Authentic African Black Soap
Authentic African Black Soap
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100% Natural. NO Dye added. Our African Black Soap in bar form is made with REAL African Black Soap from Nigeria. There is no dye or charcoal needed for our original African Black Soap Bar. Use African Black Soap for smooth, blemish free skin. Ancient formula naturally breaks down dead skin revealing firmer, younger looking skin with a glow.
Size: Approx. 4.5 oz.
Authentic African Black Soap
100% Natural. NO Dye added. Our African Black Soap in bar form is made with REAL African Black Soap from Nigeria. There is no dye or charcoal needed for our original African Black Soap Bar. Use African Black Soap for smooth, blemish free skin. Ancient formula naturally breaks down dead skin revealing firmer, younger looking skin with a glow.
Size: Approx. 4.5 oz.
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100% Pure Raw African Black Soap 100% Pure Raw African Black Soap
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    Accept no imitations. No natural product performs better to improve and decrease aging of the skin. This ancient formula produces firm, blemish free skin that looks fresher and younger than ever. It works like micro-dermabrasion without the side effects.
     Authentic African Black Soap is still made today by the people of the Yoruban tribe located in Nigeria. It is believed that this tribe brought their herbal wisdom with them from their original Egyptian homeland. Secret black soap formulas are carefully guarded as they are passed down through generation. The soap is based on the ancient art of ash treatment finding a revival of interest today. As difficult as it is to obtain genuine African black soap it is no wonder so many imitations exist, even in Africa itself. In the US some companies add black dye to regular glycerin or triple milled soaps. These soaps do not possess the medicinal qualities of Authentic African Black Soap. Genuine African black soap is originally black although brown variations exist in neighboring countries and tribes. Even brown soaps with white specks can be found, but this is made using modern soap making methods combined with wood ash.
     Shea Terra Organics incorporates the black soap ash into healing oils and cures them into hard bars of soap. Due to the way black soap is made, the soap itself is slightly abrasive which makes for an excellent body scrub. The soap works superbly for those back and shoulder acne.
Contains only: USDA certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, African black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm oil, camwood), 24% USDA certified organic shea butter, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide
Use daily for maximum results. Soap may be a little drying at times. Simply apply one of our moisturizing creams, oils or shea nilotica for glowing, younger looking skin.
Body: Lather bar on skin. For best results leave on a few minutes before rinsing off.
Face: Lather bar in hand. Apply lather to face. Leave on as mask for approximately five minutes. Repeat for best results.
  • 100% natural
  • Genuine black soap- no dye
  • ancient herbal formula
  • micro-dermabrasion benefits without the side effects
  • firms skin- skin looks years younger
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Wife Loves This Stuff...
  Site where wife usually orders Soap from was on BackOrder and Out of Stock for quite some time and in need of soap. Order directly from manufacturer and arrived very quickly.
  Reviewed by:  Cary Shearston from Co. on 7/24/2015
so far, so good....
  Ive received this soap 2 days ago and all i can say is the first time ive used it i felt my skin clearer than ever has been and with this youthful glow...i have oily/sensitive skin prone to pimples with hormonal flutuations and it seems be helping with that too! i want to try the rose hips black soap also and see how much of diference it makes!
  Reviewed by:  Catarina Mateus from Lisbon, Portugal . on 6/17/2015
Didn't disappoint!
  Reading all these reviews I had high expectations of this product and I am proud to say it did not disappoint me. The soap works wonders on my skin! My skin feels sooo clean after use, and I can see immediate improvements with my skin tone. It also helps clear and prevent breakouts. Seriously, I notice my blemishes being less noticeable after one use! My ONLY issue with this product is that it slightly dries my skin.. but nothing that can't be fixed with a little moisturizer. Overall very satisfied and will definitely be purchasing again!
  Reviewed by:  Kristy Brant from Ontario, Canada. on 6/9/2015
Want to feel really clean?
  I will never give up using this product! Nothing feels better than having squeaky-clean skin. Literally, it squeaks. When you first lather up with it, it looks like you've just changed a car tire or dug in the garden, but rinses clean and smooth and you'll be spoiled forevermore. I use the bar form on my body and face in the shower, the liquid on my face at night, and I've also used the granules mixed with water as an exfoliant. It's all wonderful, but this bar is very easy to use and lasts a super long time...AND IT'S ONLY EIGHT BUCKS!
  Reviewed by:  Lisa Lefebvre from Arizona. on 5/5/2015
  this soap is just the best thing that ever happened to my pretty face!everything else is just bs! go and get you some!
  Reviewed by:  angela dassas from montreal, canada. on 4/27/2015
  This soap is one of the regimens recommended in the ebook Skintervention, for use after coconut oil make-up removing step. Since I do not have a lot of time to dedicate to making my own products/mixes and I do suffer from acne prone skin I purchased this bar. I love the way my skin feels after use. I have left it on for up to 5 minutes as recommended by the instructions for use; however, I find that to be a bit drying. So, I lather on my skin for approximately 1 min, let it sit for 2 minutes and then rinse off. I would highly recommend this product to anyone moving to a more natural skin care regimen with acne prone skin.
  Reviewed by:  Kristy Reece from Texas. on 4/25/2015
Love This Soap
  I have bought this soap repeatedly. I use it to wash my face and it leaves my face feeling clean without drying it out.
  Reviewed by:  Beth Billups from Georgia. on 3/19/2015
The best soap!!!
  This is the best soap cleared up my ache and makes your skin feel amazing!
  Reviewed by:  Jessica Lum from Peoria Az. on 3/14/2015
The real deal
  I'm loving this soap so much. I don't break out as long as I use this soap. I've never left it on for five minutes (I'm lazy), but for one to two and it works great.
  Reviewed by:  Ki'Andra Broner from Austin. on 1/18/2015
Favorite facial soap
  I use a variety of the Shea Terra soaps, and this is my favorite for cleaning and clearing up my skin. Great all natural soap.
  Reviewed by:  Chandra Collins from Florida. on 1/17/2015
Takes Practice
  I ordered the African Black Soap bar after reading raving reviews about it clearing acne. After a few weeks of practice with the soap, I have seen a change in the quality of my skin and improved acne! It just takes a while to get use to it and how it works with your skin. I over used it one week, amd the next I didn't use it enough. But it is a great product. I plan on reordering this product for my body and then trying the liquid black soap and rose hips for my face!
  Reviewed by:  Megan Kuhn from Ohio. on 12/9/2014
The Best Black Soap EVER!
  I have tried several black soaps and this is my favorite. It naturally kills all the icky zit causing bacteria on your face without drying it out too much. These bars also last a long time. It is worth sending away for this black soap even though I can get other at the health food store. Have used your liquid black soap with the rose hips but like this one better!
  Reviewed by:  Margaret Duran from Colorado. on 12/3/2014
Excellent Soap
  This soap is the best. I use it about 3x a week and my skin is smooth and squeaky clean. It's great as a body soap too. Highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:  Cindy Hilliard from Southern California. on 10/30/2014
Authentic African Black Soap
  This authentic NATURAL African black soap works wonderfully on my 54 yr old face. I use it with my ARIA Clarisonic Brush. Africans although poor, they have beautiful skin so I wanted benefit from their simple but very effective product and also contribute to empowering their communities financially. I recommend highly women save themselves precious dollars and use Shea Terra Organics products because they work all without any weird chemicals. Use the monies save to invest in your makeup brand, clothes, shoes, etc!
  Reviewed by:  Shirley from N Suburbs, IL. on 10/28/2014
Medical Assistant
  I purchased this soap for my 13 yr old daughter because she had started getting break outs in her t zone area. After only 3 days of use, her face was almost completely clear. She loves the soap and I'm very pleased with the price and the results.
  Reviewed by:  Sonya Gallagher from Niles, MI. on 10/28/2014
Love It
  This product is amazing. I have sensitive skin and have had a problem with acne ever since I was a teenager. No products really worked for me to keep my skin consistently clearer and this African Black Soap has really been working for me. People say it smells bad but the smell is really small and you get over it anyways, it does not stay on your skin. You can use it as a mask or to wash your face. This is my experience: - Gets all my make up off - My face feels very clean - It really speeds up the healing time of pimples - After I dry my face, I can feel my skin being tighter and firmer - Helps dry out existing pimples -My face has been much brighter -Makes skin very soft It makes my skin feel a bit dry but as soon as I put moisturizer on my skin feels great.
  Reviewed by:  Ali Pasha from Maryland. on 10/28/2014
A miracle in a bar
  I have a dreadful skin problem caused by my auto-immune system. I've had it for years. It leaves me with large scars with multiple layers of scar tissue. Sometimes one sore will take a year to heal. I have been to many doctors, including specialist, to no avail. Then God directed me to Shea Terra. I bought the African Black Soap based on the promises made on the website. I saw an immediate difference in my skin. I have been using it for a year or more now. All the sores have healed and the raised scar tissue is now smooth. I have recommended this soap to many others, two of which have my same condition, and they all saw the same astounding results. Several are now regular customers of ST. I also use it on my face and have seen major improvements in my skin there as well. I'm 61 and everyone has been remarking that I look like I'm 20 years younger. This is truly a miracle in a bar. Thanks for sourcing it for us Tammie!
  Reviewed by:  L.C. from Southeastern Coast USA. on 10/28/2014
Love, love love this!
  I haven't used any other cleanser or product since purchasing this quite a while back and my skin is clean, smooth, and the best its ever looked. I wish the bigger block was still available that's how far back I bought it and still have a good bit left. For me, it's easier to have that amount and I can share it. I highly recommend this and many more items I have from Shea. I haven't purchased from anyone since I started shopping here, and I never will. The oils are the best, the aloe is the best, the soaps are the best, I love, love, love everything I have ever gotten here and will never switch.
  Reviewed by:  Irene Connarton from boston. on 10/15/2014
  I really like this soap for celaning my face morning and evening. I does clean well. If i have long lasting makeup on it still leaves sime residue unless i scrub a lot. I used it on y eyes and it does get the makeup off but it has little abrasive stuff in it that can really hurt your eyes. I actually got red eyes from these granules getting in there. They should say don't use around eyes on the box! I hope it helps with my daughter's acne since i bought one for her also, but it is too soon to tell! Overall i like the feel of my face after use and i have combo skin,
  Reviewed by:  Mahtab Mesbahi from Ca. on 10/4/2014
  I can feel my skin getting softer everytime I use it. Great for when you have itchy rashes, insect bites, etc
  Reviewed by:  Judith Marson-Rogers from NYC. on 9/10/2014