South African Cape Chamomile Hydrosol

South African Cape Chamomile Hydrosol
South African Cape Chamomile Hydrosol
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Super Natural. Calm and soothe skin with fragrant Cape Chamomile Hydrosol from South Africa's exhilarating Fynbos. Add to your favorite powdered mask, use as a spritz or a toner. Scroll down to read more. 

Size: 4 oz.
Cape Chamomile Hydrosol is distilled from the whimsical blooms of South Africa's rare Cape chamomile. Cape chamomile is not related to what we know as chamomile. It is a rare species of flower originating in the Fynbos of South Africa. Once distilled this gentle white flower produces an amazingly deep blue oil with the aroma of apples and heather. The blue color is due to the high chamulazene content of this flower which gives it its calming powers.
Cape Chamomile Hydrosol is made from the distillation of the oil and contains the healing properties of the oil. Use the water in your favorite powder mask to make a calming face mask. Spritz the water on your face for herbal hydration, or use soak a cotton ball with it to wipe away soap debris.

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