Marula Moisture Face Cre'me

Marula Moisture Face Cre'me
Marula Moisture Face Cre'me
Item ID: FC7016
99.7% Super Natural. Discover the miracle oil of the Namib Desert. Help extinguish dry skin with Marula Moisture, a powerful anti-oxidant cream that helps boost moisture as it aids your skin in the fight aging. Marula Moisture is a potent facial treatment which helps enrich cells with the amino acids and vitamins it needs for robust, healthier looking skin. Pure, virgin marula oil and organic aloe juice combine to help hydrate cells parched of moisture. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 2 oz.
One thing was clear to me. The women in the marula region of southern Africa have remarkable skin. Like a miracle from above, marula grows in areas of extreme drought. Inside the quenching fruits lie kernels that are brimming with anti-oxidant rich marula oil. To me it is no coincidence. It is a pure gift from above. The Namib is an unforgiving environment. It spares no one. The extreme heat. The lack of shade. Lack of moisture. Yet miraculously the desert is teeming with wildlife and life giving marula. 

Despite the harsh conditions, the lack of high energy foods, the absence of moisture, I found the marula women to have remarkably smooth, glowing and young looking skin. "What is it that makes your skin so soft and young looking?" I ask. With a giggle, they proclaim it is the marula oil which they and their ancestors have pressed by hand for generations. Since birth they have been anointed with pure marula oil to protect their skin and hair from the scorching sun and unbearable heat. To them it is not a choice made out of vanity. It is a necessity, an essential part of life. 

Marula oil has not only provided a protective layer for their skin, it has also given their skin a life force to fight off damage, a boost of powerful anti-oxidants. Not only does marula work at cellular level to help repair cells, but it also helps defends skin from further damage. The miracle oil helps boost moisture level as it creates a breathing cocoon. For me it was obvious. Marula oil is a prime candidate to dramatically help boost moisture levels in skin to help plump cells and help combat aging. Combined with the nutritive, hydrating powers of another desert species, aloe vera, the two work at cellular level to help produce dewy skin that glows and is more moisturized. Instead of recycled water, we use the pure aloe vera juice for its ability to quench cells with its multiple amino acids. It works in synergy with marula oil to help repair cells and regenerate for healthier, younger looking skin. 

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