Rose Hips + Sea Buckthorn Skin Oil RENEWAL

Rose Hips + Sea Buckthorn Skin Oil RENEWAL
Rose Hips + Sea Buckthorn Skin Oil RENEWAL
Item ID: FC2000
100% Super Natural. Rose Hips + Sea Buckthorn Skin Oil combines the powers of two nutrient rich, rejuvenating oils. Sea buckthorn nourishes skin with GLA, a multitude of vitamins, polyphenols and plant sterols. Combined with tran-retinoic acid rich rose hips oil, the two offer a powerhouse of skin nutrition in a bottle.

Size: 2 oz. 

The multiple beauty benefits of rose hips oil is no longer a secret. From acneic skin to dry, hormonal and aging skin, pure rose hips oil provides skin with a key ingredient to beautiful skin. Shea Terra sources only the highest quality, purest rose hips oil in the world. Certified organic, cold pressed from wild roses of the rubiginosa variety, Shea Terra's rose hips oil is as strong as it comes. Unlike many other rose hips oil which are often refined or adulterated, the fragile elements in our rose hips oil are kept fully intact. Our oil is rich in essential fatty acids and trans-retinoic acid. To enhance the powers of rubiginosa, wild rose hips oil, we've combined it with another super-fruit- sea buckthorn. The cold pressed oil of the sea buckthorn fruit is rich in GLA and a multitude of vitamins rarely found in other oils. Sea buckthorn oil has been praised as the wonder oil for its holistic benefits on the skin. Both rose hips and sea buckthorn oils provide the skin with properties which we are not allowed to mention by the FDA. Apply nightly to skin to see improvement on luster of skin, tone, and brilliance. Apply to acne and scars to improve skin condition.