The Original African Black Soap Body Wash (Lemongrass)
The Original African Black Soap Body Wash (Lemongrass)
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Description100% Natural Formula. Genuine African black soap kills blemish and acne causing bacteria. African black soap markedly decreases wrinkles by breaking down old skin, revealing younger skin underneath. Scroll down to read more. 

Size: 16 oz.
The Original African Black Soap Body Wash (Lemongrass) 100% Natural Formula. Genuine African black soap kills blemish and acne causing bacteria. African black soap markedly decreases wrinkles by breaking down old skin, revealing younger skin underneath. Scroll down to read more. 

Size: 16 oz.
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Authentic African Black Soap Authentic African Black Soap
Warning: Beware of imitation black soap products dyed black but containing no therapeutic benefits.
     A very long time ago, no one knows exactly how long ago it was, a West African tribe, believed to have descended from Egypt, created a phenomenal formula that would change the world of skin care forever. Before running water and modern day cleansers people often suffered from crippling skin diseases and parasites. The Yorubans, known for their medicinal knowledge of herbs, formulated a powerful cleansing agent that not only got rid of diseases and infections but also prevented them.
     Today authentic African black soap has entered the anti-aging market as the most powerful, all natural anti-aging cleanser on the market. Black soap's ability to break down layers of dead skin revealing smooth, young skin beneath without the use of harsh chemicals has made authentic African black soap a choice for spa treatments. Its ability to eradicate blemish causing bacteria creates smoother, more acne free skin.
Contains only: Spring water, cert. organic sunflower oil, Yoruba black soap (cocoa pod ash, plantain peel ash, palm kernel oil, camwood bark),  cert. organic virgin coconut oil, potassium hydroxide(positively charged salts that turn oil and water into soap), Kalahari mineral salts (softens water, detoxifies and softens skin), lemongrass essential oil
Use daily: Apply wash directly to skin. Allow to set 5-10 minutes. Use a cloth or scrubber to work away dead skin.
  • 100% Natural formula
  • Authentic black soap- beware of imitations
  • natural anti-aging formula
  • natural anti-acne formula

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Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Love this black soap . It definitely helps with skin issues without drying out the skin . I just wish it was in a different scent . I'm not crazy about the lemongrass and I really don't like the mint . But I do love the soap
Reviewed by: Cindy Ambrose from Columbus Ohio . on 3/14/2016
Love this soap with the exception of the viscosity, which would not be a problem except when used with a shower puff. It is a little too thick and one tends to use a little too much in order to feel as though there is sufficient lather.
Reviewed by: Judi Lackey from Holly Mi. on 1/3/2016
Super-natural beauty
Excellent product and wonderful ingredients. Keep them coming!
Reviewed by: Serena Stornaiuolo from FL. on 11/9/2014
Great product for those who are in a hurry every morning!
Since Im always in a hurry, the fact that I can use this for both my face and body in the shower is a huge plus! Also I love the smell of this face/body wash and so does my family. The only down side would be the size. Possibly you could start carrying your Body Washs in 16oz or 32oz sizes? Id much rather buy one large bottle, than have to purchase several smaller ones. Just a suggestion. Other than that, this product is a must in my house from now on!
Reviewed by: Cinthia Pettis from Shelton Washington. on 6/10/2014
It's wonderful!
I love this body wash. I use it from head to toe. It works wonders to keep my hair flake free and my face clear of adult acne. I had searched a long time and wasted lots of money on natural products that made claims they didn't live up to; so I was skeptical about this product and would not write a review until I had used product for over 6 months. Now I can honestly say that for me, this worked beyond my expectations. Thank you for a great natural product.
Reviewed by: Joan Harmon from Maryland. on 5/26/2014
my favorite!
I love this body wash. I wanted something natural and healthy with no unnecessary chemicals or additives and this wash has been wonderful. I love the lemongrass fragrance and my skin feels so clean. I've had red bumps on my arms for years but now my arms are smooth and bump free. I highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by: Sebia Petrovich from Northern CA. on 4/29/2014
IT was awesome
I always have hard time scrubbing my dead skin off..but when i used this and followed the instruction..and after i rinse it off i realize i can start scrubbing my dead skin off easily...i will deffinitely continue buy this one again :)
Reviewed by: Mai Yang from merced. on 2/20/2014
Sssoooo Refreshing!
I love using this body wash in the morning. It's like getting a double dose of morning aroma therapy, and beautiful skin at the same time. I love that the black soap body washes all have that mild and silky lather to them. This scent is very mild and makes a great unisex wash. Be sure to pair this one up with the lemongrass and shea butter spay on body and hair oil. They both make your body feel amazing separately, but divine together!
Reviewed by: Celeste Smith from Urbana, Illinois. on 1/1/2014
Smells like lemons, not lemongrass
I have this and the black soap bar. I use the bar more, since this product is a little thick and harder to use on a bath poof without using a lot. But it smells great, I hate the smell of lemongrass, but its more of a lemon, clean smell.
Reviewed by: Kimberly King from DC. on 8/6/2013