Shea Terra Organics Powerful Indigenous Ingredients. Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent organic and wild-harvested ingredients from across Africa. This pristine environment, little tainted by modern pollution, grows some of the safest unchanged botanical ingredients on earth. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for their potent synergistic benefits. Our products include some of the following ingredients:

» Africa’s Gold Tree Butter: Even more healing than east African (nilotica) or west African shea butter, the butter from the rare Gold Tree is high in stigmasterol and ingredients that take away inflammation fast. It is particularly beneficial in healing cracks of the feet when nothing else will do the job.

» African Potato: Used by traditional healers for thousands of years, this tuber is considered a miracle drug by many natives of Africa. Delivering anti-inflammatory properties from its naturally occurring sterols and sterolins, African potato is effective in reducing skin inflammation due to sun exposure, rashes, eczema, and other inflammatory conditions.

» Argan Oil: One of the rarest, most exotic oils in the world, the golden oil of the argan plant is found only in a small region of Morocco. A close relative to the shea tree, the argan fruit kernel produces rich, anti-aging oil high in antioxidant vitamin E, polyunsaturated and fatty acids.

» Baobab: Referred to in Africa as the Tree of Life, and growing over a thousand years old, there is no wonder why natives travel at length to gather the sacred fruits of the baobab tree. Rich in the amino acid lysine, this amazing oil improves collagen production and can stimulate tissue repair. Saturated with vitamins and omegas six and nine, baobab oil magically transforms skin in just weeks. This is the must have oil for dry, aging skin.

» African Black Seed: Revered by ancient Egyptians, black seed oil is used extensively for its curative powers. Although mostly taken internally, studies have shown that even applied topically on the skin, black seed oil may kill tumors and is an effective antibacterial and antifungal treatment for many health and skin concerns.

» Cape Aloe: Although there are over two hundred different species of aloe in the world, only a handful have medicinal properties. Studies have proven aloe ferox (Cape Aloe) to be the most effective of all aloe species, because it contains five times the amount of polysaccharides as aloe vera. Aloin, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids work synergistically to repair sun damaged skin, help to combat aging, and even encourage cell renewal.

» Cape Chamomile: Not only does this beautiful blue oil smell divine, its high azulene content actually relieves tension throughout the body. Cape Chamomile is the perfect essential oil for at home massage therapy and soothing bath drops.

» Carrot Seed Oil: This oil is just what the doctor ordered for aging skin! A few drops of carrot seed oil a day could keep the plastic surgeon away. High in Vitamins A and Beta Carotene, this cold pressed oil (as opposed to distilled essential carrot seed oil) is the ultimate complexion repair serum as it works to reverse sun damage, promote cell renewal, and provide deep skin moisturization.

» Ghassool: We like to call it Moroccan Lava Clay, for a lack of a better description. This purifying clay not only purifies and detoxifies skin, it also softens it while healing cracks, acne, and other skin blemishes.

» Honeybush: Although often referred to as a tea, honeybush is actually an herb endemic to only a small region of South Africa. High in mangiferin, honeybush contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral properties that are great for your skin.

» Goat’s Milk: Creamy goat’s milk not only leaves skin luxuriously soft, it also delivers calcium beneath the epidermis, where it can have greater effect. Lactic acid effectively softens skin while it breaks down dead cells.

» Kigelli: Kigellia Africana is a potent fruit extract building new pathways in the skincare industry. Kigelli is known to have anti-melanoma properties and is revered in Africa as a treatment for sun damage. Applied directly, the fruit pulp is used as a skin tightening agent. It is highly anti-inflammatory, thus working to calm flare ups caused by eczema and rashes.

» Marula: Marula oil is valued for its nutritive, skin restoring properties. Rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, this oil helps to repair sun damaged, aging skin while forming a moisture loss barrier.

» Pomegranate: With such phenomenal skin care properties, what is amazing is that the beauty enhancing powers of pomegranate took so long to be rediscovered. The polyphenol ellagic acid helps the body secrete glutathione which helps to protect DNA from free radical damage. It also inhibits enzymes that assist in the formation of cancer cells. Pomegranate oil also effectively tightens skin and surrounds cell membranes, visually improving cellulite.

» Rooibos: Not only should you drink your rooibos, but you should rub it on your body too. This South African herb is packed with minerals (calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron), flavonoids, and antioxidants. Rooibos is a potent anti-aging remedy, soothes inflammation and works wonders on eczema.

» Shea Nilotica: A rare spa quality shea butter, east African shea butter provides almost the same benefits of its western counterpart, only with an improved, easy to apply texture. Found only in a small section of eastern Africa, this unique subset of shea butter provides optimum moisture loss protection while it provides anti-inflammatory assistance to most inflammatory conditions.

» Tamanu: Medicine cabinet in a bottle, this potent oil from Madagascar works wonders for facial care. Highly anti-inflammatory, tamanu soothes skin affected by rashes and sun damage. Tamanu’s germicidal properties make it an effective treatment for acne, cuts and eczema. This, along with its cell regenerating properties, makes tamanu the perfect anti-blemish and anti-aging oil.

» Tsamma Oil: Many of the world’s most beneficial ingredients come from harsh, arid deserts like the Kalahari. Extracted from bitter melons, Kalahari seed oil is high in hydroxyl acids making it highly antioxidant. The oil is also high in essential fatty acids, protein and vitamin C. It is non-greasy and quickly absorbs making it an ideal oil to care for and protect oily skin.

» West African Shea Butter: Who knew that Africa’s gold actually grew on trees? Travel annals dating back hundreds of years told of this miracle butter, but it wasn’t until the twenty-first century that Africa’s best kept beauty secret finally took the world by storm. Growing only across the dry savannah belt, this nutritive healer penetrates skin to deliver its high vitamin A content. Higher in unsaponifiables than any other known oil, shea butter works under the skin to decrease scarring, reverse stretch marks, soften and eliminate wrinkles, and stimulate hair growth, just to name a few. Combined with cinnimic acid, the high vitamin A and unsaponifiable content work together to provide a level of relief against eczema and psoriasis found only in prescription steroids. Shea butter works to enhance the effectiveness of other active ingredients with which it is combined.

» Ximenia Seed Oil: Ximenia is extracted from wild harvested “plums.” This thick oil has amazing humectants and emollient properties. It works wonder to soften the hair and to keep nails from chipping.