MOROCCAN MENTHE VANILLA Argan & Olive Anti-aging Hand & Body Lotion
MOROCCAN MENTHE VANILLA Argan & Olive Anti-aging Hand & Body Lotion
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99.7% Natural. Unleash the powers of anti-aging, squalene rich argan and extra virgin olive oils to reverse signs of aging and decrease moisture loss. Made with an all natural, invigorating blend of mint essential oil and real vanilla.
8 oz.
    Reverse and slow signs of aging with the beauty secrets used by Berber women for thousands of years. As the skin ages it loses its ability to produce enough squalene causing skin to become dry, brittle and wrinkled. Argan and olive oils combined provide skin with their own natural plant squalene. Unable to grow anywhere else in the world, Moroccan argan oil is a treasured, anti-aging serum known little outside of Morocco. Although long loved by Europeans across the Mediterranean, the amazing properties of argan are just now receiving international recognition. A distant relative of shea butter, argan oil works in similar age-defying ways. The oil is rich in vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids.
     This rich, nutritive lotion contains a whopping 15% combination of argan and nourishing extra virgin olive oil to produce an emollient lotion that repairs damaged and prevents moisture loss and drying for hours. When used daily, skin will show obvious signs of repair and become plumper and healthier looking within days. 
     The scent of this anti-aging lotion reminds Tammie of the nights she would drink fresh mint tea in the open market in Marrakesh. She and her children would travel by bus in the evening to eat in the open market that came to life only at night. Glasses were lined with fresh mint leaves and sugar cubes waiting to be brought to life with hot water from ornate silver pots. The cooling, refreshing tea is the national drink of Morocco and helps cool the body in the heat of the Moroccan desert. A touch of vanilla brings out the sweetness in this invigorating anti-aging lotion.
Contains only: pure spring water, organic argan oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, natural emulsifying wax, peppermint essential oil, pure vanilla, naturally-based preservative (glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate)
Use daily on hands, feet and body. Not recommended for face. Massage generous amounts of lotion into skin. Due to the thick quality of this product the lotion may initially be difficult to pump. Simply place bottle in very hot water for approximately 3 minutes. Shake and pump.
  • 99.7% natural
  • naturally-based preservative is approved for organic certfied products
  • 100% naturally scented- no synthetic fragrances which cause allergies and headaches
  • pure spring water- no recycled water found in other brands
  • made with large amounts of nutritive oils (not 1-5% found in other brands)
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