Argan Gold Vitamin E Skin Oil DRY SKIN RESCUE

Item ID: FC9931
Natural Formula. Want even more vitamin E from your daily argan oil? Providing argan oil since 2003, we've selected the best quality oil in Morocco. Research showed that the region we sourced Argan Gold oil from is higher in vitamin E than along the coast where most argan oil is sourced. We've added a healthy dose of sunflower derived, soy-free vitamin E to boost the skin nutrient properties of the tocopherols found in Argan Gold. Apply to face, lips, nails and cuticles for healthy, glowing skin. Scroll down to read more. 

Size 2 oz. 
Glowing, healthy skin begins only with the highest quality ingredients. By now just about everyone knows how amazing argan oil is for the skin. It sinks right in making the skin feel baby soft. But argan oil ranges vastly in terms of quality. When I launched argan oil in America in 2003 I had to discover this the hard way. Even in Morocco argan oil is often cut with sunflower oil to extend the costly oil. The oil quality of oil between regions also vastly differentiates. On my early quest for superior argan oil I came across a study which led me to the interior of the argan forest. The difference in quality could be clearly differentiated merely by looking at the fruit. The fruit in the protected Atlas Mountains grew nearly twice the size of that grown along the coast where majority of argan oil comes from. This particular study had also found that the argan oil produced in this region had proven to have a much higher value of vitamin E than that from the coast. My quest led me to a small producer in the mountains which had been producing argan oil from one generation to the next. We have been purchasing our argan oil exclusively from this producer for many years now. To enhance the level of natural vitamin E in our Argan Gold extra virgin, hand pressed oil, we've added all natural vitamin E extracted exclusively from sunflower, not soy. 

  • Improves skin tone
  • Softens skin
  • Protects against moisture loss
  • Improves smoothness of skin
  • Softens and protects and lips
  • Perfect for nail growth and cuticles