Kigelia Black Soap Vanishing Face Wash

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NEW! 100% Super Natural. Ready to wash away signs of times? Vanish the baggage with Kigelia Black Soap Vanishing Face Wash. While getting older comes with some perks, sun and chemical damage isn't amongst them. Kigelia Black Soap Vanishing Face Wash combines incredible ingredients to regain youthfulness. Kigelia Black Soap Vanishing Face Wash gets a boost from a naturally occurring AHA, mandelic acid. Together with REAL African black soap (not dye, and not charcoal), the two break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells onto the surface of the skin. With increased shedding of older cells, fresh, even toned and smoother skin is revealed beneath. Kigelia Black Soap Vanishing Face Wash contains white hibiscus flowers to brighten skin and Kigelia Africana fruit to provide natural toning. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 4 oz.

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Vanish the times. That's the mantra bequeathed by this super natural face wash. Wash away the damage and say hello to bright and beautiful skin again! 

The Secret of the African Black Soap: Shh... it's still a secret. In distant villages women cook up vats of a mysterious looking black powder. Who would guess that these vats contain a deep cleansing soap that would rock the beauty industry. Impractical for big name labs to reproduce, yet more effective than practically anything they produce in comparison, African black soap has come to change the lives of women (and men) around the globe. Sadly, as with all good things, impostors are found lurking in markets, cashing in on the ancient formula that the village women have guarded for so long. Charcoal and dye have become the norm these days, but seekers of truth are on the hunt for true African black soap. They know that no other cleanser in the world comes close to producing clear, smooth and younger looking skin. So the choice is yours- seeker of the Fountain of Youth. Kigelia Vanishing Black Soap Face Wash uses only pure African black soap to extract the secret to great looking skin. 

Contains only: Pure mountain spring water, genuine African black soap (cocoa pod ash (Theobroma cacao), plantain peel ash (Plantago ovata), locally harvested palm kernel oil (Elaeis guineensis), camwood bark (Baphia nitida), USDA Certified Organic sunflower oil (Helianthus annus), USDA Certified Organic coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts which turn oil and water into soap), mineral salts, wild harvested sausage fruit (Kigelia Africana), white hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa), mandelic acid
Avoid contact with eyes. If wash gets into eyes wash thoroughly with water. Slight redness and tingling are normal as soap works away dead skin. Apply to wet face. Let sit 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water working away dead skin. Repeat procedure for desired results. 

To make facial scrub: Add a little organic sugar to a spoonful of wash. Apply to face. Let sit 5-10 minutes. Gently exfoliate