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Fantastic product! My dry , scaly , itchy skin is greatly improved after one week of use. Will never be without this product. Thank you !

Is this coming back??

Is this coming back?? I love this aloe but it's been sold out for some time.

So far so good

I use the product daily and let it sit for 10 minutes. I like that it is thick. I like the lemongrass scent. I can tell that my skin is softer and smoother after only a few uses. I will keep buying this product.

Pretty good so far

I purchased the tamanu oil to be part of my skincare routine and i am really liking it so far. I want to incorporate it to my scalp routine to stimulate growth but i haven't used it as so yet.

Hated It

This body butter sucks!!! I thought body butter was supposed to be smooth and go on evenly. This crap was hard, cold and clumped on my skin. I will be gifting it to someone and hope that they don't hate me!!!!

Great moisturizer!

Absorbs into the skin leaving it soft without feeling heavy. Perfect for when I apply makeup during the day. Another great product.

Love it!

I'm hooked. Soft natural shea butter is nothing short of amazing. I use this shea on my face and neck everyday. Light smell and little little goes a long way.


Love this so much. I’ll never stop ordering!

Liver Spot WIN and Psoriasis Trial

I got this to try for a couple reasons — and I'm testing bit by bit. It's been 3 weeks of a daily drop rubbed into a "liver spot" on my hand, and I'm noticing that the skin has more even tone now (the spot seems to be slowly fading). YAY.

I've also used it on my skin where I get patches of dry skin and that has also certainly helped but I've been less consistent, so don't know whether it will heal or bring temporary change.

5 stars

I Love the castro oil it is all Natural I have sensitive skin. The castro oil has a smell that takes getting use to but in all I love it. I mix it with the the scented oils I also purchased from this company I trust their products are truly 100% all Natural ingredients

5 stars

This oil is Great!! I have sensitive skin so i am very particular about what i put on my Body.

Smells really nice

I've been using on my face during morning routine and also as a scalp spot treatment. I can notice my recently developing dark spot is fading and my skin is visibly more radiant! No more tight itchy spots on my scalp, either 😁

Wonderful lotion

I've been using on my legs daily and it's completely stopped any itching, my skin feels softer, and also helps prevent static cling especially during the cooler months 😀

Miracle Heal All

I love this Shea butter, I use it every day on my whole body. It's the perfect amount of moisture my skin needs to keep it from itching, I even use it on minor scrapes and minor skin burns to help soothe immediately 😊

Black Seed & Propolis Holistic Skin Care Bar

Egyptian Black Castor Oil

I got this as a sample and based on the results from using the oil on my scalp, I had to order my own bottle. Organically, Natural hair growth!


My skin has never felt so soft!!

Hair Repair Herbal Butter
Joyce Maxwell-Chenault
Hair butter

I can't share a review because my package that had the hair butter in it was stolen out of my mailbox...UGH!

Love this Oil!

I've been using rose hips oil for over 10 years and hands down this is the best brand I've tried! The quality is amazing. It leaves my skin soft with a beautiful glow. I love it!

Love it, will definitely reorder

Love the texture and a very soft scent.
Goes on easily, absorbs nicely, skin feels soft in the morning.


I like the way my skin looks and feels!!

Very nice face wash

It’s taken me a few tries using the Rose Hips Black soap face wash to have it work best for me. The first few times I first applied the liquid soap to my very wet face & it didn’t “grab” my skin enough to wash it. I then applied a little to my dry facial skin, then massaged in with wet finger tips. That worked perfectly for me. My skin felt very clean & ready for the rest of my facial routine. Would most definitely buy again.

Lovely lotion!

Love the scent. Very nourishing for my dry skin yet not greasy at all

Best Shea Butter Ever

So smooth and creamy. Pure organic shea butter that absorbs quickly. Will never buy another brand.

Dark circles getting lighter

I have permanent under eye dark circles from long cram nights when I was at Unoversity. No matter how much I sleep now its like my face will never recover. But with this serum I've noticed an improvement. Also, we all need a little something something for the crinkles that begin to pop up in your 40's. Sad but true. And no product can reverse time. But I have noticed that this softens them so unless I have an ear to ear smile you can't see the crinkles anymore. It keeps the area nicely moisterized. I really like it!