Marula Beauty Milk

Marula Beauty Milk
Marula Beauty Milk
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BUY ONE GET ONE FREE While Supplies Last (additional discounts do not apply) PUT ONE IN YOUR CART, WE WILL SEND YOU TWO. 99.7% Natural. 80% Organic Ingredients. Looking for a light, delicate milk that helps deep feed cells to plump perfection? This is the ultimate beauty milk for you. Our Marula Beauty Milk helps hydrate cells with the powerful amino acids and electrolytes from pure aloe vera juice infused with emollient marula oil to help provide hours of silky soft skin. Naturally sweetened to smell like freshly picked marula fruit. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 2 oz. 

For those moments that a cream is too rich, or your skin is just in need of extra moisture, Marula Beauty Milk is the hydrating gem your skin has been looking for. The star of this beauty milk is premium, cold pressed marula oil. Cold pressed from the kernels of sweet marula fruit, marula oil is rich in essential fatty acids and the oil known to be high in anti-oxidants, which help provide cells with nutrition and lubrication that often gets washed away during cleansing. Our delicate marula oil is lightly whipped into pure, fresh organic aloe vera juice pressed at an aloe farm each time we order it. Our aloe vera juice helps deliver vital amino acids and electrolytes into skin which is believed to penetrate and help hydrate skin far more than water alone. This delicate milk forms a cocoon of moisture on the skin without the heavier feeling of cream.

Tammie has been sourcing our 100% pure Marula Oil from Namibia since 2003. When a native Namiban woman found herself out of her social worker job, she turned to the beauty secret of her ancestors to provide money for her family. A very wise decision, what started out as a very slow business venture has literally bloomed overnight as newer companies now seek out the source of our pure Namibian Marula Oil. This endearing woman produces several oils by driving her truck from village to village to collect kernels which the indigenous peoples collect from the wild, winnow, dry and then sell to her for in exchange for the only cash that most of them will ever obtain. 

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!