100% Pure Egyptian Pomegranate Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Nile Grown)

Item ID: FC9696

100% Super Natural. Nothing but cold pressed, extra virgin pomegranate seed oil. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Egyptian Pomegranate Extra Virgin Oil is brimming with pomega-5, a unique fatty acid (omega-5). Egyptian Pomegranate Extra Virgin Oil nourishes and protects skin from free radical scavengers. Daily use decreases the appearance of damage and wrinkles. Egyptian Pomegranate Extra Virgin Oil should be used on daily to improve moisture level. Egyptian Pomegranate Extra Virgin Oil leaves skin glowing and healthier looking. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 2 oz. 

The pomegranate has long been revered as the symbol of beauty and fertility in Egypt. The fruit’s juice was drunk religiously to help cleanse the body and deter aging. Eating pomegranates were believed to improve fertility. And due to their elixir effect on the body, perhaps eating pomegranates really did improve fertility. While ancient civilizations may have valued the fruit itself, it is the oil that has won center stage in the 21st century.

Egyptian Pomegranate Seed Oil is light and highly absorbent. Studies on cold pressed pomegranate oil has revealed several unique properties not found in other oils. Egyptian pomegranate seed oil’s high level of omega-5 fatty acid in the form of punicic acid, tocopherols, ellagaic acid and flavonoids helps offerskin the following amazing properties:

·       Helps with cellular turnover and helps protects cells from environmental damage.
·       Can greatly improve the moisture retention of cells.
·       Aids with an increase in collagen production and elasticity in the skin
·       Helps nourish skin with anti-aging tocopherols.
·       Can offer some protection against UVA and UVB sun damage.
·       Ellagic acid is a tyrosinase inhibitor helping to decrease hyperpigmentation of skin.
·       Helps balance skin’s Ph.
·       Helps detoxify skin, great for those with acne. 

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