100% Pure Egyptian Amaranth Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Nile Grown)

Item ID: FC0128
100% Super Natural. Pure, cold pressed Amaranth Extra Virgin Oil performs miracles on skin. Dry skin, aging skin, sagging skin benefit from the powers of Amaranth Extra Virgin Oil. Roll over argan oil. Amaranth Extra Virgin Oil is replete with squalane and vitamin E. Amaranth Extra Virgin Oil provides skin with a nourishing treatment against harsh weather and signs of aging. Massage into face, under eyes and even on lips and nails. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 2 oz.
Who should use this oil: This oil is high linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids. It is a rich, emollient oil perfect for dry and mature skin types. Normal skin may also use the oil for its nourishing properties. 

An ancient grain, amaranth is an important source of more than just food. Thousands of tiny grains produce a nutrient rich oil with amazing anti-aging properties. Rich in plant squalane and vitamin E, amaranth oil nourishes dry and maturing skin. Amaranth oil is bold, not afraid to be thick and emollient. Yet, it won't clog pores (when applied lightly on freshly cleansed skin). If oils like argan have failed your dry skin, Egyptian Amaranth Cold Pressed Oil will certainly soften and improve hydration levels of skin. Try this amazing oil on crow's feet, lips and under the neck. Are your hands always dry? Egyptian Amaranth Cold Pressed Oil will sink into skin and soften hands without leaving a greasy feel.