Egyptian Black Seed & Propolis Lotion

Egyptian Black Seed & Propolis Lotion
Egyptian Black Seed & Propolis Lotion
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Super Natural. Egyptian Black Seed & Propolis Lotion is the perfect combination for soothing skin. Dry, irritated skin benefits from a concentrated 20% combination of organic black seed oil and nilotica shea butter. Black Seed & Propolis Lotion deep moisturizes skin while caressing parched skin with whole chamomile and marshmallow root. Genuine Ugandan propolis helps to repair skin. NO recycled municipal water- that's not natural. Made only with pure mountain spring water. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 16 oz.
Egyptian black seed oil is valued as the most potent black seed oil in the world. The black silt of the Nile River produces black seeds which are packed with healing constituents. Black seed (nigella sativa) is a highly emollient oil which helps soothe skin. It was highly valued by the ancient Egyptians and Romans alike. The anti-inflammatory oil is valued for its beneficial use to help with conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rashy skin. The deep penetrating oil helps relieve dry skin. This formula combines a generous amount of nilotik' shea butter to help extinguish dry skin as it creates a protective cocoon. Egyptian Black Seed & Propolis Lotion is made using only pure mountain spring water. Rarely found in skin care products, pure spring water eliminates the harmful chemicals found in other brands. Egyptian Black Seed & Propolis Lotion is unscented to decrease irritation. The lotion does, however, have an herbal aroma due to the high amount of black seed oil in it. This is a desirable affect. Only products with large amounts of black seed oil benefit skin. Most "black seed" products contain little to no real black seed oil. Even small amounts in a product produce a characteristic black seed aroma.
To boost the nutrients that help heal skin we add genuine Ugandan propolis. Propolis helps heal skin as it helps cells to regenerate. Our propolis is collected from a Ugandan beekeeping project which provides education and hives to villages. Large quantities of whole chamomile flowers and marshmallow root are simmered into our mountain spring water to help soothe and replenish dry skin. Daily usage can provide skin with all day protection against moisture loss while helping to keep it soft and supple. 

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