clear with its anti-bacterial power. Licorice root brigthens and softens. Recommended for acne prone and oily skin, but great for all.
Size: 4 oz.
Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash
100% Natural. The first step to clear and beautiful skin. Wild harvested tamanu oil from the exotic island of Madagascar keeps skin clear with its anti-bacterial power. Licorice root brigthens and softens. Recommended for acne prone and oily skin, but great for all.
Size: 4 oz.
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Tamanu E-Repair Face Creme Tamanu E-Repair Face Creme

     Produce remarkably clear, brighter skin with time-tested ingredients. All face washes are not the same. Most are produced with chemicals that do more harm to the skin than good. Shea Terra Organics uses only time-tested ingredients to deliver results. This powerful, skin clarifying formula combines two powerful ingredients in concentration to produce healthier, brighter skin.

     Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash begins on the exotic island nation of Madagascar where Tammie has been purchasing tamanu oil from local producers for nearly a decade. This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory oil kills pathogens which form unsightly skin blemishes. Tamanu oil also encourages new cell growth which produces smoother looking skin.

     The island nation contains a plethora of pharmacopeia which are today in danger of becoming extinct before their medicinal benefits are known to modern scientists. Local populations still search the forests today for natural relief of illnesses and to enhance immunity. Tammies purchase of tamanu oil from local producers helps to give economic value to the forests which encourages their preservation.

     With the advent of chemicals, the multi-uses of one of the worlds most used power herbs was almost completely forgotten. The fibrous root of a woodsy plant, licorice root is now cultivated taking 3-5 years to form deep inside the ground. Anti-inflammatory licorice root soothes and reduces inflammation caused by blemishes. Better yet, licorice root decreases hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase resulting in brighter, even toned skin.

Contains only: certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic coconut cream oil, certified organic tamanu oil, potassium hydroxide (electro-salts), citric acid, licorice root

Apply wash to dampened face. Use fingers to massage wash well into skin. Take your time to work it in. Rinse off with tepid water. Follow up with Shea Terra Organics' natural toners to wipe away soap residue.
  • Chemical free
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Gentle
  • No alchohol
  • Organic ingredients
  • All natural
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My favorite face wash
  Love this face wash. I have sensitive skin prone to redness and some oily areas. That is not an easy combination. This face wash cleanes well without irritating my skin and does not cause breakouts. I don't mind the smell that others point out in reviews, and I don't smell anything after my face is dry.
  Reviewed by:  JACKI DAWURSK from PA. on 9/26/2016
Not Sure
  I really wanted to like this cleanser but it was too harsh for my skin and caused be to break out. I now use it for my makeup brushes.
  Reviewed by:  Vanessa Tate from TX. on 3/28/2016
Must Have!
  Before I review product, permit me first to comment on the excellency of this company. I ordered this product and received it within 3 days. My first shipment was lost/stolen. I called company, spoke with Jessie and once again, I received a duplicate order within 3 days. I have only had this product 4 days, I use it for my evening wash and the black soap for my night wash along with rose hip & carrot serum, kigelia lorice after sun face cream. I also have the Moroccan Lava Rose-Vedic Blemish Relief Face Masque which I have used only once. Since using the products, my face is much brighter and my pores are tighter. I don't believe that you will go wrong with whatever products you choose for your skin conditions.
  Reviewed by:  Teresa Bufford from SC. on 3/21/2016
Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash
  i guess i must be doing wonders i love all the products i get from shea organics,, but the smell i cannot take it .... i have never had a problem with any smell i am not a picky person but this smell is something else next time i will buy another soap for sure .
  Reviewed by:  pablo Demartino from longwood. on 3/13/2016
Works! Smell is worth it!
  Like every other product in the line, it works and leaves your skin better than when you started. I love the way my skin feels and my boyfriend loves his too! I use the morrocan mask with camels milk for breakouts and I actually sleep in the baobob dull skin mask. I swap between the black soap face wash on normal days to this one on hormonal weeks to maintain clear skin only achieved previously with an antibiotic. The aloe gel disinfects and softens while the camels milk lait gets rid of the acne scars should we get lazy! Love every one of these products! Try the tamanu oil too!
  Reviewed by:  Charlotte Baker from Washington, DC. on 11/20/2015
Bye bye Acne
  This is an amazing product which keeps my hormonal acne in check. Leave on for five minutes to soak in and rinse off. Helps this fortysomething resemble a teenager less.
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca Haigh from Minnesota. on 8/30/2015
Gets rid of oily skin and inflamation; calms down folliculitis and acne
  Tammy first of all thank you for shipping to Puerto Rico and so fast. It arrived in 4 days after putting my order, outstanding! The packaging is really well done. Each product individually bubble wrapped. Plus put in a box full of little foam pieces. I am a Latino man living in the tropics with oily, acne prone, highly reactive and sensitive facial skin. In my head I got folliculitis (I buzzed it). I know yay for me. In the past I used Proactive and I must say it worked on my skin. But it was really dried after using it and in the afternoon I would have very oily skin. Stop using Proactive because of misunderstanding in the shipping process. I discovered Shea Terra while searching for another Shea based skin care line. It's been the most awesome product for my skin. At first I was a little skeptical because it's an oil based cleanser and my face would literally sweat oil in the afternoons. But I read all the reviews for the different face products here. I decided for this wash because I didn't see many complaining about drying out the skin. It basically got rid of my super oily skin. No more oily skin in the afternoons. Now I moisturize TWICE per day with the Rose Replenishing Moisturizing and wash my face only ONCE per day and no more oil skin!!!! I was so skeptical to believe this that I waited to start using my third bottle of the wash to write this review. It also works wonders for the folliculitis in my head. Every time I buzzed my head with the electrical razor it gets inflamed, red and bumps. After I buzzed my head I use this wash and after 20 to 30 minutes there's no redness, inflammation and the bumps reduced dramatically. When the hair start growing back I get folliculitis. I wash my head every day with this and it has reduced my folliculitis dramatically. Better than prescribed meds!!! Also it controls my acne incredibly well. I must say I don't have chronic acne like the kind that requires Acutane. But I've been having acne since my teens and now I'm in my 30's. Give it a try.
  Reviewed by:  Benjamin Roman from Puerto Rico. on 3/22/2015
Made my face itch
  I will start out by saying that I have been using Shea Terra Organics Moroccan Argon Oil for about 2 years now and I will forever use it. I ordered several products to try out for the first time a few weeks ago and the Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash was one of them. I have only used it twice and I haven't used it in over a week and my face still itches from it. My face has cleared up so much just after 2 washes but I am scared to use it again. The product is not a bad product, and it cleared my face significantly like it promised but be careful on sensitive skin. I would say to only use it once a week to start out. And the smell is pretty bad too, but being pretty ain't pretty!
  Reviewed by:  Karlyn Williams from Mobile, Alabama. on 2/23/2015
Silky Smooth
  So far I highly enjoy this product, i struggle with acne and discoloration, and this face wash leaves my skin smooth and evens out my skin tone.
  Reviewed by:  Aishah Sims from California. on 1/7/2015
This stuff works!
  My acne has cleared up significantly (I'm 39) and so has my daughter's (12 yrs old) in just a couple of weeks. It does not smell pleasant, but the results are worth dealing with the scent for a few minutes. This is the 3rd face wash of SheaTerra's that I've used and though I like them all, none of them are good at removing makeup. I go in with the Argan and Rosemary after washing and my cotton pad is saturated with makeup. Pretty gross. That stuff works great at removing makeup, so get yourself some of that if you wear foundation. Overall happy with this and will order again.
  Reviewed by:  Cheri Skaggs from Colorado. on 12/20/2014
  I've been using the Rose Hips Black Soap, but after a few months found it REALLY drying out my face. I noticed the description for this soap said this is a better alternative if you find that happening with the black soap, and it is! My acne is caused by my skin being too dry, plus stress, this soap helps SO MUCH! I will definitely keep it in my shower from now on.
  Reviewed by:  Lauren Sepanski from Los Angeles. on 10/10/2014
Amazing cleanser!
  I absolutely love this face wash. I actually prefer it over the Rose Hips Black Soap. That's a nice cleanser as well, just this one works better on my skin. A little about me, I'm 22, have combination/sensitive skin. I have acne scaring as well. This cleanser brightens my face, reduces the discoloration, redness, and amount of breakouts. It can be a little on the drying side, but I just make sure to apply enough moisturizer and some oil. Or alternate this wash with the Rose Hips or Tamanu Clay Bar. You do have to use it as directed to reap the full benefits.
  Reviewed by:  Andrea Lomeli from Arizona. on 10/6/2014
Clears blemishes
  This product definitely turned my breakout prone skin around. I have less blemishes and softer skin. Just don't get in the eyes. I use a different eye makeup remover.
  Reviewed by:  Rebecca Linebaugh from Greensburg. on 8/16/2014
You made my husband into a believer!
  The world's largest sceptic is now 100% sold on this product. My husband has suffered for 50 years with acne, trying every product on the market from physician prescribed to over-the-counter. Nothing worked, until he tried this. RESULTS: Outbreaks -decreased frequency, shorter duration, and most often flare-ups are gone over-night. Overall his skin is greaseless, complexion is even, redness eliminated, "bumps" reduced. His face and neck are tighter with lines markedly reduced - no more turkey neck! Amazingly this product is gentle enough for his super-sensitive reactive skin. I bought 2 more bottles to keep him stocked.
  Reviewed by:  Katherine Levine from Connecticut. on 8/14/2014
Acne B Gone!
  I purchased this after my sister introduced me to another Shea Terra product, hoping that it would help with my acne. I've always had fairly clear skin until the birth of my son, and I was very frustrated with my inability to clear up my skin. I tried 3-4 different products, but this is the one that finally cleared my skin up. I love that it has almost no scent at all and that it works so well!
  Reviewed by:  Sara Thompson from Colorado. on 8/12/2014
  My skin feels great after using this cleanser, but the scent is unpleasant- extremely earthy and pungent. I haven't used it long enough to fairly rate it's effectiveness. The smell alone might be enough to prevent me from using the whole bottle.
  Reviewed by:  Tammy Nester from PA. on 7/29/2014
  Combined with the clarisonic mia 2 with product is just amazing. My skin is lighter, clearer, & softer even after just one use :3
  Reviewed by:  Rhonda Walker from USA. on 7/13/2014
miracle in a bottle :)
  I have had acne for over 10 years of my life and as an adult its hard because I have combo skin so its hard to get rid of the acne without over drying and this does the trick ! I'm in love with the face wash along with the original african black soap and the deep pore wash . Theese 3 have really made a difference in my skin and I will repurchase all 3 !
  Reviewed by:  erika schetlick from paterson nj. on 7/11/2014
  ! I am a huge fan of the Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash, so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this. I am thrilled that I tried it! I go to the Tamanu & Licorice Clarifying Face Wash on bad skin days or whenever I want to feel super clean and fresh before going out. Shea Terra facial cleansers have something special that makes skin look better after one use. I recently took a 5-day trip and made sure to bring both of the facial washes with me because I now consider both 100% essential. I am a spa manger and have only ordered the Rose Hip Soap in the past. After trying it myself, not only did I add it to our order, but increased the number of both washes.
  Reviewed by:  M.A.H. from Fort Lauderdale. on 6/18/2014
Best face wash I've tried
  I have been battling acne for over a decade (23 now) and this is the first organic fash wash that has actually helped cleared up my skin. THOUGH, if you suffer from severe/recurring acne this is not the cure. You are most likely breaking out from internal issues.. which I have come to find, certain foods (wheat/dairy) gives me painful cystic acne. But with the diet change I went through in conjunction with using this product, I will tell you that this wash helped cleared/healed my skin faster. Left my skin feeling tighter, smoother and clean without stripping the essentials off. It MAY be drying to people with dry skin so use accordingly. For me, I love it, I use it in the evening and use Tamanu-E Regenerating Face Creme afterwards and when I wake up, my face is SO soft and smooth!!
  Reviewed by:  nattha ninlavong from Tampa, Florida. on 5/7/2014