Kigelia Gob Tree (Qasil) Cleansing Face Mask the TWO TIMER

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100% Super Natural. What? Cleansing, exfoliating and toning skin all in one? Oh, yeah! Two magical ingredients from indigenous African trees produce one of the most effective, gentle and eco-friendly cleansers of all time. Kigelia Gob Tree Cleansing Face Mask utilizes the amazing leaf of the gob tree, qasil as the women of Somalia call it, to create a light soap like cleanser. Kigelia Gob Tree Cleansing Face Mask lightly exfoliates skin into a smooth, pearl like complexion. Kigelia, the skin toning sausage fruit of Southern Africa, leaves skin refreshed and younger looking. Great for oily skin, acne prone, scarring, and for all skin types. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 5 oz. 

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How would you like to be able to walk outside, pluck a leaf off a tree and wash your skin with it every morning? What if this leaf also produced healthy skin that shunned blemishes, black heads and clogged pores? What if this leaf reduced your carbon imprint on the earth, did no harm to local waterways, and helped to preserve your habitat? What if you could walk outside and collect leaves that cleansed and beautified faces and make an income by selling this eco-friendly cleanser, too? The Gob tree provides just such an opportunity to women living in impoverished desert conditions. The tree grows in the wild in Somaliland where the women have been picking its leaves to beautify and cleanse their skin for generations. Not only do the leaves of the Gob Tree deeply cleanse the skin, but they also improve the overall health of the skin by making pores tighter and fighting off bacteria. 

The women of Somaliland collect and then dry the leaves from the wild growing trees. They grind the leaves into a fine powder or sell the leaves whole to mills who produce powder. The trade of the Gob Tree powder is often their only form of income. By adding a little bit of water, a scarcity in the desert, the women are able to keep their skin smooth and clear. It is not unusual to see the women walking about wearing their Gob Tree masks all day long. They say it offers them protection from the sun.

Contains only : 100% Pure, Gob tree leaf powder, kigelia Africana fruit
In a bowl, combine 2 tsp. Gob Tree Facial Mask with enough water to form a semi-liquid paste. Leave on a few minutes to dry as a mask to pull impurities from pores, or start to work into skin right away. Add a little water at a time to face to work paste into skin for light sudsing and exfoliation. Rinse off thoroughly. Can be mixed with pure spring water, mineral water or one of Shea Terra hydrosols. 

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