Kigelia Frank & Rose Hydra-Tanical Face Mist AGE DEFENSE

Kigelia Frank & Rose Hydra-Tanical Face Mist AGE DEFENSE
Kigelia Frank & Rose Hydra-Tanical Face Mist AGE DEFENSE
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NEW! Super Natural! Fresher, younger looking skin in just a few spritz a day. Hydrate, brighten, tone and rejuvenate all in one! Kigelia Frank & Rose Hydra-Tanical Face Mist isn't just a refreshing mist. Far from it, it contains potent plant extracts that nourish, hydrate and stimulate healthy skin all in one. Kigelia Frank & Rose utilizes the power of vitamin B3 for it skin toning and blemish reduction abilities. Black frankincense hydrosol contains boswellic acid (not found in the essential oil) valued for its ability to reduce photoaging and improve redness. Kigelia Fank & Rose Hydra-tanical Race Mist uses a very concentrated pure Moroccan rose water which we oversee production during the rose season. This pure, potent water hydrates cells and rejuvenates skin. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 4 oz. 
Our concentrated beauty All-in-One mist incorporates powerful ingredients to rejuvenate, brighten and hydrate skin, naturally. Kigelia Frank & Rose Hydra-Tanical Spray begins with the indigenous super fruit- the sausage fruit, also known as kigelia Africana. The women of southern Africa have used the fruit for thousands of years to add some umph to their bosom. They tell us that it firms their skin making the area more robust and plump. We incorporate kigelia Africana into our age defense line to promote the longevity of youthful skin.

On the quest to find true boswellic acid (a water soluble, not believed to be found in essential oil), we discovered the distillation of the black frankincense of Kenya. Produced from resin sustainably harvested by the Maasai people, the black frankincense hydrosol provides skin with boswellic acid which is known to improve the clarity of skin. We've coupled this potent hydrosol with what we believe to be the most concentrated and sweet genuine rose hydrosol available. We personally attend the harvest and production of this rose hydrosol which is produced by a genuine women's cooperative. The rose oil is not extracted from our water so it is very potent. Not only does it hydrate and perk up cells, but it also stimulates and moisturizes skin. We've added vitamin B3 for its skin brightening, softening and toning benefits. Studies have also shown that vitamin B3 helps to reduces blemishes making it perfect for hormonal outbreaks.