Medicine Man Clear Skin Face Mask MAN CARE

Medicine Man Clear Skin Face Mask MAN CARE
Medicine Man Clear Skin Face Mask MAN CARE
Item ID: FC1132
100% Super Natural. Take advice from the Medicine Man. Unclog pores, banish blemishes and get healthy, glowing skin with thanks to the Medicine Man. Rare earth minerals and therapeutic plants and resin oils work synergistically to improve and remove. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 4 oz.
Take the advice of the Medicine Man. Like his native counterparts in other parts of the world, the Medicine Man has honed in on his ancient wisdom of indigenous plants and healing earth to create this clear skin formula. At the base of his formula is a very rare, black earth found in the sacred hills of Nigeria. The sulfur rich clay detoxifies skin and withdraws impurities. He blends in Atlas ghassool clay, a brown, silicon rich earth that purifies skin as it boosts recovery of blemishes. Wild harvested baobab fruit provides a boost of skin brightening vitamin C. Licorice root, a tyrosinase inhibitor, is included for its ability to even skin color. Devil's claw is generally taken internally for pain. In his clear skin formula, Medicine Man blends in gingerly harvested root for its skin soothing benefits. Summoned from the Somali land, Medicine Man includes one of his favorite, astringent plants coined qasil by its locals. This soap like leaf cleanses and lightly exfoliates skin. He collects neem leaves from trees nearby and grinds them into a silky powder. He says that neem is good for purifying skin and purging it of its imperfections. His assistants have finally returned with the much awaited holy oils, black frankincense and Hmba myrrh, Not only do these oils evoke inner awareness, but they stimulate healthy skin formation. Blended with your skin challenges in mind, he mindfully sprinkles in golden turmeric root to even skin tone. "Add witch hazel water," he says, " to boost the powers of this ancient formula."