MONGONGO BANANA Shea Butter Lip Savior

MONGONGO BANANA Shea Butter Lip Savior
MONGONGO BANANA Shea Butter Lip Savior
Item ID: FC1016
Mongongo Banana Lip Savior organic lip balm with amazing real banana flavor softens and saves lips from cracking.
Mongongo Banana Lip Savior organic lip balm with amazing real banana flavor softens and saves lips from cracking.
100% Super Natural. Take your lip treatment to the highest level. A balm might be a good cover-up, but a LIP SAVIOR saves them. One of the first parts of the body to become dehydrated are the lips. What ensues are painful cracks, unsightly, peeling skin, and unattractive, wrinkled lips. But never fear. Your LIP SAVIOR is here. Packed with a synergy of healing ingredients, our LIP SAVIORS helps nourish lips into health. Lips can be fuller, more supple and more beautiful with only a few uses. Scroll down to see our amazing ingredients and to read more. 

Size: 1 oz.
Our lips do so much for us. How often do we take the time to ponder how important the skin on our lips really is? Each time we take a sip of tea, whisper to a loved one, crack a smile or make a slight yawn, our lips undergo a number of movements from the muscles to the layers of delicate skin on top. Even in our sleep our lips are in constant motion. Keeping the top layers of skin properly nourished so that the fragile layers of skin remain fluid is essential to lip health. Most lip balms are formulated to give skin an emollient coating, but they are not formulated to feed lips essential nutrients necessary to help heal and prevent cracks as well as to limit peeling of skin. Not only is maintaining proper lip health important for beautiful looking lips, but it is an essential part of health care for the elderly, babies and those with health conditions. 

Our LIP SAVIOR collection is formulated with vital ingredients that help feed the lips vitamins and essential fatty acids at the cellular level. The concept of a LIP SAVIOR is not only to add a protective film to lips, but to ctually help improve the condition of the skin so it is more fluid and healthy. Our LIP SAVIORS help provide lips with the power ingredients they need to repair themselves as well as to help prevent damage. 

LIP SAVIORS are formulated with only the best healing ingredients. Our emollient, rich formula begins with a healing butter high in vitamin E. This rare Ugandan natural shea butter penetrates skin to help improve elasticity of skin and to boost healthy cell renewal. Synergistic cold pressed chamomile and calendula oils are added for their soothing and reparative properties. Seabuckthorn oil adds a boost of healing omega 7, a rare omega esteemed for its regenerating properties. Mongongo oil provides our LIP SAVIOR with extra softening properties. 

The most important ingredient of all, however, is our Golden Ugandan Beeswax. Beeswax is not just a sealant. High quality beeswax contains a myriad of medicinal constituents that the bees gather from plants in the wild. The types of plants as well as potential toxins in the environment will determine the quality of the wax. Today, beeswax made by most large manufacturers is refined and bleached to make a white wax. This process destroys the valuable healing properties of the wax. We have no idea why they would want to do that. Perhaps to take out the taste and color? Either way, the healing properties of the wax are greatly diminished. We use only the best golden beeswax from a beekeeping project in Uganda. Here the bees forage from the wild growing trees and plants such as acacia, kigelia, and locust.

We pump up our LIP SAVIORS with a healing boost of all natural vitamin E. Natural vitamin E differs from synthetic vitamin E used in most skin and lip care products. Our all natural vitamin E helps heal cracks in no time as it also helps boost skin's ability to regenerate to help prevent cracks from forming. 

As though all of these wonderful, healing ingredients aren't enough, we seal the deal with a sweet banana flavor. The flavor will have you licking this totally edible LIP SAVIOR all day long. 

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

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