African Aloe & Devil's Claw After Shave (alcohol-free) MAN CARE

African Aloe & Devil's Claw After Shave (alcohol-free) MAN CARE
African Aloe & Devil's Claw After Shave (alcohol-free) MAN CARE
Item ID: FC1156
Super Natural Formula! Razor cuts, blemishes, slow healing, discoloration? No problemo! Super hero ingredients in this concentrated formula combat after shaving issues fast. Witch hazel, real African aloe and devil's claw come to the rescue for healthier and clearer skin. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 4 oz. 
If slapping alcohol and synthetic chemicals on your face after a close shave isn't your thing, then you are looking at the one product that can revolutionize your skin forever. Some of the world's most powerful ingredients are combined to produce this after shave formulated to smooth and soothe skin after each assault with the razor. The hero ingredient in this alcohol free formula is African aloe, considered to be the world's most active aloe. This indigenous, protected plant is traditionally used on cuts, burns and blemishes, far exceeding the recovery rate of aloe vera. Replacing alcohol in this formula is a highly concentrated witch hazel, alcohol-free distillate. Devil's claw, used traditionally for pain relief, is rich in harpagoside. The claw like root is added for its skin rejuvenating ability. Men like to smell good after they shave. We got it. Well what if your face could smell as amazing as it felt? Instead of adding synthetic fragrance to this already phenomenal after shave, we've added wild black frankincense and Himba myrrh essential oils.