Shea & Argan Lotion (FRAGRANCE FREE)
Shea & Argan Lotion (FRAGRANCE FREE)
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A light daily moisturizer effective enough for hours of soft, supple skin. Extinguish dry skin and banish ashiness with a creamy combination of East African shea butter and organic argan oil. Made with pure aloe juice instead of recycled water, our Shea & Argan Lotion ultra-hydrates skin while aiding regeneration. Looking to improve aged skin? Look no further. Our special formula boosts cell plumpness so your skin looks smoother and younger. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 8 oz.

Shea & Argan Lotion (COCONUT LEMONGRASS) Shea & Argan Lotion (COCONUT LEMONGRASS)
Shea & Argan Lotion (MANGO)  Shea & Argan Lotion (MANGO)
Shea & Argan Lotion (S. AFRICAN LAVENDER) Shea & Argan Lotion (S. AFRICAN LAVENDER)
Shea & Argan Lotion (NAMIBIAN MARULA) Shea & Argan Lotion (NAMIBIAN MARULA)

Transform your skin into AMAZING without the use of chemicals. Do away with “moisturizers” containing harsh, unfriendly ingredients like mineral oil and synthetic fragrance. Our Shea & Argan Lotion contains just the right balance of organic shea and argan oils to transform dry, unsightly skin into radiantly healthy skin. Shea and argan oils work at cellular level to coat skin while feeding it phyto-nutrients. These phyto-nutrients improve the quality of cells. Healthier cells give skin a younger more glowing appearance. Instead of using mineral oil to coat skin, we use a generous amount of skin loving oils which penetrate the epidermis and absorb without a greasy feel to add a layer of protection to skin from moisture loss and weathering.

To top things off, this phenomenal lotion is made with pure, freshly pressed aloe juice. Almost all lotions are made with recycled water, sometimes listed as deionized water. Sometimes rather than listing water a company might say aqueous extract. This water almost always comes from local water companies which filtrate used waste back into drinking water. We find this unsuitable for natural/ organic skin care so we use certified organic aloe juice instead. And all the better for you because aloe juice is full of amino acids and has super healing powers.

And you’ll love knowing that we purchase both the organic Ugandan shea oil and argan oils that provide economic assistance and educational programs for the women and their children.

Contains only: certified organic aloe juice (Texas grown), certified organic Ugandan shea oil, certified organic argan oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, natural based preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sodium benzoate

Apply generous amount of lotion to hands, feet, and body. Massage in well. Use 1-2 times daily for supple, glowing skin.

  • No recycled water

  • Packed with skin nourishing oils

  • No inferior oils

  • Last hours

  • Fast absorbing

  • No synthetic fragrance and we mean it!

  • No petroleum

  • No mineral oil

  • No animal products

  • No animal testing