Madagascar Fresh Ginger Essential Oil (Certified Organic)

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100% Super Natural.100% Pure, Steam Distilled. Incomparable, Malagasy Fresh Ginger Essential Oil is like no other ginger oil on the market. Really distilled from fresh ginger rhizomes, Fresh Ginger Essential Oil smells like freshly cut ginger. Fresh Ginger Essential Oil is good for clearing the room of bad aromas, purification and increasing appetite. (NONEXCHANGABLE) Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 10 ml.

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Fresh ginger is used in many African dishes. It lends a hot, spicy kick to food while helping the stomach to digest food. Freshly picked ginger is always a welcoming aroma in an African bazaar. In Madagascar growing ginger brings vital income to small family farmers. Unlike ginger essential oil commonly made in China from dried ginger, in Madagascar the essential oil is distilled from fresh ginger root. The aroma is like day and night. A whiff of Fresh Ginger Essential Oil can actually make you crave home cooked curry or ginger beer. Put a few drops in a room diffuser and relish the purifying, refreshing aroma. Read How to Use for ideas.

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Contains only: 100% pure, steam distilled, Certified Organic Malagasy Fresh Ginger essential oil
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