Moroccan Hamaam Scrubber
Moroccan Hamaam Scrubber
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Description Delicately dispose of dead skin and send tingling sensations through your body with this uniquely handmade scrubber.
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   In search of gems and jewels of the skin care variety, Tammie meticulously scoured the winding walls and outdoor bazaars throughout Morocco. One of her unique finds was these beautifully handmade scrubbers used for hamaam treatments. A skilled group of women from a crocheting cooperative delicately crochet around a clay scrubber producing a weave that sends tantalizing pulsations through the body as it scrubs the dead skin away.
Crocheted yarn over a handmade clay scrubber.

Apply gommage paste or soap to body. Scrub in circular motions to remove dead skin. Can also be used with oil for a sensuous massage and on the feet for reflexology. After use, dry in sunlight.

Scrubber produces reflexology like results as it naturally scrubs away dull, dead skin.
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