Willow Bark & Osun Aloe & Hazel Face Toner (alcohol-free) BLEMISH PRONE/ OILY

Willow Bark & Osun Aloe & Hazel Face Toner (alcohol-free) BLEMISH PRONE/ OILY
Willow Bark & Osun Aloe & Hazel Face Toner (alcohol-free) BLEMISH PRONE/ OILY
Item ID: FC0197
Natural Formula. Get glowing, clear and healthy looking skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Select botanicals have been blended together to purify pores and balance skin without irritating or drying it out. Willow bark and osun work synergistically to improve skin tone and clarity. This alcohol free formula actually hydrates skin with concentrated witch hazel and aloe rather than drying it out. Scroll down to read more. 

Size: 4 oz.  
Chances are the toner you are using is either too strong or too weak. Common toners dry out the face or are merely ineffective. Willow Bark & Osun Face Toner was formulated to balance and hydrate skin rather than to strip or dry it out. The results are skin that is radiant, clear, plump and healthier. After washing face, mist a little bit on the face (avoiding eyes) and work in with a cotton ball or spray directly onto ball and work into skin. This concentrated formula contains:

Witch Hazel Distillate: This formula uses a highly concentrated, alcohol free witch hazel distillate. It is 99.7% natural with a little bit of food grade preservative. Most witch hazel waters or distillates are watered down which greatly affects the efficacy. Witch distillate purifies skin while decreasing puffiness. 

African Aloe: Also known as aloe ferox and cape aloe, African aloe is known to be the most active aloe in the world. African aloe soothes and balances skin as it balances it. 

Willow Bark: This formula utilizes the power of willow bark powder for its salicin content. Salicin works similarly to synthetically derived salicylic acid. Willow bark helps to gently break down dead skin while soothing it. 

Osun: From the camwood tree, this is one of the main ingredients in genuine African black soap. This red powder is used to produce smooth, clear skin. 

Saro Essential Oil: Saro essential oil is a rare oil from the forests of Madagascar. The oil was extracted by a French biologist looking for ways to produce sustainable ingredients from the dwindling forests. Saro essential oil has similar properties to tea tree oil, but it is more fragrant and less aggressive on skin. Saro oil has been added to this formula to purify the pores. 

Natural plant solubilizer: Produced from plant materials, this natural solubilizer binds the formula together while offering gentle cleansing and extraction of impurities from the pores. 

Allantoin: Allantoin helps to smooth skin and improve moisture level while breaking down dead cells. 

Lactic Acid: This gentle acid helps to balance the ph of the skin.