Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash

Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash
Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash
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Black Seed Face Wash made with genuine black seed oil, calendula flowers in spring water to naturally and gently cleanse facial skin.
Black Seed Face Wash made with genuine black seed oil, calendula flowers in spring water to naturally and gently cleanse facial skin.

100% Super Natural. If you are looking for a gentle wash without all the chemicals and synthetic fragrances, your look is over. Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash helps get skin super clean and banishes blemishes without leaving skin feeling stripped or leaving the annoying film that store brands do. Our premium wash is kettle cooked in small batches from fresh ingredients including organic Egyptian black seed oil and golden calendula. Made with pure spring water, never recycled tap water. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 4 oz.

Want to wash your skin with something nourishing and gentle rather than something made from toxic chemicals or ingredients a result of green washing? Our Black Seed Calendula Face Wash is the perfect fit for you. We've combined two of the most anti-inflammatory, reparative ingredients together to support skin as it washes the debris away. A lot of "natural" washes are made from "natural" derivatives from vegetable sources that actually use chemicals to modify them. These "green-washed" cleansers are in many of the stores that you shop in. Not here at Shea Terra Organics. We start with only the best organic ingredients and kettle cook them at our factory with pure spring water to make a wash which is more eco-friendly and more skin friendly, too.

In ancient Egypt, as it is today, the black seed has played a significant role in herbal medicine. This pungent oil is revered for its anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties. The oil is very powerful yet gentle enough for almost everyone to use. We've combined our organic, Egyptian black seed oil with whole petals of golden calendula to make a wash that helps comfort the skin as it deep cleans. Calendula is highly prized for its ability to help soothe inflamed skin as it encourages healthy cell repair.

Our kettle cooked wash is made with pure spring water. We are currently the only company that we know that cares enough to cart in pure spring water for our customers. Using recycled tap water (disguised by many terms) is laden with chemicals. How natural is your natural product when it is made with chemical laden water? Sometimes companies hide the fact that the number one ingredient in their product is water by using terms like aquaeous extract of such and such. This is not only dishonest, but it is also against FDA guidelines. They take a little bit of a shea leaf or what have you, and mix it with a bunch of water. Strain it and then call it an aquaeous extract when in reality the actual herb would be listed down at the bottom of the ingredients and water would be number one on the list. We don't do this. What you see on our label is what you get.

What, there is hydroxide in my soap? Yes there is and don't you forget it! Hydroxide is created by electrifying salt (in simple terms). It is in ALL soap. Every single soap except for our genuine African black soap powder. Many "natural" companies don't want you to know that it is in their product so they disguise it, or leave it off their label altogether. They might say saponified oils of, for example. That means hydroxide,was used to change water and oil into soap. According to some of these labels you should be able to mix oil and water together and get soap. We all learned in elementary school that you can't do that.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

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