Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Acid Hydra-Gel BLEMISH PRONE/ OILY

Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Acid Hydra-Gel BLEMISH PRONE/ OILY
Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Acid Hydra-Gel BLEMISH PRONE/ OILY
Item ID: FC0012
NEW! Super Natural. Get clear, dewy skin with this oil free formula. Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Hydra-Gel is formulated with powerful botanical ingredients. African Aloe, the world's most active aloe, forms the base of this hydra-gel formulated to decrease blemishes and hydrate oily skin. Willow bark and osun bark work away at dead skin to prevent the reproduction of blemish causing bacteria. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 2.5 oz.
Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Acid Hydra-Gel delivers much needed hydration to oily and blemish prone skin without clogging pores. African Aloe provides works at cellular level to plump cells. African Aloe is known to be the world's most active aloe. African Aloe contains over 100 constituents including minerals, vitamins and amino acids which work to heal and replenish skin cells. Blemish prone skin is often very sensitive, rashy and painful. The use of soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients like African Aloe is very important for health of this skin type.

Osun bark, from a native West African tree, is one of the essential ingredients in African black soap. The bark is traditionally used for its skin clearing property. Willow bark is one of the sources of natural salicylic acid. Combined, the two super heroes maintain a refined skin environment unfriendly to blemish causing bacteria.

Black barley contains azelaic acid which is touted for its anti-acne properties. Black barley also has tyrosinase inhibiting properties. This inhibitor destroys the lining of pigmented cells creating more even skin tone. This is very beneficial to blemish prone inflicted with discoloration. Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Acid Hydro-Gel contains added azelaic acid for its blemish reducing benefits.

Willow Bark & Osun Azelaic Acid Hydro-Gel nourishes and hydrates skin leaving it plump and fresh looking. It decreases the appearance of lines as it improves skin tone.

Willow Bark: Tannins, flavonoids, and salicin acid prevalent in willow bark balances skin tone and clarity.

Osun: Herbal powder produced from the camwood tree, osun balances and rejuvenates skin as it evens skin tone. 

African Aloe: Known to be most active aloe in the world, African aloe hydrates skin with a boost of amino acids. 

Black Barley: Rich in skin smoothing B vitamins, zinc, selenium and azelaic acid, this ancient grain nourishes, balances and tones.