Rose Hips Daily+ Face Cream RENEWAL

Rose Hips Daily+ Face Cream RENEWAL
Rose Hips Daily+ Face Cream RENEWAL
Item ID: FC9924
Natural Formula. An amazing way to get your daily vitamin C and pro-vitamin A along with several other vitamins and phytonutrients. This concentrated cream incorporates 30% organic rubiginosa rose hips oil, sea buckthorn and vitamin B3 for plump, smooth and well hydrated skin. Put on a healthy glow! Scroll down to find out more amazing benefits. 

Size: 2.5 oz. 
Did you know that most vitamin C used in skin care products is synthetic. Did you know that when mixed with hydrous ingredients such as water, aloe etc. that vitamin C actually starts to degrade? Or how about the false claims that vitamin C is found in oils such as rose hips? Tammie formulated this cream to combat these issues while providing skin with all the nutritious benefits of rose hips. Vitamin C is water soluble, thus it is not present in oils. Vitamin C is, however, available in the rose hips fruit. This natural source for vitamin C remains stable in our formula. We use 30% of organic, rubiginosa rose hips oil as the emollient foundation of the cream. Rubiginosa variety of rose hips is touted as being the most effective of the rose hips oils. This wild harvested oil is high in trans-retinoic acid known for its renewing and resurfacing properties. To enhance the benefits of rose hips we've added sea buckthorn oil revered for its high vitamin content and regenerating properties. For even tone and smoother skin we've added a boost of vitamin B3, niacinamide. Skin will be glowing and healthier than ever. 

30% Rose Hips Oil: Rubiginosa rose hips are known to be the higher in several constituents than other varieties of rose hips. We've added a generous 30% of this costly oil to this cream for its trans-retinoic acid and essential fatty acids. 

Rose Hips Fruit: Whole rose hips fruit are high in vitamin C. We've collected these rubiginosa variety of fruits from the high mountains. Unlike vitamin C which is synthetically produced, those common in skin care products, this form of vitamin C is stable in our formula. 

Vitamin B3: Naturally sourced vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, this vitamin is praised for its skin toning and smoothing abilities. 

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: High in omega-7, palmitoleic acid, and vitamins including pro-vitamin A, B's, D, E, K and P. Sea buckthorn oil is revered for its rejuvenating and regenerating properties.