Tamanu Beauty Butter
Tamanu Beauty Butter
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Description 100% Pure & Natural. Restore your skin and the Vohibola Forest, too? Yes, with this 100% pure, straight from the forest, anti-aging wonder butter. This potent butter is perfect to revitalize skin at night, reduce the effects of crow's feet, puffiness, dark circles and more. Harvested and cold pressed from the fruits of the Vohibola Forest, sales from Tamanu Beauty Butter help to protect endangered lemur species as well as a multitude of other fauna losing their habitat in Madagascar. No water. No preservatives. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 1.7 oz.
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Revitalize and renew skin while saving the Vohibola Forest. Discover this anti-aging gem straight from nature. 100% pure Tamanu Beauty Butter turns back the ravages of time by helping cells to renew and repair. Tamanu Beauty Butter deeply penetrates the surface of skin to deliver its anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, skin soothing properties. Tamanu Beauty Butter is highly effective against extreme dry skin while helping to balance oily skin at the same time, thus perfect for combo skin. This rare butter helps to repair damaged skin and reduce scarring. Apply small amount to skin at night to decrease deep wrinkles and improve skin's moisture balance. Use small amount around eyes to markedly decrease crow's feet, dark circles and puffiness.

The Vohibola Forest has lost a significant amount of its wild life habitat in the last 20 years. The forest was near extinction when an African born biologist stepped in to save it. The forest is home to several endemic species of plants and animals which exist no where else in the world. Several species of lemur depend on the remaining forest, and when the forest is gone, they will be, too. The biologist searched the forest for sustainable plant ingredients which could be sold to stop the slash and burning of the forest. The money brought in for Tamanu Beauty Butter and several other Shea Terra Organics' products brings income to the locals to buy food from other source so that the forest can be preserved for the wild life. 

This butter is cold pressed and has not been refined. It retains it's natural, curry powder like aroma. 
Contains only: 100% pure tamanu butter
Apply small amount to clean face. Massage in well. Best used on face and around eyes before bed at night. Perfect for dry skin types. Use on cuticles, hands and elbows for super soft skin. 
  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Conserve the Vohibola Forest while you treat your skin.
  • Preservative Free
  • Fragrance Free