Argan, Zafron & Camel's Milk Brightening Lait Cre'me

Item ID: FC7007
Super Natural. Help brighten and plump skin with the powers of 3 ancient beauty secrets. Far more concentrated than cow's milk, camel's milk provides skin with a powerful boost of lactic acid to help brighten skin as it breaks down dull skin. Genuine Moroccan saffron (not Spanish safflower) aids in brightening skin. The two work to beautify skin as organic argan oil and pure, organic aloe vera juice (not recycled water) give cells a boost of ultra-hydration. The result is often glowing skin that is lush, soft and dewy. Sweetened with a kiss of bitter almond. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.

Exotic caravans and open spice markets are where you are likely to find the ingredients for this skin brightening lait cre'me. Tammie has long had a fascination with camels. She spent years tracking down a source for pure camel's milk. She even spent time on camel back with her children through the Sahara as the Bedouin fed them the delicious, strength giving milk. Producing only about a liter and a half a day, camel's milk is costly even in local markets. It contains lactic acid which breaks down de-pigmented skin to help even skin tone. The nourishing milk provides skin with vitamins and calcium as well.

In search of the world's most expensive spice, Tammie traveled into the saffron region of Morocco. There she met up with a friendly trader with light skin and a child with blue eyes. She immediately recognized the features from trade routes dating all the way back to Iran. Generations later, offspring of original saffron traders from Iran had now settled into a blooming crocus village where hundreds of pounds of this costly "spice" is now produced. Each crocus produces only two strands of saffron which is harvested in only a few days once a year. From all around the village the producers bring their dried strands to the jolly man to sell at his shop. He prepared her family a cup of delicious saffron tea before Tammie departed with a stash of saffron secured in her luggage. Those strands are now available in this exotic face cream. The anti-bacterial "spice" has long been revered for the glowing effect it can impart to the skin.

82% certified organic ingredients, this lait cre'me is made with a combination of pure aloe leaf juice and argan nut oil. This lait cre'me is light enough for day wear.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

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