Daily Dirt Disappearing Black Soap Face Wash MAN CARE

Item ID: FC1132
100% Super Natural. If you're a man that sweats all day in the sun, gym or the underground, this soap was formulated for you. Face feeling dirty, even though you just gave it a wash? Or is your current soap drying you out and aging your skin? Only real African black soap dissolves the daily dirt while making skin feel softer and look clearer than it has in years. How about younger? Yup- does that, too! Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 4 oz. 
Get ready to transform your skin from mediocre to Hallelujah! Daily Dirt Disappearing Black Soap Face Wash is driven by the power of genuine African black soap. It puts all other soaps to shame. To shame I tell you! Attack build up. Destroy grease on contact. Bust the blemish gangsters on the spot! It's a tough world out there. You don't play games and neither should your soap. Genuine African black soap is made by beautiful maidens in real villages- not laboratories. They source hard core ingredients from raw, power packed plants to use in their ancient soap making process. This soap breaks down layers of dead skin like nobody's business. Dissolves it, my friend, and without ever drying out your skin. Unsightly acne? Well, they are allergic to this stuff. After using Daily Dirt Disappearing Black Soap Face Wash your skin will be more firm, more clear, more soft, more luscious, more handsome, more brilliant, more shining, more irresistible than you will know what to do with yourself.