Moroccan Lava & Camel's Milk Nomadic Secret Face Masque
Moroccan Lava & Camel's Milk Nomadic Secret Face Masque
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OUT OF STOCK. Discover the Nomadic Secret to beautiful skin. Life in the Sahara is rough and resources are scarce, but they are blessed with two of the most potent, most effective beauty ingredients in the world. Our masque begins with REAL camelís milk which helps to brighten skin, break down dull, dead skin, and leave skin feeling silky soft. We mix this with GENUINE Moroccan Lava Clay. This beauty secret is found nowhere else on earth. Known as ghassool, our genuine Moroccan Lava Clay has amazing cleansing, purifying and anti-acne properties. The clay works to draw out impurities from skin with its soapy-like actions. Even more unbelievably, this mineral-rich clay works to get rid of acne almost overnight. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 5 oz.
Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol Moroccan Damask Rose Hydrosol

Dressing oneís face with ancient lava clay deposits and camelís milk might sound like an archaic tale, but itís actually an age-old, nomadic secret to super soft skin. Rich in alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamins, camelís milk helps soften skin as it dissolves dead skin cells and evens skin tone. Tertiary Moroccan Lava clay works to soften and cleanse skin with its mineral rich composition.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: Moroccan lava clay (ghassool), camelís milk powder

Usage: Mix one teaspoon of powder with enough warm water or Shea Terra Organicsí Rose Water to form semi-liquid mask. Apply mask to face and leave on 15 minutes. Wash away mask with tepid water. Use 1-2 a week.

  • powder masque requires no liquid- you don't pay for water
  • no synthetic preservatives
  • natural skin softening properties
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