Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo

Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo
Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo
Item ID: HH1279
100% Super Natural! Does your hair need a miracle? In need of an all natural shampoo that won't strip your hair? Looking for a healthier, fuller and softer mane? Unleash the super powers of Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo, and watch a miracle happen. Made with pure spring water. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 16 oz. 
Mongongo nut oil is expressed from the nut of a southern African tree. This nut provides the Khoisan, local gatherers, with protein, minerals and vitamins. The oil is a God-send for hair. It is rich in alpha-eleostearic and palmitic acids which protect hair from sun and heat damage. It conditions hair, decreasing and preventing breakage. We've combined this miracle oil with potassium and B vitamin packed bananas. Amla, Indian gooseberry, provides hair strength and reduces falling. Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo will transform the health of your hair to make it shinier, softer and more manageable. 

Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo is produced by us from scratch using only the safest ingredients. This 100% natural formula does not contain harsh chemicals, and thus is safe for health and the environment, too. Like all Shea Terra products, we use only 100% pure, mountain spring water in our formula. We never use recycled sewage water found in just about all natural brands. This ensures that toxic chemicals and chlorine is not added to our products. We produce our shampoo with fresh, extra virgin cold pressed oils which feed and protect hair. Our formulas contain whole or grounded herb, never tinctures or extracts. 

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