100% Pure Burkina Desert Date Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Elephant Conservation)

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100% Pure & Natural. Burkina Desert Date Oil (aka  balanites) was valued for thousands of years for its ability to improve skin tone and slow aging of the skin. Burkina Desert Date Oil was used to anoint the skin of Egyptian royalty and was found in the tombs of the Pyramids. Burkina Desert Date Oil is a greaseless oil which often leaves skin feeling moist, silky and luxurious. Burkina Desert Date Oil is excellent for all skin types and can be worn under moisturizer for dry and aging skin. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 2 oz.

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          You have probably never heard of it. Most people haven't, but if you were living in Ancient Africa you would trade for this oil in GOLD! Burkina Desert Date Oil, one of earliest used beauty oils in ancient Africa, was also one of the most treasured. Its amazing ability to regenerate and replenish aging skin, cuts and scarring made the oil the most favored by those who could afford it. The wealthy of ancient Egypt relished this precious oil, using it to replenish skin parched by the desert sun and wind, regenerate skin due to burns and cuts, reduce scarring, and to even strengthen hair. Just one application of Burkina Desert Date OIl can result in noticeably moister and plumper looking skin.
     The desert date tree grows in harsh climates and desert soils where little else grows, providing amazing relief in form of both skin protection and nourishment. Shea Terra Organics' Burkina Desert Date Oil is flown in from a cooperative of women in Burkina Faso where production of this precious oil provides much needed income to indigenous individuals who collect the seeds from the edible fruit and sell them to the mill. Burkina Desert Date Oil not only makes skin beautiful, it is a sustainable and ecologically safe product.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure desert date oil 
Apply Burkina Desert Date Oil to freshly cleansed skin, applying only a few drops at a time. Use once to twice daily. Can be used under moisturizing cream.

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