Calendula Primrose +E Face Cream SENSITIVE/ SOOTHING

Calendula Primrose +E Face Cream SENSITIVE/ SOOTHING
Calendula Primrose +E Face Cream SENSITIVE/ SOOTHING
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BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (while supplies last. No additional discounts apply. Purchase one- we will ship two.) Natural Formula. Soothe and hydrate sensitive, dry skin with this gentle yet power packed face cream. Calendula oil and flowers form the base of this emollient cream. Primrose oil smooths and plumps cells. Soy-free, sunflower vitamin E oil nourishes dehydrated skin. Made with pure spring water. Tube is 86% sugar cane. Scroll down to read more about this amazing cream. 

Size: 2 oz. 
Many creams are too harsh for sensitive skin. Often times added ingredients such as alcohol cause redness and stinging. This herbal cream was formulated specifically with sensitive skin in mind. It is mild yet very effective at allaying dry skin, cracking and irritation. We begin only with the purest mountain spring water. Regular tap water found in other brands are known to contain numerous chemicals which can irritate and dry skin. We infuse the spring water with golden calendula blooms. We then whip in soothing calendula seed oil and cold pressed Ugandan shea butter. High in GLA, cold pressed primrose oil is added for its skin softening and soothing benefits. Such a soothing cream would not be complete without the addition of nourishing vitamin E derived from sunflower for those with sensitivities to soy. 

Calendula Oil and Blooms: Calendula is one of the top skin care ingredients for soothing irritated skin. Calendula contains lutein, carotenoids, beta carotene, calendic acid, linoleic acid, anti-oxidants, c-reactive protein and cytokines to name a few. 

Cold Pressed Primrose Oil: Evening primrose is one of the oils with the highest amount of GLA, a constituent which is soothing for the skin. It is also replete with linoleic acid and anti-oxidants.

Soy-free Sunflower Derived Vitamin E: Numerous scientific studies have praised the soothing effects of vitamin E. We use a sunflower derived vitamin E which is highly concentrated as opposed to soy which is known to alter hormones and cause sensitivities in many individuals.