Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Shea Butter
Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Shea Butter
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100% Pure & Natural. The Gold Standard in shea butter. Cold Pressed. Never Boiled. Naturally high in soothing vitamin E.  Highly emollient, non-greasy shea butter repairs aging skin, decreases chapped, flaky skin, decreases scarring, and even stimulates growth of hair. 

Size: 4 oz.
Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Shea Butter
100% Pure & Natural. The Gold Standard in shea butter. Cold Pressed. Never Boiled. Naturally high in soothing vitamin E.  Highly emollient, non-greasy shea butter repairs aging skin, decreases chapped, flaky skin, decreases scarring, and even stimulates growth of hair. 

Size: 4 oz.
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     Never boiled. Never fried. What??? That's right. Our cold pressed shea butter is never boiled or fried. Let us explain. Our shea nuts are purchased from the local women in Ghana. The nuts are then very lightly heated to release the oil. Next the nuts go through the grinder and the mill presses out our high quality, cold pressed shea butter. This is not the case with the mass majority of shea butter on the market. Majority of shea butter is laboriously made by the women by boiling and frying. The women are then paid a minuscule amount of money regardless of fair trade claims.  First the women collect the nuts. Dry them, winnow them, cook them and then mortar them into a paste. They then boil the paste in water. Where do they get the water that is so scarce in their desert like environments? Do we really want to know? They rummage for fire wood to boil the paste. They then use their bare arms and hands like human blenders to get the butter to separate. They must do this for many hours. Once the butter finally separates they have to filter the melted butter. Once filtered they have to fry the butter to clarify it, cook the water out of it. The butter is then poured into containers and allowed to cool into a solid. Ghana Gold Shea Butter is the safe, hygienic and quality choice for maximum benefits.  
    Over a decade ago Shea Terra Organics' founder offered the world shea butter straight from Africa sought after to decrease scars and stretch marks, inflammation of joints and to heal difficult wounds. The butter was sought after by those afflicted by psoriasis so they didn't have to use steroid creams. It was sought after by parents with infants with a rare skin disease that caused skin to fall off, sufferers of eczema, severe dry skin that even doctor prescribed creams would not get rid of. People flocked to Shea Terra Organics for highly effective butter at an incredibly low price. The honest prices Shea Terra Organics offered was because although this butter was so amazing, it was also amazingly cheap in relation to what it was being sold for on the market. These high prices meant that women in Africa could not sell their butter which they had tons of. It meant that people across the world could not benefit from a butter that changed lives. Since then hundreds of companies have arrived on the scene and even Shea Terra Organics' original low prices have been far undercut. But Shea Terra Organics continues to bring forward over a decade in shea butter experience offering only the highest quality butter available.
     Shea butter is collected from many parts of Africa and processed in many ways, often under highly unsanitary conditions. Highly refined butter greatly decreases potentially dangerous pathogens in butters often processed with unclean water. However, for maximum skin care benefits unrefined butter is preferred. After reviewing dozens of samples of shea butters from across the shea butter region Shea Terra Organics has selected a premium version we have coined the Gold Standard based on medicinal quality and hygiene of the butter.
     Shea Terra Organics' Ghana Gold Virgin Shea Butter is produced by a group of collectors in Ghana.  This cold pressed butter is machine pressed for maximum hygiene and purity. The butter is a beautiful light yellow color due to its high vitamin content and highly hygienic extraction process and still retains its light nutty aroma. 
Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed, Gold Standard shea butter
Apply to skin daily. Massage in. Butter is very thick and concentrated. If desired butter can be lightly heated by putting jar in a bowl of warm water before applying.
Hair: Massage into scalp to condition hair and stimulate growth.
Healing: Apply to wounds, burns, scars, stretch marks, once to several times a day as needed.
  • 100% pure and natural
  • nothing added, nothing taken away
  • Gold Standard
  • no chemicals used in extraction
  • high standards of quality and hygiene
Why is your shea butter more expensive than others? I have seen people selling shea butter for $12 a lb. Have you taken a close look at that shea butter? If you will notice these butters are usually filled with dirt specks. Upon closer examination one will often find black spots of mold in the butter. The butter is often shipped in unsanitary packaging, sometimes in large calabashes cut in half and covered in paper. Sold in open markets, sometimes people confuse this for the shea nut itself. Furthermore, at such low prices, one must wonder how much the women who make the butter benefit themselves; often less than fifty cents a kilo. Shea Terra Organics does not sell this sort of shea butter. In fact, Shea Terra Organics' Gold Standard Shea Butter meets exceptionally high standards of hygiene and quality. The project was founded by an American woman who worked closely with the group of women to improve their quality and final product. The butter is shipped to us sealed in food grade bags. The women themselves get paid wages far higher than surrounding cooperatives. They work together as a cooperative to put their money together to provide their families with drinking water, food and education.
Why isn't your shea butter bright yellow? Bright yellow shea butter is preferred in different parts of Africa. However, this butter is actually dyed yellow with a root or synthetic coloring. Coloring it also hides some of the mold and impurities. Shea Terra Organics' Gold Standard Shea Butter is naturally pale yellow from its high vitamin A and E content.
Is your shea butter safe on babies, elderly and those with impaired immune systems? Absolutely 100%. Our high quality, Shea Terra Organics' Gold Standard Shea Butter is free of mold and impurities. Safety and hygiene is our first priority and so we are willing to pay more money so that you get a superior product. Although allergic reactions to shea butter itself is highly rare, we do recommend doing a small test patch of the butter on the skin and waiting a few hours before introducing the butter on larger parts of the body for the first time.
All companies claim that their shea butter is the best. What makes your butter better than others? Shea Terra Organics' founder, Tammie Umbel, has been selling shea butter for over 12 years, way before the big shea butter buzz. She has sampled dozens of shea butter samples from across the shea butter belt. Tammie means perfectionist, and a perfectionist she is. She choses only the very best raw materials that she finds for each of her products, and this begins with top quality shea butter. There are various qualities of shea butter sold on the internet and through retail stores. The quality and sanitary conditions of these butters are rarely tested. These butters are often made using unsanitary water. They often contain mold and other impurities. Sometimes they even have toxic levels of heavy metals. Shea Terra Organics' Gold Standard Shea Butter has been carefully produced under extreme sanitary conditions. Methods have been improved over the years to ensure that the vitamin content of the butter remains high, and that the butter is mold free. Buying inexpensive shea butter might seem economically the best choice, but in reality, side effects from unclean butter can be extremely costly. Not only can unsanitary butter cause skin infections, but mold infested shea butter can also cause severe respiratory and allergic reactions.
Why is shea butter so much better for skin than say coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc.? Shea butter is a healing butter. Certain parts of Africa produce fruit kernels that are more healing than others, and processing methods also determine the effectiveness of shea butter. But all in all, shea butter is about the most healing, reparative skin care extract known to humankind. Unlike cocoa butter and coconut oil, which actually clog pores rather than absorb into skin, shea butter has an extremely high absorption rate. That is why when applied to skin it seems to melt right in and disappear. It is this high absorption rate that causes shea butter to be so effective. As a result of this high absorption rate, shea butter's high vitamin A and E content are delivered beneath the skin's surface along with its anti-inflammatory constituents. Together these properties help to heal and regenerate skin while protecting it from further deterioration.