Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Shampoo & Bath Bar

Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Shampoo & Bath Bar
Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Shampoo & Bath Bar
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100% Natural. Organic Ingredients. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. No Numbing Agent. No SLS. No synthetic ingredients. Pure Spring water. Created by a mom of 14 for your baby and family. Emollient monkey bread oil and Shea Nilotik' shea butter combine to caress and gently cleanse baby's skin. Unlike liquid, natural cleansers, which can give eyes a terrible burn, this solid bar cleans without running. And so your conscience is as green as your baby, you will be happy to know this butter is from eco-friendly sources. Shea Nilotik' shea butter is cold pressed from nuts purchased from the women in Northern Uganda. Our monkey bread oil is made by a small group of women in Tanzania. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: approx. 4 oz. 
Monkeys' "love" monkey bread as much as they love bananas. They climb high up in ancient baobab trees and break open the green furry shells to dig out the white "bread" inside. "Yum, yum," say the monkeys. But don't eat all the monkey bread. We need some seeds to make precious monkey bread oil to help keep baby's skin soft and supple.
Tammie sourced only the best ingredients to make this gentle shampoo and bath bar. A mom of 14, Tammie knows how important safe ingredients are. Years in the making, she made sure that only the highest quality ingredients make it into her baby collection. Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Shampoo & Bath Bar begins with monkey bread oil from a women's collaborative in Tanzania. Rich in oleic acid, monkey bread oil helps keep baby's fragile skin soft. To this, she adds a creamy, organic shea butter from Uganda. Cold pressed and virgin, Shea Nilotik' shea butter never undergoes boiling, frying or refining. These two super emollient ingredients are cooked in small batches to make a gentle soap that caresses baby's skin while washing away all the yuckies! This solid bar won't give baby a terrible sting like liquid soaps do. To make sure baby smells absolutely delectable, Tammie adds all natural banana extract for your little wild one. 

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